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Cherrystone Bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by Angel of Purity, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Angel of Purity

    Angel of Purity Poptop Tamer

    Hello! I was putting together a campaign and on the last wave of a survival style level, I noticed something strange with a Cherrystone. I was healing my units with Errol's Soothing Water Groove, and as part of the last wave, a Cherrystone would spawn adjacent to the stronghold. However, if I had the Soothing Water zone overlap with the Cherrystone zone as it spawned in, the new zone wouldn't visually appear, and everything coded after the Cherrystone spawned in didn't occur, despite being part of the same trigger. I've played this level twice through and each time this event occured. Would you be willing to look into it? It's not a super big deal, so if it's overlooked, I can live with it!
    • Deminobody

      Deminobody Yeah, You!

      Hi Angel of Purity! Fellow map maker here. I think I was able to recreate your issue, but you'll have to take a look at my steps to see if it matches yours.

      Here's how I went about recreating your problem:
      1. In a prior turn, have Errol cast Soothing Water (needs to exist before the start of the turn the crystal is spawned)
      2. At the start of the player's turn, Soothing Water shrinks its area
      3. At the start of the player's turn a crystal owned by the player is spawned
      4. The crystal does not have a visible area and moving the selector over units does not display any defense bonuses

      If that looks right, then I think I know what you're running into. If you test this situation again (and assuming it's similar to mine) you should hopefully notice the crystal's area and bonus appear once you've selected one of your units. This behavior also occurs if Vesper has used Smoke Shroud the turn before. Also interesting, is that it appears that if the two zones don't overlap, the game throws a Lua script error and closes the match. I think this happens because the game already used the start of turn phase to shrink all existing summoned zones (Soothing Water's), and therefore cannot generate a zone while shrinking others.

      The workaround I found is to try spawning the crystal/Cherrystone silently at the end of the cpu's turn instead of at the start of the player's. To be safe, and ensure it starts with 100 health, also add a flag that is turned on after the crystal is spawned (same trigger). Another trigger then checks on the player's turn (do not specify the start of the turn) if a crystal at the location has <100 health and if the new flag is true. If so set the crystal's health to 100 and turn off the flag.

      Hope that helps!
      • Angel of Purity

        Angel of Purity Poptop Tamer

        Yep, that's it! Thanks for testing it out. I don't feel it needs to be addressed immediately, if not at all. I just wanted to point it out to the developers. Thanks for your response and kindness!
        • Deminobody

          Deminobody Yeah, You!

          You're welcome! Thanks for sharing as I learned a bunch of new stuff about the editor's behavior from this. Hopefully the developers will take a look at it when they're available since this is a funky behavior that can, in some situations, lead to crashing the match.

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