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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. KalvinHobbez

    KalvinHobbez Orbital Explorer

    I can maybe give it a try. After reading your suggestion I do find it interesting. A buff ability that changes the other abilities would be a bit complicated to program, but would be worth trying due to how unique of a playstyle you can aim for. But I do have to admit the skillset itself is a little bland. Z is usual gunfire, X is like Enforcer grenade, and C is alike Commando's C. I say maybe give a try at another class idea with the buff ability, but if you want to stick to the Soldier maybe try some different abilities? Just my opinion, when it comes to new characters it's mainly fun to see new movesets that aren't alike any other....heh ,sorry for rambling off but yeah I can give your character a try if you give me some visualization. You don't need to even make a sprite, just a crude normal image can be just enough for me to see his design and work from their.
    • Clione

      Clione Astral Cartographer

      The grenade was probably a subconscious thing since I love the Enforcer so much, but now that you point it out, I can see how it's so unimaginative. I wasn't happy with Concentrated Fire. I want the class to have an ability that they can use with the wicked ring for some sick stuff, like x with merc or c with engi, but you're right. It's a big cop out option. I'll give his moveset a lot more thought, since I felt really proud of his AP Ammo gimmick and wouldn't want it all to go to waste with these lackluster abilities.
      • Dolphinflavored

        Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

        3rd suggestion! Yay!
        Despite her seemingly peaceful name, she is a tank class. She is very slow and powerful, and uses slowing attacks that bring her enemies to the same speed, so that she may deal the most damage possible.
        Strike(1 sec.): Command your plants to attack immediately in front of you for a maximum 270%damage, (depending on how many plants you have), effecting every enemy touched, and knocking back enemies as well. You must gather in order to have plants to attack with in the first place.
        Gather(0 sec.): Analyze and gather nearby flora, requiring you to come to a complete stop. (Rapidly press X to generate a plant. Plants degrade after 8 hits, and have a maximum amount of 3.) Also, you must press X anywhere between 8-12 amount of times to generate a plant.
        Enzymes (6 sec.): Command your plants to spit out a slowing substance dealing 20% DPS * the amount of plants you currently have, for 2 seconds.
        Photosynthetic Growth(8 sec.): Command an army of deadly plants to sprout from the ground for a moderate range in both directions in both directions dealing 500% and stunning for two seconds. Consumes 66% of your plants (if you have 3, you'll end up with 2. if you have 1, you get 0.

        If the player has 1 plant he/she will inflict 155% per strike. 2 plants will deal 240% per strike. 3=270%.
        Risk of Rain is great-literally I can't notice anything distinguishably 'game-ruining'-except that there should be a better tank class. HAN-D is fine, but is also way too clunky and vulnerable for my taste. The Acrid, Sniper, and Engineer aren't really though of as tanks consistently-they do lots of damage, but usually can't sustain damage WHILE inflicting it. Also this game needs at least one more girl.
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        • BogdanS

          BogdanS Poptop Tamer


          This class deals in general with one mob for a lot of damage and it has also evading and ranged skills.It' s a challenging character specialized in bleeding.He is a master of knifes.


          Passive: With his kris/daggers it can attack from back enemies dealing double damage.

          • Splitter: attack with his kris/daggers for 100% damage.The victim bleeds for 2 seconds taking 20% bleed damage per second and it's stackable up to 10.
          • Plan B: charged attack who throw a piercing shuriken for 50% damage up to 200% damage and stun enemies for 1 second up to 3 seconds if charged max.
          • Unseen: it's invisible for 4 or 5 seconds and it can last longer if one hit kill with his basic attack, if miss he is visible again.Immune while invisible(obviously).
          • Shut down: dashes forward and if he hits an enemy it strikes it from back for 400% dmg (the passive doesn't count here) and bleed for 3 seconds for 50% bleed damage.If he kills an enemy while doing this move the victim explodes for 200% explosive damage in a medium radius.If kills a boss the victim explodes in a large radius for 300% explosive damage.It's not immune while doing this move!
          That's my idea of a character that must be implemented in this game because I don't think that you can be bored playing with this class and above that is very strategic.What do you think?
          Oh and I don't know if Rusty Knife will have or not an effect on this character. Give me suggestions! Thanks anticipated!

          • BogdanS

            BogdanS Poptop Tamer


            I think this character makes co-op better by healing himself and the allies.It combines melee and ranged attacks for better survival however it doesn't do a lot of damage because is a support class.

