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    Hello all of you beautiful people. I am new to the forum and I searched for this type of post, with no avail, so I decided to create it.

    When I create a new game in SV, I like to write a little ''story'' and personnality to my character beforehand, to guide where I am going and my objectives. I would very much like to see your type of character development or having you opinion on the matter. Let's begin !

    Fehu Farm - Mélou (First game)
    Young farmer that enjoys seeing everything grow. Hates fighting and the dark, so does not venture into caves too much. Takes her sweet time for everything. Has a cat named Figaro. Pretty shy, but has a crush on Harvey, so she makes sure she brings him coffee as often as possible. Lives in denim overalls and braids. Has a hidden passion for chopping wood and finding snails. Wants to help her community in every way she can and has a vile dislike for whiny and greedy villagers.

    Possible objectives :
    - Finishing the community center
    - Having one type of every crop possible (in each quality)
    - Getting married to Harvey

    Cerridwen Farm - Áine
    Always found tending to her gardens, she enjoys collecting antics and oddities, growing various herbs and flowers and taking care her bees and dog, named Jamie. She hates cooking, but loves eating. She has a crush on Abigail, is best friend with Linus and wants to be friends with the Wizard, but often forgets to visit him. She has a weird feeling of rivalry with Emily. She will never be found fishing because it is ''too time-consuming and messy'', but has no problems spending hours searching for various artefacts and ores.

    Possible objectives :
    - Marying Abigail
    - Having 10 heart friendship with Linus and the Wizard
    - Completing the museum collection

    Périgord Farm - Frédérica
    Came to the countryside to pursue her passion : cooking. She grows most of her ingredients and is quite found of truffles and fine wine. She also loves fishing. While arriving at the village, she took an immediate liking to Elliott, him and his romantic ways. She is slowly building her friendship with Leah, but does not care for the other villagers. To attend to all of her culinary needs, she also took some space on her plot to grow the crops necessary to make all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Does not care much for animals, except for one cat named Artémise and her various pigs, all named after flowers (Violette, Pensée, Marguerite, Lavande).

    Possible objectives :
    - Knowing and having cooked every possible meal.
    - Having caught every type of fish.
    - Marying Elliott.

    Please do not be shy of sharing your ideas with me. Pardon any errors, my native language isn't english and I am too lazy to proof-read everyting. Take all care !

    (If I think of others possible characters, I will edit here.)
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      As a writer I whole heartily approve of this thread! Though I haven't thought up of much for my own character. I just know she has an obsession with coffee, and as such named her farm "ilualatte." She's trying to master everything... and I guess, everyone, widdling her way through each NPC. :lod: <3

      A nice touch would be to add character screenies, and perhaps some of your respective farms. Hope to see you expand your story! :paper:
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        There was a similar set of farmer 'backstories' (including my own; ) posted to this long-buried thread (not surprised the OP didn't see it, it's been dormant for over two years):

        In fact I've done something similar with most of my play-throughs, usually picking the farm type and theme based on a character idea, which I stick to during that game. As an old-school role player, I enjoy creating a character rather than just a farmer.
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          Thank you, indeed I absolutely did not find this thread. I will post pictures as soon as possible, but for the moment, I am not as advanced in some saves to 'fit' with the descriptive story I wrote. As soon as I get there !
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            I wrote up a Fanfic concerning my character taking the Joja route. Married Penny, was a snarky sarcastic guy with a heart of gold that ended up screwing Morris over. His primary goal is, of course, to make money. Lots and lots of money. In fact, he was a millionaire by the end of the first year.

            Aaaand... now I'm reminded that I never did finish off the sequel to it, The Later Years. I may have to go back and revisit that.

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