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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Mewtiger

    Mewtiger Space Spelunker

    Some Laser-pike wielding foil to the mercenary. Obvious synergy with those blasted headstompers.
    Was thinking of Final Fantasy IV's Kain Sprite.
    Speed: +++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: ++
    • Pierce: Basic Attack, a long horizontal stab dealing 120~%
    • Brandish: Vacuums enemies on both sides stunning and dealing 3x80-90~%
    • Leap: Can be used while jumping or falling, a high jump that deals aoe damage upon landing. If this hits an enemy it can be used once more over 2-3 seconds. 200-250~% damage. Consider Skyfall mechanics: 200-400%
    • Skyfall: If used on the ground performs a default jump and then sharply lands causing an explosion that knocks enemies up and deals 600~% damage. Usable in the air, cancels any jump into a sharp downward stab. Consider lower base damage that increases the longer you fall. 400-1000% Ground use 400%, .75 to 1 screen of fall = 1000%. Consider using airtime instead of distance fallen: .5-1.5 seconds.
    The idea is to have a character with satisfying vertical movement and impactfull burst damage. Note the low amount of invuln due to vertical movement practically being invuln. I wanted pretty simple and clean animations with an impressive looking explosive finisher.

    Pshhh... now I want to play my own character.
    Like this so that can happen.
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    • MordredN

      MordredN Master Chief

      After fighting Providence several times over, I realized that I really like his style, and would very much like to play as him somehow. I'm going to try to create a reasonably balanced version of him as a player character below.

      Justice has come to the damned.

      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++

      • Smite -- Swipe forward with your greatsword, delivering 200% damage in a melee attack with above-average reach and moderate knockback. To compensate for large damage and range, attach speed is slow to middling; however, I'd also like his primary attack to be more useful than most melee characters' primary attacks, so it should also hit multiple enemies -- up to five, perhaps?
      • Condemn -- Summon a magenta ring over most dangerous on-screen enemy, using targeting algorithm similar to that of Sniper's drone. Ring slowly contracts, then detonates in a small explosion for 400% damage. This is a more user-friendly version of Providence's explosive ring attack; the single-use should balance out with a 3s cooldown and the fact that an enemy has to stay in one place for a couple seconds to take damage.
      • Justice from Above -- Teleport to enemy using same method as above, materializing a couple meters above and dropping down to do 300% damage with moderate stun in a small AoE. Hopefully a 3-4s cooldown should balance this out, as well as the fact that it places Providence right in the middle of danger.
      • Eruption -- The earth itself cracks with the force of your wrath, causing fissures to open in both directions away from Providence. As soon as these hit an enemy, they explode upward, inflicting 600% damage and a reasonably lengthy stun in a moderately sized AoE. I'm thinking a 10s cooldown for this one, maybe even 12 or 13.
      I want Providence to feel tanky and very powerful, because that seems to be the idea that the devs had in mind when implementing him as a boss. He should feel like the inevitable onslaught of murderous justice (just in case my dramatic phrasing hadn't already made that clear above). However, he has no good means of escaping or defending himself, so even though he has a great deal of attack power, the player must choose wisely when to attack brutally and when to stand aside and not end up getting mauled by creatures. Finally, the process for unlocking Providence would have to be something interesting. Beating the game once is too easy, and that's how we get Sniper; beating the game five times is a little better, but that's how we get Mercenary. Perhaps ten or fifteen times? Maybe ten on Monsoon? Something like that. Have to make sure Providence, as a playable character, is fully end-game content.
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      • Exide

        Exide Intergalactic Tourist


        The character should be a soldier with a crossbow.

        Speed: +++++
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: +++++

        • Bolt : Shout a bolt with his crossbow for 120% , if the marksman didn't move during 2 sec he pass in aim mod and bolt deal 200%, if he moves again, he stays in aim mod during 3 more second ( range : high , 1 attack / sec , medium knockback).

        • Caltrop : The marskman throw caltrops on the floor , slowing and making enemies bleed . slow 20% during 3 sec , bleed damage 30%/sec. ( radius medium , cd : 11 ; stay duration 3 sec, if monsters stay in the total duration will be 6 sec).

        • Do a barrel roll : The marskman roll on the floor to leave dangerous situation , he can't be touch during the roll , he gains 15% mouvement speed and the abilitie to use "bolt" while moving during 3 sec. ( cd : 8 sec , range low).

