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RELEASED [Cheerful Giraffe] Unstable Fixer 1.4.4

Lets you do the new quests and allows you to get the matter manipulator.

  1. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    cat2002 submitted a new mod:

    [Cheerful Giraffe] Unstable Fixer - Gives you a starting quest and allows you to get matter manipulator.

    Read more about this mod...
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
  2. Ladas2

    Ladas2 Void-Bound Voyager

    Not sure if I am just too stupid or the mod wont work.
    I extracted the UnstableFixer.zip in the mod folder but nothing really happend ingame.
    Maybe i am doing something wrong?

    Also thank you for making this fix (if it would cooperate with me) :D
  3. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    Did you make a new character?
  4. Ladas2

    Ladas2 Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes. I try to explain everything. First of all, all my charaters had surival as game mode.
    After extracting the zip, I started Starbound and choose my alreasy created character (Floran). Nothing new there and I was still stuck.
    Then I made another Character (Floran). I spoke to the AI and grabbed my stuff. I have no core fragments with this character.(I am not sure if the quest will tigger if you have all 20 core fragments.)
    Still it didnt work, k. Made another character (Human) and tried it again with the "skip intro mission". Still nothing happend.
    I tried to move the folders a bit around and hoped it worked. Again, new character (Human) and start.

    I can make screenshots if it would help.
    Edit: I have some problems with english, so I want to say sorry if it is wrong.
  5. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    When you open starbound is there red text in the bottom right corner?
    screenshots would help.
  6. Ladas2

    Ladas2 Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes there is one.

    Already trying to take a screenshot.

  7. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    It seems the mod wasn't installed properly.
    Open the unstablefixer file in the mods folder, you should see 3 files named ai, quests and pak.modinfo
    if you only see one put that folder in the mods folder.
  8. Ladas2

    Ladas2 Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh, ok. It has to be in a folder. I just dragged the three files in the mod folder, but after making a folder from the rar data it worked. Thank you for helping me :D

    So it is in starbound\mods\unstablefixer\
    Works fine now
  9. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

  10. micnuget

    micnuget Space Spelunker

    its not really working for me and i did some of the stuff you told others with the same problem im having but its still not working do i actuly need 20 core fragments to get this to work
  11. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    where you given a quest when you created a character?
    yes you do need core fragments for the first quest.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016
  12. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

  13. Dr Cyanide

    Dr Cyanide Tentacle Wrangler

    Question: how do you enable tech on this update... I'm reading patch notes about a tech challenge course?
  14. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    There is a quest at the outpost where you need to get 10 tungsten and a sharpened claw, but it seems to not give you the tech after doing it.
  15. Dr Cyanide

    Dr Cyanide Tentacle Wrangler

    hrm seems so. ah well will have to wait for the stable release.
  16. Ackerfe

    Ackerfe Void-Bound Voyager

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I installed the mod, created a new character and I got the new Earth protectorate quest, only problem is that my S.A.I.L. still won't wake up and I have no way of doing the earth protectorate quest
  17. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    You need to check disable starting quest when you create a character. You shouldn't get the protectorate quest, instead you should get the boot up quest.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
  18. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

    I should have an update done that fixes the dinosaur masks in dungeons in a few hours, I think they are a placeholder.
  19. cat2002

    cat2002 Big Damn Hero

  20. Dr Cyanide

    Dr Cyanide Tentacle Wrangler

    Figured out how to enable tech

    to enable Tech:

    Head Tech
    Distortion Sphere (rolly ball)
    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "distortionspheretech" ]}'

    Aqua Sphere

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "aquaspheretech" ]}'

    Spike Sphere
    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "spikespheretech" ]}'

    Sonic Sphere

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "sonicspheretech" ]}'

    Body Tech

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "dashtech" ]}'

    Air Dash
    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "airdashtech" ]}'


    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "sprinttech" ]}'

    Blink Dash

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "blinkdashtech" ]}'

    Leg Tech

    Pulse Jump
    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "doublejumptech" ]}'

    Multi Jump
    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "multijumptech" ]}'

    Rocket Jump

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "rocketjumptech" ]}'

    Wall Jump

    /aiaction '{"action" : "showTech", "techName" : [ "walljumptech" ]}'

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