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    As most of us know, the races in Starbound all have their own relationships with each other. As such, to avoid confusion, I will be using the human race for all of my examples.

    One thing I found odd while playing Starbound is the surprising lack of character to NPC or character to settlement interactions, I haven't looked into whether that is being added but regardless i'd like to discuss some of my ideas.

    1. Character to NPC

    I think it would be very interesting if the NPC's had a few lines of chat. If you read my first thread I already discussed my ideas of crew members, so be sure to read that because i'll be referencing it. You can find that here:

    To start off, I think NPC's should be able to give you quests, the quests would all be fairly rare and would scale rarity with difficulty, this is how they would rank: (A will represent you, B will represent the NPC) P.s. these are not all my ideas, just some.

    Easy Quests:

    1. So Hungry
    B: "I'm so hungry, care to bring me some food?"
    A: (Right click B with a food item)
    B: "Delicious!" (Opens shop or becomes crew)

    2. Spare Pixels
    B: "Hey you! Spare some pixels?" (Opens a donation GUI)
    A: (Gives over 10 Pixels)
    B: "Thanks! Let me patch you up!" (Refills a bit of health)
    A: (Gives over 50 Pixels)
    B: "Bless you! Let me help you out!" (Refills all of your health)
    A: (Gives over 100 Pixels)
    B: "How can i repay you!?" (Gives you an uncommon item, or joins your crew)

    Medium Quests:

    1. Broken Weapon
    B: "Hey, I see you eyeing this, tell ya what, it needs a bit of fixin up, get me [Number of ore] and its yours!"
    A: (Right click with ore)
    B: (50% chance) Fooled ya! Prepare to die! (Attacks you, drops rare weapon on death)
    B: (50% chance) Well, a deals a deal. (Gives you uncommon weapon)

    2. Building Project
    B: "This [Building] will never be finished if i can't get my hands on [block type] I just need [number] more! Hey you! Care to help me out?"
    A: (Right click with blocks)
    B: "There! Its done!" (Constructs a safe house with a bed that the player can use)​

    Hard Quests:

    1. Boss Battle
    B."Help! A Monster is attacking our settlement!"
    A. (Kill the monster)
    B. "Thank you! Here, take this as payment" (Gives you rare item/ 500 Pixels)

    2. Tour Guide
    B. "Hey! Are you heading into this cave? I'll follow!"
    A. (Explores cave until you find a large structure)
    B. "We found it! It's the [Race specific historical structure] I'm rich!
    (50% Chance) "Now to finish up my business!" (Attacks the player)
    (50% Chance) "Thanks for your help! Let me repay you." (Becomes a cartographer)
    2. Character to Settlement

    One thing that was kind of frustrating for me was the fact that there were entire settlements that were only hostile. For example, when human, the Apex are not hostile if you have your weapon away, but the Glitch are hostile as soon as you enter the castle. Thus, i think you should be able to gain the trust of certain settlements that are initially indifferent about you. For the rest of this, i will be using the Glitch Castle as my example.

    When first entering the castle, the guard tells you not to enter, but will not attack you if you keep your distance. You should be able to talk to the guard and perform an easy quest. Once complete, the guard will give you limited access to the castle, in which you can pass through, but if you pull out your weapon or try and loot anything you will be attacked. However, talking to the king will prompt a medium quest. When complete you will be given full access to the kingdom, and you will be monitored when your weapon is equipped, but overall you have full access. Finally, there is a chance that one more NPC will give you a final hard quest. Once complete, you will have full reign over the castle, you will be prompted to kill the leader without any guards or other NPC's stopping you. Then you will be able to do anything you want in the kingdom.

    This will be applicable in all settlements that are indifferent of the player. If they're hostile they will remain hostile, however, by doing this once you improve your standing with that race overall, and by gaining full reign at least once, all other areas will give you limited access off the bat. I think this would allow you to play the game in a more peacekeeper kind of way instead of muscling your way through everything. Please offer your feedback and ideas in the comment section, and thank you very much for reading this post, it means a lot that you would take the time to read up to here, thank you.
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