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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

    This thread will be used for players to suggest new character classes, abilities and general ideas for future builds. There are few guidelines you should follow when designing a character.
    • Do not give static damage values. All damage should be represented as a percentage (100%, 200%, etc.)
    • Specify whether the attack stuns and how much knockback it deals.
    • Try to create a unique play style while still maintaining a balanced character class. While most characters should have some maneuverability/dodges this may not always be the case.
    • Keep the cooldown of an ability in mind when making durations of effects. If it stuns for 3 seconds, don't give it a 3 second cooldown.
    • Posts should be suggestions. No posting about other people's posts or this will become very messy.
    • Feel free to make your own threads, I'm just making this to consolidate information and make the Dev's lives easier.
    For Example:

    [​IMG](First attempt with spriting in such small scale, so sorry if its a bit dodgy.)
    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Laser (Fire a stream of energy dealing 75% damage to all enemies in a line. [Minimal Knockback])
    • Electro Drone (Throw an electrified robot that deals 125% damage over a moderate distance then returns, dealing damage again. [Minimal Knockback + Moderate Stun])
    • Ion Barrier (Drop an ion field generator that shoots a beam straight up and blocks up to 5 attempts to pass*, dealing 75% damage each time. [Moderate Knockback])
    • EMP (Release a pulse of energy that deals 300% damage to all nearby enemies. [Minimal Knockback + Heavy Stun])
    EDIT 1: Had to redo the Cooldown guide to to massive cooldowns of several new heroes.
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    • Dave Combine

      Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

      Here goes my second go at this. It's a little bit comical.

      - Slash (Slash at an enemy for a moderate attack of 50% health. [Minimal Knockback])
      - Agility (Grants the ability to double jump for a certain amount of time. [5-8s])
      - Cointoss (Throw a sack of gold at an enemy, causing 110% damage. -Loses money from throw. -Money can be retrieved back. [Moderate Knockback, Minimal Stun])
      - Pot of Pain (Plant a pot of gold, making a ray of a rainbow shoot down right above. The rainbow area deals 250% damage. [Moderate Knockback, Maximum Stun])

      Because I don't know the exact percentage of what the Miner and Commando do, my percents of damage might be to low or two high :S
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      • DarkDXZ

        DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

        Space Knight
        - Hack (A close-range "AoE" attack that deals 110% damage)
        - Bash (A shield bash that deals 66% damage and knocks enemies away a fair deal)
        - Shield Block (blocks all damage from the front, slowing the player down by 50%.)
        - Charge (charges in current direction, passing through enemies at a high speed. Invulnerable at that time)

        Miner -1? Probably.
        If so, let me know.
        • Salem_1337

          Salem_1337 Subatomic Cosmonaut

          - Energy shot (Shots short range lightining that paralyzes enemy and inlicts 70% damage)
          - Cover (Infiltrator covers itself with masking barrier. Enemies won't see him for 20 seconds and first attack on him will be dodged (bosses for 10 seconds))
          - Short circuit (Infiltrator plants a mind controlling device on a enemy. Enemy will fight in his side for 30 seconds, then device will blow up killing this enemy/dealing him 120% damage*)
          - Scatter (Infiltrator scatters mines in range, that upon stepping or touching them deals 40% damage each)

          *120% damage for bossess, with stun without controlling them
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          • hopoo

            hopoo Risk of Rain Developer Developer

            Hey, this is fun! Good idea.

            Also as a point of reference, you can change base stats like jump height, move speed, health regeneration, etc.
            • Seria-Myouna

              Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

              Another one:

              Speed: +++++
              Jump: +++++
              Regen: +++++
              • Energy Field: (Manifest a line of concussive energy, throwing frontal enemies into the air and dealing 120% damage)
              • Shockwave: (Blast enemies nearby to you away, dealing 175% damage. [Huge Knockback + Minor Stun])
              • Imprison: (Chain up to 6 enemies together, slowing them dramatically for 3s and damaging them based on how far they move*.)
              • Singularity: (Create a micro-black hole at your location that draws enemies in and deals a total of 400% damage.)
              *Whether its natural movement or knockback it still counts, so you can combo Imprison, Singularity and Shockwave together for massive damage.
              • Shrooblord

                Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                Light Runner:
                Ranged - invokes small orbs of light.
                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++
                • Ray of Hope: ( Rain the mighty fires down from the skies, hitting an on-screen enemy at random for 80% damage. )
                • Torchlight: ( Lob flaming bolts in an arc to your enemies, setting them alight and hurting them for 60% damage on impact. [Ignites + Moderate Knockback] )
                • Moonshine: ( Dash forwards, dodging attacks and briefly turning into a trail of pure energy. )
                • Pants of Fire: ( At the expense of 5% of maximum Health, become an invulnerable fireball for 3s, scorching all you touch, inflicting 120% damage and leaving a trail of cinders in your wake. [Ignites + Sets floor Alight] )

                Crystal Champion:
                Melee - punches enemies with stone fists.
                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++
                • Heart of Stone: ( Show no mercy! Punch an enemy in the face for 130% damage and send them back home broken-hearted. [Moderate Knockback] )
                • Breath of Ice: ( Slow enemies with the chill of your voice and damage them for 120%. [Freezes (Movement speed to 0%) + Minimal Knockback] )
                • Diamond Coating: ( Surround yourself in a tough outer shell, guaranteeing to take no damage on the next hit within 2s (afterwards, the effect fades). )
                • Pillars of Glass: ( Summon three to ten crystal pillars to shoot up from underground and hit enemies around you, doing 500% damage split among them - less enemies on-screen means more damage per enemy - and freezing them inside. The pillars shatter after 3s. [Freezes] )
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                • Beardtastic

                  Beardtastic Master Chief

                  Peusdo-melee/Ranged - hurls explosives at enemies
                  Speed: +++++
                  Jump: +++++
                  Regen: +++++
                  • Bomb: (Throw a simple bomb at short range from you (in a small arc) for 120% AoE damage. [Moderate Knockback])
                  • Mortar: (Shoot a longer range explosive slug (minimal arc) that explodes, dealing 180% AoE damage. [Huge Knockback])
                  • Minefield: (Place 3 proximity mines at your feet, set to explode on contact with an enemy for 250% damage. [Moderate Knockback and Maximum Stun])
                  • Kamikaze: (Trigger the C4 in your pockets to explode, taking 25% of your total health (min. 30% to use) and dealing 400% damage to enemies in a large blast range which burns for a short time. [Huge Knockback and Heavy Stun + Ground Catches Fire])
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                  • Dave Combine

                    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                    Melee: Slice/Ranged: Hook
                    Speed: +++++
                    Jump: +++++
                    Regen: +++++
                    • Slice and Dice: (Slice enemies with kitchen knives for 75% damage. Short range. [Minimal Knockback])
                    • Ground Pound: (Leap into the air and smash back down, the Butchers obesity shacking the ground, for 120% damage. [Moderate Knockback, Moderate Stun])
                    • Hookshot: (Flings a hook either left or right, depending on the closest enemy, dragging him to the player. Deals 100% damage. [Bleed + Huge Stun])
                    • Bloodrage: (Enter a flesh-crave, making the players damage become boosted, as well as speed increasing. Damage boost decreases if an enemy is killed (Starts at x5 boost) [Minimal Knockback])
                    EDIT: This is making me want to play DOTA 2 again :3)
                    • Sokina

                      Sokina Heart of Gold

                      Quick Melee
                      Speed: +++[COLOR=#ffff99][B][COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#c0c0c0]+[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR]
                      Jump: +++
                      Regen: +++++

                      Can Doublejump by default, to make up for its lack of ranged attacks, and to complement abilities.
                      • Jab -> Punch -> Kick: First attack is a jab (75%), If used again less than 1s later, turns into Punch (100%), if used again 1s later, turns to Kick (125%+Knockback). If you wait longer than a second between uses, reverts back to Jab. After kick, reverts to Jab. Skill cooldown is roughly .25 seconds, but skill activation is fairly fast.
                      • Tiger's Dash / Hawk's Flight: If used on the ground, dash forward. If you hit an enemy, stun him (1s) and hit him for 125% damage. Sets up nice for a combo. If used in the air, jumps up/forward in a quarter-circle arc. Can be used after double jump to gain even more elevation.
                      • Vital Strike: 125% and has 1 random effect: Knockback, 1.5s Stun, bleeding, burning, poison, explosion, double damage, healing on hit.
                      • Roundhouse / Meteor Elbow: If used on the ground, knockback all nearby enemies (Moderate knockback, 100% damage.) If used in air, quickly descend towards the ground, dealing 125% damage to nearby enemies. If you take fall damage from this: Stun nearby enemies too, and deals extra damage equal to 50% fall damage.

