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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Light

    Light Void-Bound Voyager

    This entire thread is amazing and I hope most of your ideas get put into the game. :D
    • Grokmin

      Grokmin Void-Bound Voyager

      Thanks man you too
      • Zerogamer

        Zerogamer Poptop Tamer

        I hope they do too, but if we're being reasonable I think we'd be lucky if one or two of them got in. Though I think 1-2 of them have gotten in if my glancing through this thread is any indication.
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        • blitZee

          blitZee Void-Bound Voyager

          Had this idea pop into my head outta nowhere.

          Mech Morpher (didn't want to call it a transformer because ew):

          Jump:+++++ (that's normal jump height, right?)
          Regen: +++++
          Armor:+++++ (gonna imply that's standard amount of armor)

          Fighter mode: Transforms into an armed fighter with new abilities. [1 second]
          Cannon Mode: Transforms into an almost stationary cannon with new abilities. [2 seconds]
          Helicopter Mode: Transforms into a mobile helicopter with new abilities. [2 seconds]
          Wolf Mode: Transforms into a fast melee fighter with new abilities. [1 second]

          Fighter mode
          Retains all basic stats.

          Shot: Fires a single shot for 130% damage [Mild knockback]
          Concussion Grenade: Throws a grenade, dealing 240% damage to enemies in an area and rendering them unable to fight[Moderate Knockback + Heavy stun]
          Open Fire: Deals 15 x 30% damage to enemies in front of the character [Mild knockback]
          Transform: Transforms into original state [The cooldown applies to the Fighter Mode ability when Mech Morpher is in normal state]

          Cannon mode
          Decreased speed (to about 15%), is unable to jump or climb ropes/ladders. Up and down arrow keys now control the direction of the cannon. The cannon turns at 90 degrees/s.


          Gatling Gun: Shoots bullets that deal 130% damage at 150% attack speed. Gatling gun speeds up the longer it's being used, increasing the attack speed up to a maximum of 300% [Mild knockback]
          Fragmented Bullets: Attacks now pierce targets and deal additional 50% damage.
          Laser Cannon: Shoots a laser beam that pierces targets and deals 250% damage, while also stunning them. [Heavy knockback + Heavy stun]
          Transform: Transforms into original state [The cooldown applies to the Cannon Mode ability when Mech Morpher is in normal state]

          Helicopter mode
          Instead of jumping, has the ability to ascend (similar principle to Photon Jetpack). Has a fuel storage worth 8 seconds. Regenerates fuel at 18.75%/s rate (1.5 seconds worth of fuel per second). Cannot (obviously) climb ropes/ladder. Levitates slightly above the ground

          Missile: Shoots a homing missile for 180% damage, dealing damage around the enemy it hits. [Moderate knockback + Slightly decreased attack speed]
          Bombard: Drops 3 bombs below, each dealing 210% damage in an area [Moderate knockback + Mild stun] (explosion area is big enough to hit 2 enemies near the helicopter when it's on the ground (2 enemies in front of it and 2 in the back of it that is))
          Barrel Roll: Performs a barrel roll forward, dodging all attacks [1.5 second invulnerability, cast time included(so around 0.75 seconds after the animation ends)]
          Transform: Transforms into original state [The cooldown applies to the Helicopter Mode ability when Mech Morpher is in normal state]

          Wolf Mode
          Has a bit of natural life leech on kill. Is naturally nimble, having a base 10% chance of evade. Cannot climb ropes/ladder.

          Bite: Bites enemies in front of it for 150% damage. Heals for 1 life on hit per proc. If an enemy is killed with bite, heal for 5% of it's maximal health, up to a cap of 20% of Wolfs maximal health [Minimal knockback]
          Howl: Sends a terrifying howl, fearing enemies around the wolf [Heavy fear/stun]
          Leap: Jumps up to a great hight. Upon landing, deals 200% damage + 75% damage for each second the wolf spent falling. Does not take falling damage [Mild knockback + minimal stun]
          Transform: Transforms into original state [The cooldown applies to the Wolf ability when Mech Morpher is in normal state]

          Was kinda inspired by this idea so I tried to imagine how the Mech's original form would look like. This is what I came up with (doesn't represent the actual character that would be in the game)

