Character Rendering.

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    Character Render.
    Starbound player characters bodies are rendered separately as layers.
    Wouldn't be cool if Emotes layer renders with higher priority than the
    body and back arm layer? (over the body and back arm layers).
    this also for the clothes, with hats as exceptions. Now, I knooooow
    any vanilla races doesn't use this or doesn't affect them, but for mods!
    That would let modders do awesome stuff with characters expressions.
    like the ":O" Face, Making the mouth so big that it goes over the body,
    or some other creative expressions that use high face deforming! this
    is good for cartoony races design, furrys, long faced races, non-vanilla
    shaped races, Jaw playing, Idk, You could even do a Monster-demonlike deformation with a huge tongue or special race effects never seen before. That for letting it in a high place, But going simple
    again, people who tries to make the jaw longer than the face limit in
    the emotes, just find themselves with the mouth cute thanks to the
    body overlapping it.
    I would love to see that, and I would love to test new facial expressions in my mods with it.

    Well, Honestly, FelisMoon

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