            Speed: +++++
            Jump: +++++
            Regen: +++++

            • Defibrilate: shock with his defibrilator for 40% damage stunning the enemy for 1 second and if it kills an enemy has 70% chance to drop a chip who gives 5% of your life.
            • Kaboom: charged attack.Shock enemies from the ground in a low to high radius around it for 50% damage to 150% damage who launches enemy in the air and stun them for 1 to 4 seconds.
            • Shock: jump in the air in the direction you are facing at.
            • Second chance: piercing shock with 150% damage, low/medium range in one direction who drains life (it gives you 5% of your life on each mob caught in this move)If this move is used on the character it takes 3000 of your money to revive all of your teammates and it scales up to 10000.(however each time you revive it adds 1 minute cooldown)
            You can give me suggestions for damage if you think is not well suited for this character. Thanks anticipated! medic.png
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            • BogdanS

              BogdanS Poptop Tamer


              A man who laid in an ice rock for a long time and now it has ice powers.

              Speed: +++++
              Jump: +++++
              Regen: +++++

              • Icy Doom: punches the enemies with 100% damage and has 30% chance to freeze them for 1-2 seconds. Basic attack do more damage on frozen enemies. (+20% damage)
              • Crystal Ambush: shoot with 1 to 5 piercing crystals with 50% damage each, 10% chance to freeze enemies.
              • Ice Barrage: chiller makes 2 barriers of ice near him for 5 seconds to stop on ground enemies from reaching him.Every enemy who touch the barrier it's frozen for 5 seconds.Chiller can't go through barrier too.
              • Crystalization: Chiller grow and has more health and damage for 6 seconds.(also freeze chance is increased by 10%)

              My opinion of unlock him would be:
              Free the FROZZEN ONE: on the 3rd stage (the one with snow) free chiller from that ice rock.

              • Raptoral ze great guy

                Raptoral ze great guy Big Damn Hero

                B*tch please
                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++

                • Smack: Pimp slaps for 130% and every fifth slap is followed by a slam of his staff that stuns for 1.5 seconds and deals 180% damage (renamed from b*tch slap)
                • Make it Rain: Pimp summons a barrage of exploding imps, this attack is channeled an
                • Hey guuurl: Every kill summons a hoe witch has the same stats as pimp but takes 2x damage and deals only a third of pimp's damage with ministuns
                • Gold rims: A Blast that increases attack and movement speed of Pimp and all his hoes for 8 seconds
                Unlock: Join the dance party in the final stage and activate the boombox
                • Deaconator

                  Deaconator Void-Bound Voyager

                  The Leader is a melee-based character capable of creating a small group of allies, allowing him to force enemies to battle the AI. He can also duel with a enemy, causing other enemies to ignore him while he battles his chosen foe. However, his lack of actual survival skills and fairly weak melee attack renders him ineffective without his allies.
                  Speed: +++++
                  Jump: +++++

                  Regen: +++++

                  • Hack: He delivers a 3 hit combination of sword slashes, with the first two inflicting 80% damage and the final having a short delay before inflicting 145%. The final hit inflicts a minor stun of 0.45 seconds. This attack has a short cooldown of 0.5 seconds.
                  • Enrage: He fires a slow moving red ball of energy, which upon hitting a enemy, inflicts the "Enrage" debuff. This causes them to gain a attack speed buff of 25%, and a damage buff of 40%. They will also attack the nearest enemy to them, which will duel and probably lose. The enraged enemy will lose the enrage debuff and the buffs upon a kill, which can include players. This possess a 10 second cooldown.
                  • Platoon: The Leader stabs his flag into the ground. The flag summons very weak soldiers to attack enemies with a sword. These allies have stats lower than the basic Lemurian, but are levelled up with the player. The flag summons a minion every 2 seconds, and the enemies will attempt to destroy the flag, which has 50 health, and is automatically destroyed after 8 seconds has a cooldown of 20 seconds.(The minion has 3/4 of a Lemurian's health, and only does 1/2 of the Lemurian's damage per hit. However, these minions are faster and attack much quicker, and are increased in stats every time the player levels up)
                  • Duel: The Leader will duel with the toughest enemy on screen, which includes bosses. All enemies will not attack the tracker, but he cannot damage enemies he is not duelling. The enemy the Leader is duelling cannot be damaged, and will not damage either AI operated or player operated allies. A duel ends when either duelist dies. The tracker gains doubled increased speed, health regen, damage & movement speed while duelling, but is restricted to his basic attack. This has a 5 second cooldown. A enemy who is duelling the Leader will gain a blue outline. The Leader will automatically be teleported back to his foe if the Leader runs away.
                  Edit 1: changed numbers around
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                  • a_guy_named_bread