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          • ikhezu

            ikhezu Intergalactic Tourist

            I have read this thread and want to criticize some of the, in my opinion, best character suggestions.
            First of all, I like the idea of a prisoner. It would be sensible for a prisoner to be in that kind of spaceship. and he is different from Acrid since he is a human who is actually imprisoned for crime. Acrid is just a wild beast.
            I think that humans aren't chained to steal balls from their hands. that would make it impossible to even lift your hand, making you slouch all the time. The balls should be on his feat. and maybe he can have his hands cuffed to his back, since he doesn't even use his hands to fight. I don't agree with making items have bonuses on him, But I do like the lockpick idea. the moves are pretty interesting and provide a different playstyle. I do like that all his moves a stuns. knockback, or both, making him great for CC. Good Job!
            • ikhezu

              ikhezu Intergalactic Tourist

              I was actually thinking of commenting with this idea. I like that you went with a scientist. Why is there only an engineer but not a scientist?
              I feel chemical reactions damages are too complex for no reason. Its already strong at 130% damage per second for 8s. thats a 1040% damage potential. thats not bad imo. Research Project I think is a weak attack, the scientist even gets hurt from it. I don't like it. I don't think he should even use a robot as an ability since there are already drones in the game. Vortex is an interesting ability. But also, I feel like it is a little under-powered.

              Here is what I think the scientist should be :

              Scientist :
              R15 Plasma Laser : fire a laser in a line, piercing all enemies for 70% damage. can be charged to do up to 200% damage. charging over 60% results in some knockback. [0s cooldown]

              Incinerate : Throw a cask containing a very flammable liquid, spreading it on the ground and catching fire dealing 250% damage per second. enemies on fire take 70% bonus damage from Laser. lasts 4s. [7s cooldown]

              Hyper plasma decoy : leave behind a holographic image that diverts attention, last for 4s. [9s cooldown]

              Nuclear Meltdown : drop a remotely activated mine that deals 700% damage in a large area and does moderate knockback. cooldown starts after detonation. [16s cooldown]

              I think the cooldowns and maybe the damage levels might need some adjustment, but I feel this is a good fun character that fits in the lore.
              • ikhezu

                ikhezu Intergalactic Tourist

                I really like the idea of a normal civilian trying to survive in the games harsh planet. Improvised abuse I think is weak attack. I don't think a civilian would want to get close to aliens anyway. I like the other abilities, but here is how I would change them.

                -Grandfather's Revolver (3s): Shoot your Grandfather's automatic revolver for 6x85% damage quickly, causing the Civilian to slide backward along the ground a fair distance as he fires.
                -Desperate Times (10s) Leave trap in your location to trap a single enemy, rendering it immobile for 3s and then killing it, healing the civilian for 10% of his maximum health.
                -Panic! (16s): The Civilian's movement is increased by 30%. While active, GR has no cooldown and DT heals for 30% of maximum health. after the duration of Panic!, the cooldown for IS will reset and deal 100% bonus damage. lasts for 6s.
                -Incorrect Stance (8s): The Civilian fires his rocket launcher in front of his feet for 500% damage in a moderate AoE, launching himself up and backward into the air, as well as knocking enemies away a short distance.
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                • ikhezu

                  ikhezu Intergalactic Tourist

                  Here is my own Idea for a character :

                  Pilot :
                  Heavy Artillery : shoot a large machine gun for 80% damage per bullet and minimal knockback. [0s cooldown]
                  note: there is a 1s build up before shooting begins. button needs to be held down to keep shooting. bullets are shot at 1 bullet per 0.5s. meaning 2 bullets per 1s.
                  Flash grenade : throw a flash grenade in an arc, exploding on contact and dealing 200% damage and stunning for 1 second [6s cooldown]
                  Take-off : use your jetpack to propel upwards and become immune for the duration. costs fuel to use. fuel charges passively when not in use.
                  note: 1 second of flight = 33.3% of fuel cell. a fully charged fuel cell results in 3 seconds of propulsion and immunity. it takes 5s to recharge the fuel cell fully from zero.
                  Call-Down : launch a series of missiles in a line in front of you, dealing 6*300% damage and minimal knockback [8s cooldown]

                  criticism would be much appreciated :D
                    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
                  • Seztren

                    Seztren Space Hobo

                    Wow~ I found the best thread ever to make my first post. Here goes.
                    SUS-E :
                    <---- My avatar is a decent example, because I don't know pixels. Also, game needs more females.