        • C4 : The marskman put a C4 charge behind him , ( you must reactivate the skill to make it exploids) when the charge exploids, it deal 1000% damage, if the marskman don't leave the C4 zone he hurts itself (range : at his feet , radius : high , cd : 8 sec , medium stun (1.5 sec) ; cd start after exploision).
        Edit : due to the archaic radio system if the marskman go too far away from "C4" , the charge will disappear (range 1,5 screen)

        This character his design for hit and run gameplay , with the possibility to nuke large group, with the combo "caltrop" + "C4" to do the best damage possible, and for good people they would be able to dodge "C4" exploision with "do a barrel roll".
        the aim mod , give him a viable damage against lonely monsters with the capacity to stay in aim mode during 3 sec after moving combinate with "do a barrel roll" giving him a nice hit and run style for healthly monsters.

        if you play in multiplayer with him i suggest you to take attack speed item and on kill effect , to maximize his capacities .

        Character skin will be a medium man , wearing a camo suit , and a soldier helmet.

        (sorry for grammar mistake and others , i'm not a good english speaker but i pretty love this game and have tons of ideas)

        Edit : "C4 for more roleplay"
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        • Cabbageman

          Cabbageman Space Hobo

          Vikenti Ivanov Commander of the III Beartallion
          Don't know all that colored letters and jazz, but here is a suggestion.
          SPEED: ++ Same-ish speed as enforcer
          JUMP: +++

          I found out the text color thing!
          Anyways he's like a Russian leader of experimental Cy-bears who gained sentience and decided "Hey Ima bear I'm going to go explore the universe and be a bounty hunter."
          • Bear Down: swing hammer does moderate dmg with decent knockback, but its slow.
          • Bearoids: Gets increased attk speed and knockback
          • Bear Essentials: goes on all fours and gains speed
          • UnBEARable LAZER: fires his lazer hand doing tons o dmg and pwnin newbs

            Attached Files:

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          • ipsum

            ipsum Twenty-three is number one

            Think I'll try to make a class that doesn't seem all that improbable.
            Speed: +++++
            Jump: +++++
            Regen: +++++
            • Assault Rifle: Continually fire bullets for as long as the trigger is held down for 30% damage each. Can be used while moving. 0 sec. (Unlike the Huntress, only shoots forward. I'm imagining a base rate of fire of about 4 shots/sec)
            • Machine Gunner: Fires a Heavy Machine Gun on a tripod from a prone position. Has a high rate of fire. Each bullet does 20% damage and has a 25% chance to knockback enemies. Renders you immobile, but is able to turn around. 6 sec. (There would be a 1 second animation for arming and disarming, and turning would take 0.5 seconds)
            • Sprint: Move at 200% movement speed for 3 seconds. Does not make you invulnerable, cannot attack while Sprint is active. 8 sec.
            • Frag Out!: Toss a frag grenade in an arc for 200% damage. On explosion, knocks enemies into the air in a small radius and shoots 5 pieces of shrapnel that hit the nearest 5 enemies for 10% damage and cause bleeding. Holding down the button increases the throw distance. 7 sec.

            Edit: Proc on hit items would be far too amazing on this guy, so I've lowered the damage of bullets a bit.
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            • Stevegasm

              Stevegasm Aquatic Astronaut

              You've been through tough wilderness before and this planet is nothing you can't handle. You were on your way to a tougher expedition anyway, this should be a good warm-up. Using the survival skills you've accumulated over numerous expeditions and adventures you hack shoot and eat your way through this harsh and unforgiving terrain. You will fight back, you will survive.

              Speed: ++++
              Jump: ++++
              Regen: ++

              Shoot: (Basically the enforcer's main skill but with the attack speed of the bandit) You fire your shotgun hitting all of the enemies in front of you for a short range for 100% damage and dealing moderate knockback
              Takedown: Using your Kukri, strike an enemy for 250% damage, stunning them for 1 second, killing an enemy with this skill gives you "remains".
              - Remains can stack up to 5 times
              - Using takedown on monster carcasses also gives a remains stack but collecting from a carcass makes you pause for a second
              - Hitting an enemy would be
              prioritized over collecting remains if you use the skill in the proximity of an enemy and a carcass
              Consume: Being a survivalist you've come to learn that any food you can get is good because it means fuel.
              -You eat one of your remains stacks for 15% health