                    a_guy_named_bread Void-Bound Voyager

                    Forgive me, I'm relatively new with this forum formatting.
                    The visual style of this guy is heavily influenced by Bioshock's "Big Daddy". He resembles a large diver with a drill for one hand, and a cannon for the other. Unlocking him would likely involve something in the underwater level. He is slow but tanky, as you would expect him to be. However, the majority of his attacks are not directly melee oriented, so you do not want to allow your enemies to get too close.

                    Speed: +
                    Jump: ++
                    Regen: +++++

                    Launch: Fires a crude sea mine, dealing 125% damage in a small area of effect and causing minor knockback. (projectile flies in an arc, exploding on impact with an enemy or surface) (He would have slow attack speed, making this have a cooldown barely under 1 sec)
                    Catch of the Day: Fires an electrified net, catching enemies caught in the area and electrifying them, stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing 80% damage each second (for a total of 160%), and pulling them to the center of the net. (Does not work on flying enemies)
                    Entanglement: Enemies near the Diver are caught in seaweed, significantly slowing their movement speed for 10 seconds and preventing jumping. Should they be knocked up off the ground, they will be rooted back in place, preventing movement whatsoever, refreshing the duration of the ability, and causing 20% strangulation damage per second. (again, does not work on flying)
                    Unstoppable Force: The Diver activates his drill (show by an animation of him lowering it and it spinning), increasing movement speed by 300% for 5 seconds and causing targets he hits (you simply need to run into them facing them) to receive 250% damage, be thrown in the air, and start bleeding for 50% damage per second for 3 seconds. During the duration, you cannot be hit from the front.

                    Combo-ing Entanglement and Unstoppable Force would be a common crowd control technique, with Catch of the Day acting as an easier way of rounding enemies up together so you can deal AoE damage more effectively. Unstoppable Force could also serve as an escape as he would otherwise have limited mobility.
                    His biggest weakness would probably be dealing with flying targets.

                    Any balancing concerns/ideas are also very welcome as well! C:
                    • a_guy_named_bread

                      a_guy_named_bread Void-Bound Voyager

                      Also, I really want to say that I really like this class idea. I feel like it is by far the coolest idea in this thread. Great job man! :3
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                      • Seria-Myouna

                        Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

                        Wow, thanks. I had no idea this thread was still alive, xD
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                        • asdfzxc920

                          asdfzxc920 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          This thread's still alive? Might as well post this old concept.

                          The Gunner

                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          • Chaingun: Fires a round from your gun, dealing 80% damage with a moderate rate of fire. Weak knockback.
                            • Rapid Fire: Continuously fires the chaingun at a much higher rate of fire, dealing 80% damage and inflicting moderate knockback. Can only be used while Dig In is active.
                          • Frag Grenade: Tosses an arcing grenade that explodes after ~2 seconds, dealing 300% damage with a moderate AoE. Does NOT detonate on contact. Can be used without interrupting Rapid Fire or Wall of Lead. Moderate knockback, moderate stun.
                          • Dig In: Greatly reduces your speed and prevents you from turning around. Allows the use of Rapid Fire and Wall of Lead. While active, you can shoot while walking.
                          • Wall of Lead: Fires a burst at an extremely high rate of fire, inflicting 8x80% damage. Each shot has has moderate to strong knockback and briefly stuns the target. Can only be used while Dig In is active.
                            • upgrades to More Dakka: Fires twelve rounds at an extreme rate of fire, dealing 12x80% damage. Strong knockback, moderate stun. Can only be used while Dig In is active.
                          Unlike most characters the Gunner has no real means of avoiding or tanking attacks; instead, it relies on constant knockback and a high damage output to prevent enemies from ever getting an attack off in the first place. It also doesn't have any way to deal with an enemy that's already within melee range, so positioning is very important.
                          • Phosorious