                    Speed : +++++
                    Jump : +++++
                    Regen : +++++
                    SELF-DEFENSE : Taze a nearby enemy for 3x50% damage at medium range with extreme amounts of static electricity, building three NEGATIVE charges on you. Always arcs to the nearest enemy regardless of where you are facing. (<1s CD)
                    (Note: NEGATIVE charges deplete over time.)
                    DISCHARGE : Chains electricity to the first ten enemies in front of you for 200% damage, giving each a POSITIVE charge, denoted by a small plus sign above their head. (4-5s CD)
                    OVERLOAD : Overload with electricity, zapping all enemies that are close to you for 500% damage, stunning them briefly and knocking them back while you reboot, effectively playing dead. Enemies will ignore you for three seconds while you are offline. Enemies hit gain POSITIVE charge. (>15s CD)
                    MAGNETIZE : You are irresistible. All enemies on screen with POSITIVE charge are drawn to you and take 10% damage per NEGATIVE charge on you. (>8s CD)
                    (Note: Subject to diminishing returns)

                    SUS-E uses static electricity to build up charge, and then unleashes it on enemies for huge burst damage centered on her. Using MAGNETIZE can be very risky without also using OVERLOAD or having an escape plan, but can deal an effectively unlimited amount of damage. Staying alive and playing for time to build up charges is key.
                    (Is also a great hostess. Free with the HAN-D robotic assistance premium package.)
                      Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
                    • Shalun

                      Shalun Intergalactic Tourist

                      Manic Medic : A medic who's only thought is self preservation on this god forsaken planet.
                      Play style : get stacks, throw bags, and do fast melee damage.
                      Speed : ++++
                      Jump : +++++
                      Regen: ++

                      Siphon : You stab forward hitting a single enemy for 90% damage, and add a single stack to Blood bag every two hits.[ Low knock back ]

                      We must Amputate : You slice through 5 enemies dealing 160% damage, if it kills a normal tier monster you receive a 5% damage buff for 10 seconds, if it kills an elite monster (ex: flaming lemurian) you receive a 10% damage bonus for 10 seconds, if it kills a boss monster your receive a 20% damage bonus for 10 seconds. Cool down starts after buff is over or after the slice. Does not stack with Pain Killers. [ Moderate knock back ]

                      Pain Killers : Inject yourself with pain killers making you receive 15% less damage, and increased movement/attack speed for 5 seconds. Cool down starts after buff is over. Does not stack with We must Amputate.

                      Blood Bag : Uses stacks gained from Siphon to throw out a blood bag that explodes for 400% damage and life stealing 15 health for every enemy hit. Requires 5 stacks or more to use, going past 5 stacks increases explosion radius.

                      I thought it would be cool to have a medic in the game, not necessarily for team help but as a sort of a solo character. I'm just kinda hoping for a medic in general for the game when the next update comes. As the forum says, just a suggestion. ( I didn't want to make it sound too much like the medic from tf2 )
                      • Zerogamer

                        Zerogamer Poptop Tamer

                        I had another idea. Why not. Even made a little sprite. Took me a while and I'm not sure how great it is though. I was going to try and give him a walk cycle but I have no idea how to do that. Any critiques on the sprite are welcome as well btw.
                        The Pyro

                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++

                        Burn - The Pyro stands in place and let's forth a continuous stream of fire, burning enemies for 150% damage every second. Medium knockback, short range, sets enemies on fire. Burning enemies take 60% power damage every second for a few seconds.
                        Add Fuel - The Pyro tosses a canister of fuel in front of him. If it hits a burning enemy it explodes dealing 400% damage and causing enemies to burn hotter. Burning enemies now burn at 100% damage.
                        Nuclear - As the Pyro takes damage he builds Nuclear stacks. Activating Nuclear causes the Pyro to explode, dealing more damage and causing more push back the more stacks he has. The Pyro automatically explodes at max stacks after a few seconds, taking damage in the process.
                        Terrifying Visage - The Pyro fears all enemies near him.
                        • DarkDXZ

                          DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

                          So apparently my Space Knight kind of made it in, seperated into the Enforcer and Mercenary. (with other tweaks)
                          I feel relatively accomplished. :)
                          • SPLlT

                            SPLlT Big Damn Hero

                            Specialist (Couldn't come up with a more specific name for the survivor, if you like the idea of the class, feel free to suggest names.)
                            Oher suggested/possible names: Djinn, Demon, Warlock, Executioner

                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++

                            A high risk class which excels in gathering then executing groups of mobs at a time. (Not particularly great against bosses nor single targets)

                            Corral - The basic attack. Fire your rifle for 60% damage, piercing up to two enemies, hitting up to three. Enemies hit are knocked back a short distance.
                            Re-fire rate should be similar to Mercenary's Laser Sword attack.