                      Notes: I know it has lots of unique mechanics, but I think overall the class would need these mechanics. It lacks invincibility frames from dashes, so it needs to use crowd control and mobility in order to survive better.
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                      • Tojo

                        Tojo Existential Complex

                        Tanky Melee Finisher

                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++
                        Regen: +++++

                        Has bonus health and armor to make up for slow move and lack or ranged attacks.

                        • Ax swing swing ax forward hitting enemies in a line dealing 110% damage and does bleed damage dealing 10% per second for 5 seconds [minimal knockback]
                        • Fat Roll roll forward a short distance gaining invincibility and at the end of roll deal 50% damage to all enemies in surrounding area [small aoe, moderate stun, moderate knockback]
                        • Throw Enemy Pick up closest enemy and hold onto them, toss enemy in any direction dealing minimun 150% damage. Toss does more damage based on the percentage of the remaining health up to 100% bonus damage[Maximum knockback]
                        • Execute Hold ax in the air and strike all enemies in a line dealing 200% damage, execute deals bonus damage based on percent health missing up to 100% bonus damage.
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                        • Fox0427

                          Fox0427 Big Damn Hero

                          Bionic Chicken: Random bionic and fast creature.

                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          Regen: +++++

                          Can glide in mid-air.

                          -Peck Attack with a kind of hard peck dealing 15% damage. The low damage is made up for by the .15 second cooldown. [Minimal Knockback]
                          -Laser Activate a defense mechanism that allows you to shoot a laser out of your visor eyes. [No Knockback]
                          -Dash Dash forward at twice normal speed, dealing 75% damage to anything you hit. [Medium Knockback]
                          -Ultra Peck Activate you ultra defense mechanism, causing you to peck so hard you deal 200% damage and stun the enemy. [Huge Knockback]
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                          • Shrooblord

                            Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                            Ranged - shoots electric blood bullets.
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++
                            • Kiss: ( Sticks fangs into enemy, damaging them for 80% and healing Vampitron for 100% of the damage. )
                            • That Sucks!: ( Enemies are drawn closer to Vampitron, damaging each for 120% in the process and restoring his health for 70% of the total damage. [Moderate Stun] )
                            • Thrill of the Kill: ( For 3s, kills grant Vampitron insane health restore at 300% of the damage of the killing blow + 15% of the deceased's maximum health. )
                            • Blood Boils: ( Vampitron charges himself for 1s, before turning into an electrical storm of bloody rage, granting him 200% of his current attack speed and a damage multiplier of 3 for 5s. )
                            Keeper of the Forest:
                            Melee - punch enemies with heavy wooden branches.
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++
                            • Hounds of the Dark: ( Summons a familiar shadow hound that will attack nearby enemies for 120% damage up to a maximum of 6 times. The hound fades back into the shade after 7s - can be reused to create multiple hounds at one time. )
                            • Uprooted: ( The Keeper of the Forest is launched up into the air at the cost of 3% of his current health. When he returns to the ground, he hits all enemies in the impact zone for 230% damage. [Moderate Knockback + Maximum Stun] )
                            • Faerie Charms: ( Summons one to three familiars that circle the Keeper and sacrifice themselves to absorb the damage he would have taken. Absorbs up to 8% of his maximum health. Any additional damage is passed on to the Keeper. A maximum of four Faerie Charms can exist at one time. )
                            • Cries of the Children: ( The Keeper lets out a deafening shriek, immobilising himself briefly. For a duration of 5s, all next enemy deaths result in the appearance of a Sapling familiar, which will follow the Keeper around and attack enemies for him at 30% of the damage. A Sapling has 15% of the Keeper's maximum Health and stays alive until it is destroyed. )
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                            • Dave Combine