              Disguise: Using the pelt of a Lemurian you fashion a disguise for yourself that lets you move among the hoard unnoticed.
              -You become invulnerable for 3 seconds
              - Attacking while disguised lets you do double damage as the monsters would not suspect one of their own turning on them.
              - This skill also uses a remains stack
              (Attacking while disguised could also potentially deal a confusion effect and cause the monsters to attack each other for a short period, maybe 2-3 seconds, but the cooldown time may have to be increased)

              With ancient Scepter

              Master of disguise:
              -Attacks while disguised do triple damage
              -Getting a kill with the Kukri while disguised refreshes your disguise
              -When time runs out for the disguise, it is consumed for 20% health
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              • KlickIt

                KlickIt Void-Bound Voyager

                That... actually sounds like an awesome class to play around with.
                • horsemobile

                  horsemobile Void-Bound Voyager

                  Has the standard spacesuit like the Commando colored in a gaudy motley pattern with a stereotypical jester hat on top of the helmet
                  Speed: +++++
                  Jump: +++++
                  Regen: +++++
                  • Throwing Knife: Throws a knife that travels straight for about a quarter of the screen length before it become affected by gravity, 120% damage and a fast rate of fire
                  • Mystery Box: Throws a grenade that has the same trajectory as the Throwing Knife that deals 240% damage in a slightly smaller AoE than the Bandit's dynamite, enemies hit by it have an equal chance of either being slowed for 2 seconds, stunned for 1 second, or suffering heavy knockback.
                  • Tomfoolery: Dodges all attacks for 2 seconds. Any enemies you make physical contact with during this time have a sticky bomb attached to them that explodes for 180% damage after a delay.
                  • Clown Balloon: Drops a stupid-looking balloon attached to a bomb. Has a decoy effect but very low health. Explodes for 380% in a large AoE when it takes too much damage or after 4 seconds pass.
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                  • Futurehero

                    Futurehero Space Spelunker

                    The Sentinel is a ranged class focused on dealing heavy AOE damage and keeping enemies away from it. On the flip side, the Sentinel has no mobility abilities, mediocre speed and has complex, multi-stage abilities.

                    Speed: +++++
                    Jump: +++++
                    Regen: +++++

                    [Z] Kinetic Bolt . Shoots an un-armed rocket forward, dealing 125% damage. The rocket arms itself after it has traveled a short distance without hitting an enemy, doubling its damage to 250% and gaining a small splash radius.

                    [X] Concussion Blast. Blasts enemies in close-medium range of the Sentinel, dealing 110% damage, and knocking them back slightly . The ability can be charged, increasing its range, knockback force, but also its cooldown. [3 SECONDS COOLDOWN UNCHARGED] [6 SECONDS COOLDOWN FULLY CHARGED]

                    [C] Vacuum Bomb. Places a floating bomb at Sentinel's position. On second use, detonate the bomb, dealing 200% damage to all nearby enemies, pulling them to the bomb's center, then stunning them for 1 second. Bomb can only be detonated manually, and cooldown doesn't start until detonated. [5 SECONDS COOLDOWN]

                    [V] Skystrike. Launches a slow-moving beacon that passes through walls. Activating the ability again while the beacon is on screen triggers a blast of energy from above, dealing 600% damage to all enemies in a vertical line at the beacon's location. Blast goes through walls and floors. Cooldown starts when beacon goes off screen or when activated a second time. [5 SECONDS COOLDOWN]

                    General concept:
                    The Sentinel relies on hitting enemies with armed Kinetic Bolts for massive damage, and uses abilities to keep enemies at a distance and lower their mobility.

                    • Concussion Blast can be used to knock enemies into an untriggered Vacuum Bomb, further slowing them down.
                    • Vacuum Bomb can easily cluster up groups of enemies, allowing for Skystrike to hit more of them, but this requires use of 2 multi-stage abilities.
                    • The Sentinel's damage drops dramatically when hitting nearby enemies. Not only do unarmed Kinetic Bolts do inferior damage, but Skystrike is incredibly awkward to land as well.
                    • Skystrike allows you to hit priority enemies like bosses regardless of line of sight or elevation, but requires timing to hit with pinpoint accuracy.
                    • Vacuum Bomb's cooldown only starts once it's detonated, forgetting to do so can leave you without one important crowd control ability.
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                    • Azura_Sarah

                      Azura_Sarah Master Chief

                      Mock-Characters are fun.

                      The Civilian is a melee class with a focus on disengagements instead of dodges to evade attacks. Using Incorrect Stance combined with Grandfather's Revolver, he can cover a fair amount of distance in a short time in order to get out of harm's way. Proper use of his abilities while under Panic! enables the civilian to dish out a large amount of damage quickly.