                            Conflagration - Sets enemies around you in a very wide radius on fire, burning for 50% damage per second for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 8 seconds

                            Add Insult to Injury - Freezes enemies around you in a very wide radius (similar to Conflagration), if enemies are burning while this is used, they will suffer a stacked-on 100% damage per second for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds

                            Combustion - Explode for 500% damage, dealing 10% (of your max HP) damage to yourself but healing 5% (of your max HP) for every enemy killed.
                            Frozen enemies take double damage from the explosion.
                            Extreme knockback. Cooldown: 15 seconds

                            With Ancient Scepter:
                            Detonation - Explode for 800% damage, dealing 15% (of your max HP) damage to yourself but healing 5% (of your max HP) for every enemy killed. Frozen enemies take double damage from the explosion.

                            Additional Notes:
                            With the exception of freeze, this class has no stun abilities.
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                            • ciuccio2000

                              ciuccio2000 Void-Bound Voyager

                              But, sorry for the question (i'm new there)... Is there a small chance that one of these characters will be implemented in the game?
                              • SPLlT

                                SPLlT Big Damn Hero

                                This thread was created pre-release, and ideas for unique character classes were pulled from suggested characters. (Example: Mercenary)

                                Post Release:
                                If you can still come up with what seems like a unique survivor, you should post your idea and it may be used in a future content update.
                                (Small chance = Yes but not sure how small.)
                                • Quae_116

                                  Quae_116 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Crusader: Melee tank character
                                  moderate knockback
                                  Health Regen:+ ++++

                                  Flail: Slowish basic attack, Swings flail in arc for 180% damage, moderate knockback.
                                  Bisect: Chop your enemy in half with broadsword for 270% damage (bleed damage)
                                  Cavalry: Hop onto your horse/ robo-horse and dash through enemies for 70% damage and stunning
                                  Divine Intervention: Blast a ray from the Holy Grail, piercing up to 6 enemies for 560% damage and healing you for 12% damage dealt, major knockback.

                                  Wrecker/Demolitionist: Melee (again)

                                  Health Regen:+++++

                                  Wreck: Basic attack, Swing your Crowbar for 2x80% damage, moderate knockback.
                                  Demolish: Spin around and throw a wrecking ball at the opponent for 200% damage, major knockback.
                                  Bulldoze: Charge through enemies while ripping up the ground dealing 260% damage and slowing any enemies hit, massive knockback
                                  Detonate: Detonate multiple hidden explosives, creating brief columns of flame for 420% damage each and burns for 3x40% over 5 seconds (similar to Ancient Wisp's attack animation)

                                  Might be a bit OverPowered or UnderPowered, any suggestions on that would be great.
                                    Last edited: Dec 23, 2013
                                  • adamSrgnt

                                    adamSrgnt Space Hobo

                                    Felt inspired after playing for a while last night. Hope you like.

                                    The shinobi's focus is his speed and sword attacks. However, this increased mobility comes at the cost of power. The shinobi must rely on hit-and-run tactics to stay alive.

                                    [​IMG] (Color choice is temporary until I figure out what won't blend into the backgrounds)
                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++
                                    • Light Attack: Fast slash, low damage, no knock-back. Ideally, should be able to continue moving while attacking.
                                    • Heavy Attack: Slower attack, higher damage, knocks enemies back.
                                    • Dash Attack: Quickly dashes forward, attacking everything in the path.
                                    • Shuriken: Fast projectile attack that stuns enemies but does little damage.
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                                    • adamSrgnt

                                      adamSrgnt Space Hobo

                                      Almost identical to the last one (Shinobi), but it follows the general theme of the characters a little closer.

                                      [​IMG] (Some of the gray is lost to the forum background. Right-click > View Image if you want to see more clearly)
                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++
                                      • Slash: Fast slash, low damage, no knock-back. Ideally, should be able to continue moving while attacking.
                                      • Finishing Blow: Heavy attack with sword. Slower attack with higher damage, knocks enemies back.
                                      • Phantasm: Disappears and reappears in a puff of smoke. Stuns nearby enemies.
                                      • Poison Darts: Charges up to throw several darts that will damage enemies over time.

                                      In and out like a demon's whisper...
                                        Last edited: Dec 23, 2013
                                      • P.Alex

                                        P.Alex Industrial Terraformer

                                        Would Finishing Blow maybe have benefits for killing an opponent with one?
                                        • adamSrgnt

                                          adamSrgnt Space Hobo

                                          Potentially, but that seems a little strong. I just wanted a cooler name than "Heavy Attack." After all, "Lights Out" doesn't kill with the Bandit.
                                          It's the kind of thing that would need to be play-tested to get the balance right.

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