                              Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

                              Melee - Slashes at enemies with his cutlass. | Ranged - Shoots at enemies with his flintlock.
                              Speed: +++++
                              Jump: +++++
                              Regen: +++++
                              • Cutlass: (Hit people with your pirate sword, dealing 80% damage.)
                              • Flintlock: (Take a shot with your inaccurate and primitive choice of weaponry. [Moderate Knockback + Has chance to miss])
                              • Matey Massacre: (Call upon your scally-wags to do some dirty work for you, unleashing hell as cannonballs and musket bullets rain from above. {Cannons=225%, Musketballs=175% dmg} [Minimum Knockback])
                              • Land Ho': (Your land-lubbin' crew has misread the treasure-map, driving the ship across the screen. The Ship does 300% damage to all enemies in contact. [Moderate Knockback, Huge Stun])
                              Making characters is fun, I really enjoy this...
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                              • Mianso

                                Mianso Black Hole Surfer

                                Ranged- arrows
                                Speed: +++++
                                Jump: +++++
                                Regen: +++++

                                Enemies on spawn have a 1% chance of being marked,killing that enemy will grant a tier 1 item.

                                Arrow: (Shoot an arrow that deals 95% damage[Minimum Knockback] )
                                Boomerang:(Throw a boomerang for 45% damage, can hit multiple enemies, it heads back to the player in horizontal trajectory [Huge Knockback])
                                Backflip:(Backflip a decent distance avoiding attacks. Invulnerable for 1 second+ 1 second after the backflip)
                                The storm:(Uncle Robin taught you about this one.Fire a 8-14 arrow barrage for 65% damage each, electric effect [Huge Knockback+moderate stun])
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                                • Jenkins

                                  Jenkins Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Magus Leech:
                                  Speed: +++++
                                  Jump: +++++
                                  Regen: +++++
                                  • Dark Bolt: (Shoot a bolt of wicked energy that does 7(base) damage, and heals you for 20% of the damage you do.[Minimal Knockback])
                                  • Wiked[sic] Lance: (A medium range spear of energy that pierces all it passes through for 10(base) damage, and returns 50% of the damage you deal as health[Moderate Stun])
                                  • Earth-Curse: (The ground surrounding you for a short distance is cursed with a burst of hell-flame, dealing 25(base) damage to enemies affected, and returning 70% HP [Minimal Stun])
                                  • Unholy Hand Grenade/Dark Explody Ball: (Toss a ball of shadows in an short arc in front of you(hold for longer for it to go a bit further), exploding when it touches the ground, dealing 15(base) damage, and returning 20% as heals [Moderate Knockback away from the centre])
                                  Sorry for forsaking the percentages! I couldn't think with them. I need my delicious integers :p
                                  I feel terrible at balancing. I'm pretty sure I could see this guy becoming brokenly OP with a large enough group of monsters to AoE on. Maybe some sort of healing cap? So he can't just top off HP by Earth-Cursing 25-odd mobs or something.
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                                  • Scye

                                    Scye Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++
                                    • Heal: Heals player or nearest ally, whoever is hurt more, for 25% cooldown is 40seconds so you can't spam-heal.
                                    • Hammer bash:Slams hammer into the ground dealing 100% damage in an AoE area, applies minor stunning. Cooldown is 5 seconds.
                                    • Light ball: Shoots a ball of light in a straight line damaging enemies for 115% Stays still while shooting.
                                    • Light jump: Jump backwards in a flash of light, applying stun effect to minor enemies for 1 second. cooldown, 3 seconds.
                                    Hope this is balanced and that it is considered. I know it's not very unique, but maybe a little name change could fix that.
                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++

                                    • Wall bounce: When near a wall, character jumps towards it, then bounces off a pretty far distance to help escape.
                                    • Safety roll: When in the air and used, character lands in a roll preventing fall damage. (Requires skill to use, which I think balances it out)
                                    • Sprint: Increases speed for 3 seconds but increases damage taken
                                    • Slide: Slides on the ground damaging enemies in his path and knocking them back and down, causing pretty much a stun.
                                    This one is kind of more unique. To me, better then the Cleric.
                                    • Shrooblord