                            Phosorious Lucky Number 13

                            Royal Guard
                            Armed with his two favored arms, the Royal Guard sees it fit that he must now fend for himself.
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++
                            • Swing (Swings rapier up to 5 times in succession doing 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and 150% damage with a 10% chance of knock back.) [Implement timing bar like that of sniper's for successive hits, missing the bar will cause the hit to be the last. Not hitting the button again will end the flurry right there.]
                            • Wide Open (Attack an enemy with a sidearm for 200% damage knocking it back and stunning it for one second.)
                            • Moment of Ease (The Royal Guard takes a moment to collect his composure, and dodges all attacks for 2 seconds.)
                            • Riposte (Taking a stance for .5 seconds preparing for an attack, The Royal Guard will move behind his attacker dealing 300% damage, and another for 300% with his sidearm.)
                            • gamerzap

                              gamerzap Orbital Explorer

                              Speed: +++++
                              Jump: +++++
                              Regen: +++++
                              • Toss (Throws a hatchet forward in an arc. Stuns for 0.25 seconds and deals 200% damage to a single enemy.[Moderate Range + Arced Downward])
                              • Blast (Tosses a bomb forward with a 3 second fuse. It has a large explosion radius and does high knockback as well as a brief stun and 600% damage. [High Knockback + Vertical Knockback + Minimal Stun + Large Area of Effect])
                              • Feint (Dodges backwards a small distance. Every attack dodged reduces all cooldowns by a moderate amount.[Dodges Attacks + Moderate Cooldown Reduction])
                              • Blitz (Throws knives forward for 6x150% damage.[Moderate knockback + Moderate Stun])
                              Explorer is agile and capable of dealing a lot of damage, but without good use of Feint his cooldowns are impossible to manage.
                              • wuffie

                                wuffie Void-Bound Voyager

                                Attack while moving for 40% damage
                                Aims like the Huntress' main attack so you can kite enemies
                                0.5s cooldown
                                Can not knockback or stun​
                                Jump Kicks
                                Jump forward momentarily, becoming invulnerable to all attacks and attacking 4 times for 20% damage each.
                                6s cooldown​
                                Qi Swap
                                Use your qi powers to swap places with the nearest enemy.
                                Uses 10% of your current Qi or the max amount for 3s stun, whichever is smaller
                                Stuns up to 3s based on how much Qi was spent
                                10s cooldown​
                                Qi Blast
                                Build up qi as you attack without taking damage. On use, dash to the nearest enemy and grapple them for an explosion dealing up to 400% damage and stunning while additionally dealing up to 200% damage to any nearby enemies.
                                Up to 3s stun to main target
                                Large knockback
                                No cooldown, but requires a minimum amount of qi to use​

                                I'll eventually update with a portrait.
                                • GDelscribe

                                  GDelscribe Big Damn Hero


                                  Unlock: Travel through 10 Teleporters before fighting Providence (Unlocked automatically upon reaching providence)

                                  End Quote: ...She never found the justice she thought she sought.

                                  Bonus Stat Per Level
                                  The Justiciar gains 0.5% attack speed per level.

                                  Basic Stats
                                  - 140/90 HP HEALTH PER LEVEL - 30 HP
                                  HEALTH REGEN - 0.1 HP HEALTH REGEN PER LEVEL - 0.4 HP
                                  ARMOR PER LEVEL - 1 ATTACK SPEED - Very Slow
                                  DAMAGE - 20 DAMAGE PER LEVEL - 3
                                  JUMP HEIGHT - Very High MOVEMENT SPEED - Very Slow

                                  Z: Lance of Destiny “Stabs in front of you dealing 200% damage to one enemy, and 25% to the nearest targets.” (Initial Cooldown 1 Second)

                                  X: Lightning Pyre “Raises two pillars of lightning, one in front and one behind. Deals 300% Damage to those it touches and has heavy knock-back.” (Cooldown 5 Seconds)

                                  C: Take Flight “Pole vault into the air with your lance and glide a short distance. Invulnerable During leap frames and deals 120% Damage to enemies that come into contact with the gliding Justiciar. Inflicts 1 Second stun on contact.” (Cooldown 8 Seconds)

                                  V: Guilty Sentence “Inflicts 800% Damage to a single enemy with a swing of the Lance. If the enemy is not killed, Poison is inflicted and lasts for five seconds. (Cooldown 10 Seconds)
                                  ---Ancient Sceptre: Executioner's Judgement “Inflict 600% damage and inflict poison over 5 seconds to up to 3 enemies. Has random chance to instantly kill an enemy.

                                  Notes: The Justiciar has issues with range as her only attack with any range puts her directly into danger. Her slow initial attack speed, generally poor movement speed and long cooldowns make her highly vulnerable, and her weak health regen make her especially frail starting out. That said she has decent growths making her useful to skilled players willing to put up with initial shortcomings. She has very little in terms of invulnerability and requires constant movement on the part of the player to survive.

