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Bug/Issue Character sent home and doesn't finish passing out.

Discussion in 'Support' started by ToxicSchiz, May 30, 2018.

  1. ToxicSchiz

    ToxicSchiz Space Hobo

    In the multiplayer beta as the client (as the connecting player), I passed out on various occasions instead of just going to sleep. One of which I was finishing watering crops (barely did, yay me), one I was mining (level 99 when I passed out, not yay me), and another while fishing which resulted in a different, but repeatable bug that I'll separate in the report.

    In our first session (Sunday, May 27), I did this multiple times with only a graphical glitch that I'm not sure occurs regularly: right before the screen showing the leveling and farm profits, there would be a few frames showing me being teleported to my bed.
    On our second and third sessions (Monday, May 28 and Tuesday, May 29), when I passed out, the game would freeze time at 2 A.M. and I was teleported to my house again, but this time awake, not in my bed. I was also able to move around freely, and when I got in a bed I could not sleep. I'm assuming that this is some kind of server error where the server is sending the client instructions to teleport to the area, my house, but not being given the location in the area, my bed, or graphical instructions to hide this process, a black screen.

    While fishing at 1:50 A.M., I did not pass out. Instead, when I finished after 2:00 A.M., my character stands there, unable to move. I'm assuming that if I were to test this in single player, the same bug may occur.

    The first problem only occured for the connected client, me, and the second was never tested by the host because of fear of wasting a day... Props to my boyfriend...

    As the client, you can disconnect and join back in both situations without any problems such as item loss, as the night ends once you disconnect.

    This occured on the most recent update Windows 10 Pro. I was able to trigger these bugs multiple times. The game was in full-screen windowed... Or borderless windowed? Whatever this game calls it. I am running the most recent update of the steam beta (both steam itself, and the game itself, if that's relevant)

    Due to this not being a game crashing situation, there are no attached logs.
    • keearis

      keearis Space Hobo

      I'm the host in this situation, I run Windows 7 and we were connected over steam on PC, we tested the fishing glitch on Wednesday, May 30th in the river in the southwest of the Pelican Town map (same place Toxic got the glitch the first time). When fishing when it hit 12:00 the host player did NOT have issues and I immediately passed out.

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