                                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Omega Geku-San:
                                      This is going to be an interesting one, who has two forms to choose from while playing:

                                      [Samurai 7000]: Melee, hits enemies with sword.
                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++

                                      [Mecha Extreme]: Ranged, hovers over the floor (no burn effects from flaming ground) and shoots laser bullets from gun nozzles.
                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++
                                      • GLORY:
                                        [Samurai 7000]:
                                        ( Outshine the ego of your foes with the shine of your mighty blade! The Samurai 7000 thrusts his sword skyward, dazzling all foes around him in this display of his awesome power. [Moderate Stun + Moderate Knockback] )

                                        [Mecha Extreme]:
                                        ( Glory to those who defend themselves well! The Mecha Extreme curls up into an impenetrable ball and hits the foes in front of him, dashing towards them while invulnerable and dealing a total of 175% damage spread out over all the enemies. [Invulnerability] )
                                      • HONOUR IN DEATH:
                                        [Samurai 7000]: ( The next enemy killed grants the Samurai 7000 an additional Gold bonus. )
                                        [Mecha Extreme]:
                                        ( The next enemy killed heals the Mecha Extreme for 70% of the fatal damage inflicted. )
                                      • ULTIMATE DESTINY!:
                                        [Samurai 7000]:
                                        ( The Samurai raises his arms up into the sky as 5-9 fiery bolts of energy rain down on his nemeses for 60% damage each. The Samurai 7000 is immobile while channeling the attack. [Moderate Knockback on hit + Extreme Knockback around casting area] )

                                        [Mecha Extreme]:
                                        ( The Mecha Extreme charges for 2s before releasing a massive beam laser, piercing enemies and dealing 200% damage to each. )
                                      • TRAAAANSFOOOOOOORM!!: ( Change your appearance and thus your overall playing style - the Samurai 7000 morphs into the Mecha Extreme and vice versa. This procedure takes 2-5s of time, depending on how much of a show Geku-San likes to make of it. )
                                      • Nixeras

                                        Nixeras Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Though science explains much, in the place you're going you need to know the unknowable. The technomancer has studied forbidden tomes and augmented his mystic skills with high technology. (My idea for the actual look of the character is heavily influenced by Technomagus' of the Warhammer 40k setting, so much so that my idea included robes, a staff with a Gear for a head, and a servitor skull for the primary attack.)
                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        • Mystech Beam (Fire a stream of Mystech energy from your personal servitor skull dealing 40% damage per .1 second tick continuously. [Minor Knockback])
                                        • Mystech Displacement (Teleport a medium distance forwards as a scythe of mystech energy. Slash enemies you pass through for 180-400% damage. Reaches max charge in 1 second. [Minimal Knockback + Moderate Stun])
                                        • Mystech Storm (Call down a rain of lightning dealing 130% damage per bolt that strikes. Storm lasts 2 seconds and hits all enemies in the radius once per second. [Minimal Knockback])
                                        • Mystech Override (A blast of nanites that knocks back nearby enemies and revives any corpses in the radius to fight for the Technomancer. When they die they self destruct, destroying their body and dealing 115% damage to nearby enemies. [Moderate Knockback])
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                                        • SWiTCH

                                          SWiTCH Starship Captain

                                          The charcheter should be sorta a mutant human worm (for lack of better words)
                                          Speed: +++++
                                          Jump: +++++
                                          Regen: +++++
                                          • Spit: A small ball of green acid is launched from the players mouth at a small arch, at first contact it does 90% damage. For the next 2 secs, it does 20% damage.
                                          • Delve: (Dig) The player goes underground, and can move underground for a 2-3 secs before bursting out of the ground, doing whoever is above him 130% damage.
                                          • Launch: The player launches toward the enemy garbing a hold of the enemy doing 140% a sec for 2 secs before letting go jotting back a little briefly invincible .
                                          • Puke: The player releases a scalding hot stream of acid that stick to the floor dealing 170% damage for direct contact, 60% damage for 3 secs if the stream of acid hit the enemy directly, and 60% damage If the enemy stands on the acid. Acid wears away after 5 secs.
                                          If the damage my attacks do are unrealistic feel free to change em ;)
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