                                  Lance of Destiny has a large enough range to hit through small groups but does very weak damage to all but the initial target.

                                  Lightning Pyre is your main defensive technique, used for slapping groups of enemies away when you're in a tight spot and need to escape, pairing this with “Take Flight” is a useful and essential survival technique.

                                  All of the Justiciar's moves have some form of AoE except for Guilty Sentence which gains its usefulness from its poison damage, plus its absurd initial attack power. Upon upgrade however it gains ability to hit up to three enemies, making them the third best for crowd control in the game, (First being the Miner; second is disputably the Mercenary.)

                                  May do art for them sometime.
                                    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
                                  • Nalyk

                                    Nalyk Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Contagion - Ranged damage dealer. Directly attacks/saps the vitality of his enemies, Manifests as a bloated imp carcass

                                    ...and so it left, ready to sow pestilence among the stars...

                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: ++
                                    • Pestilence: Cough violently on your foe for 30-50% damage. For 20 seconds enemy takes 75% damage every 1 second. Melee attack - stacks like Acrid's melee attack.
                                    • Disease: Sprite becomes infectious. Any mobs that come into contact/touch/brush the sprite are infected dealing 500% damage total over 30 seconds, as the infection item.
                                    • Vomit: Retch violently creating a small area covered in bile dealing 70% damage initially and 250% damage over 30 seconds. Small stun
                                    • Funeral Pyre: Contagion laughs manically. All enemies become infectious as "Disease" spreading their sickness to other enemies.
                                      • If an enemy is already afflicted with Pestilence, Disease and Vomit already, the enemy lights on fire in a blaze of glory and explodes stunning nearby enemies dealing 300% damage initially, and a further 450% over 5 seconds.
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                                    • firesoul31

                                      firesoul31 Void-Bound Voyager


                                      Speed - 1/10
                                      Jump - 10/10
                                      Regen - 3/10

                                      Z- Become unable to move and unaffected by gravity, and fire a long-range piercing beam for 10x6% damage per second plus 3% per second of continuous shooting (up to 10x30%). While shooting, change the beam's direction with the movement keys (rotationally). Can only be fired continuously for up to 10 seconds. (5 second cooldown)
                                      X- Shoot eight bolts out in a circle, unaffected by gravity and bouncing up to 5 times (off of enemies or walls). Each hit deals 80% damage. (6 second cooldown)
                                      C- Create a distortion at your location for five seconds, absorbing projectiles and granting 5% movement speed per projectile absorbed to allies within the distortion, as well as slowing enemies by the same amount. (11 second cooldown)
                                      V- Deal 1000% damage to the highest-health enemy instantly. (10 second cooldown)
                                      Scepter - Shoot a piercing beam at the highest-health enemy instantly, dealing 1000% damage to all enemies hit by the beam. (10 second cooldown)
                                      • Xenix-Hero

                                        Xenix-Hero Void-Bound Voyager

                                        This character is based on speed and stealth.
                                        "...and so he left, to return to the shadows once more..."
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        • Slice: Swing your katana to deal 75% damage to nearby enemies.
                                        • Shurikens: Throw 3 shurikens out in front of you for 3 x 100%. [Moderate Knockback]
                                        • Stealth: Turn invisible for 4 seconds and increases damage output by 200%, if an enemy is killed, duration increases by 1 second. (Cooldown could increase as well)
                                        • Assasinate: Dash a small distance and deal 500% to the closest enemy, ends Stealth if active. [Invincible for Duration]
                                          • Execution: Dash from enemy to enemy up to 5 times dealing 5 x 500% damage, ends if it doesn't kill an enemy. (Upgrade)
                                        I'm not sure what exactly balanced values would be, but I feel like this could be a very fun character to play as.
                                          Last edited: May 4, 2014
                                        • cignus

                                          cignus Orbital Explorer

                                          I do not know if this has be suggested but how about a Scythe Wielding class.
                                          Death Knight (Scythe Wielder) [​IMG]
                                          Speed: +++++
                                          Jump: +++++
                                          Regen: +++++

                                          I don't have any ideas for skills but would be good for mostly Group kills and not Single target.
                                          Speedy skills but low damage output to even out the mobbing abilitys. Possably getting better dmg the more you kill in a row stuff like that.

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