                      The Civilian is not trained in any particular weapon and is using whatever he could find on short notice in order to better his odds of survival.

                      Speed: +++++
                      Jump: +++++
                      Regen: +++++

                      -Improvised Abuse: Swing your pipe-wrench for 120% damage at a moderate attack speed and range, hitting up to three targets.
                      -Grandfather's Revolver (3s): Shoot your Grandfather's automatic revolver for 6x40% damage quickly, causing the Civilian to slide backward along the ground a fair distance as he fires.
                      -Panic! (5s): The Civilian's movement and attack speed are raised by 15%. While active, attacking with Improvised Abuse lowers the cooldowns of Grandfather's Revolver and Incorrect Stance by one second. Lasts three seconds. Cooldown starts when effect ends.
                      -Incorrect Stance (6s): The Civilian fires his rocket launcher in front of his feet for 300% damage in a moderate AoE, launching himself up and backward into the air, as well as knocking enemies away a short distance.

                      Scepter effect: Incorrect Stance becomes Incorrect Mastery, which causes enemies to be stunned for one second as well as being knocked back.
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                      • Zekkyou

                        Zekkyou Space Hobo

                        This is the reason I came to these forums. I feel like he could make such a good character, so fun and powerful.
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                        • Grokmin

                          Grokmin Void-Bound Voyager

                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++

                          • Dark Pulse pulse of dark magic that does 190% dmg penetrates and stays true to platforms (a semi circle that kind of rolls along platforms.)
                          • Ooze spray an orange liquid on the ground that slows enemies and covers them in ooze while enemies are covered in ooze they take 20% more damage from all sources.
                          • Soul tap steal the soul from enemies around you healing you for 5% of your health each, max 7. if enemies are killed they turn into ghosts similar to happy mask this does 25% of the enemies health with the exception of bosses.
                          - This class is based on magic that the monsters on this planet use i tried to make him/her (most likely her) as unique as possible she has purple/pink balls of magic as her basic attack
                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++

                          • Eternal fires throw down 3 green burning fireballs that deal 50% damage on contact then explode doing 100% AoE damage and burning all in the AoE (these are thrown in arcs and stick to enemies and detonate shortly after.)
                          • Negative 0 slow and damage enemies on screen for 25% damage and 50% speed.
                          • Voltage throw out a bolt of lightning that travels from one person to another first doing 200% damage then 175% on the next then 150% on the next until it reaches 0% no enemy can be hit over 2 ti
                          - For the elemental's basic attacks he will throw a ball of fire then ice then electricity
                          I hope you enjoyed these ideas i gotta say the Freakshow would be my favourite :)
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                          • Xenalith

                            Xenalith Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            I really like these 2 concepts, I really do, it makes me want to work with you on it.
                            I would like to see further development on the Light Runner, I think he/she has a lot of potential.

                            I reckon it would be cool to have a passive ability on him/her.
                            Like after the dash, maybe he/she gets bonus movement speed for a while, kind of like the Bandit's 3rd ability.
                            Or maybe, her/his 3rd ability is completely passive (you can't press it), and as you move you gain stacks of light speed, reaching up to a certain amount - a top speed.
                            ...This would give him/her the 'Light Runner' kind of feel.

                            Make it a female too, we need more females.
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                            • Grokmin

                              Grokmin Void-Bound Voyager

                              Yea the light runner looks cool I like the freak show the best of my too I feel like these would be cool in game
                              • Arcalane

                                Arcalane Pangalactic Porcupine

                                Let's mix things up a little. Meet...

                                THE PSION
                                Nobody trusts a mind-reader. Also, they can kill you with their brain.

                                The Psion is a fairly mobile melee/range survivor with elements of HAN-D, the Mercenary, and the Engineer. They fight most effectively when close to death, necessitating the maintenance of a constant and delicate balance between being almost dead and not almost dead.
                                Appearance: I'm thinking purple and violet tones, maybe with blue for powers/effects. Perhaps a flowy cape sort of thing.
                                Speed: ++++-
                                Jump: ++---
                                Regen: ++---
                                • First/Basic Attack - Mind Blade: Manifest a blade of 'psychic energy' and lunge forwards or sweep around, striking up to twice for high damage. Deals more damage, swings faster, and strikes more enemies the lower your health is.
                                • Second - Psibolts: Throw bolts of force that seek out the nearest enemy. Bolt reserve recharges over time, recharging faster when the Psion is low on health. Hold up to ~12 bolts. Behaves sort of like a hybrid of Engineer Mines/Harpoons and HAN-D's drones.
                                • Third - Mindfray: The psion unleashes a shockwave of traumatic imagery through the minds of their foes, then takes advantage of the confusion to reposition themselves. Either Stuns or Fears most nearby enemies for a few seconds and inflicts a small amount of damage. The Psion also gains a short boost to their move speed. Similar utility to Bandit's Smokebomb, but without the invuln period, making them vulnerable to ranged enemies that are outside the stun/fear area.
                                • Fourth - Mind Over Matter: Only usable if below 33% health. The psion uses sheer force of will to hold themselves together, ignoring all damage, and goes into overdrive - Psibolts recharge much faster, and Mind Blade behaves as if you are almost dead, striking for massive damage and hitting more enemies. When Mind Over Matter expires, all (or a portion of) the damage the psion would have taken whilst invulnerable is applied. This can easily kill the psion if used foolishly.

                                Possible challenges;
                                • Survive up to <x> damage (over any number of playthroughs) using Mind Over Matter.
                                • Die <x> times upon Mind Over Matter expiration from taking too much damage.
                                • Survive up to <x> minutes whilst below <y>% Health.
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                                • needsomemiracle

                                  needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  I can accept this if he spends the entire game walking around in a straightjacket :p
                                  • jodi850

                                    jodi850 Big Damn Hero

                                    Minigunim terrible at naming :/

                                    this class would be a bit tanky. w 2 miniguns as hands
                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++
                                    • Minigun : Rapidly shoots with his minigun, doing 10% damage at a very high fire rate (low knockback, starts shooting after 0.4 secs. and can move again after 0.2 secs after firing).

                                    • Blast : Uses all barrels on the minigun to create a shotgun like blast, dealing 6x20% (medium knockback, he is diarmed for 2 seconds(cannot use any skill)).

                                    • Double Minigun : for 6 secs. uses his second minigun to make all his skills do double effect.

                                    • Overheat : he overloads his minigun. firing 100 bullets at a very high fire rate(like 100 bullets in 2.5 secs) dealing 4% damage. (low knockback, his guns need to cooldown for 2 secs.(he cannot use any skill))
                                    im terrible at balancing stuff. so im not sure if he has to be nerfed or buffed.
                                    ideas how to unlock:
                                    • shoot x amount of projectile in a minute
                                    • have x amount of projectiles in vision
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                                    • Zerogamer

                                      Zerogamer Poptop Tamer

                                      Hello there, very first post in these forums, and I excited to make it in this specific thread. I love the idea of new characters/classes for games, and while I'm probably no good at it, I'd figure I would give it a try. I've been playing this game for...like a week or so now. Of and on with friends. I don't have all the classes unlocked, but a decent number. And I was trying to think of what I would want to try to make first, as practice I guess. Some role to be filled. Looking at all the classes, and googling the ones I don't have, I've decided on the following.
                                      The Rocketeer
                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++

                                      The Rocketeer a is high mobility, scouting style class. Meant for quickly surveying situations and deploying and using his skills to help his allies. Meant to be more of a support class. He naturally starts with a "Jetpack" like item that gives him higher jumping ability and a slight float for a short duration.

                                      Unstable Missile - Fires a missile in a line that attaches to the first enemy it hits. Slight knockback on attach. Once the enemy is damaged the missile explodes in an area for 50% damage. Missiles have a chance of lighting the ground on fire and slowing enemies walking through it. Missiles fire down if The Rocketeer is jumping.
                                      Pulse - Fires off a pulse that causes enemies to become aggroed to the Rocketeer. Sets off any Missiles, increasing their damage to 100%.
                                      Net - Tosses a net forward in an arc. Latches enemies together, causing all damage received to be shared among latched enemies. EXAMPLE : You net 5 enemies together, and one takes 100%. All other enemies in the net take the same damage. Tosses Net down if in the air.
                                      Blast Off - The Rocketeer gains the ability to fly. Holding up raises The Rocketeer, while down lowers them. Lasts 6 seconds. Very long cooldown.
                                      • Xenalith

                                        Xenalith Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        I like it a lot actually, I got confused sorry, I thought your post was the Jester xD sorry about that.
                                        His V skill seems really fun.
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                                        • Grokmin

                                          Grokmin Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Acrid is the prisoner as indicated by his ball and chain only thing i see wrong with that

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