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Bug/Issue Child Growth Glitch (the deets)

Discussion in 'Support' started by NaraApricots, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. NaraApricots

    NaraApricots Big Damn Hero

    Okay so, here are the details i can gather about this glitch form my personal experience. I am on Xbox One.

    My son was born and i was prompted to name him. Normal. Penny the next morning expressed happiness at having him. Also normal.

    Things got odd when i found my son in the far upper left corner of what i assume is either the attic or the spare room. He was a toddler (stage 4), standing up and trying to walk around. I reloaded a few times hoping it would be fixed but nope.

    I went about my day and when i returned at about 10 or so, my baby was in his crib as an infant (stage 1)

    The next morning they were out of the crib and crawling around (stage 3) however, every night, they revert to a newborn as they sleep.

    I have not surpassed farther then five days of this. However, from what i gather, after the baby is born, it either skips to stage 3 or 4, and then after the first 14 days, reverts to stage two, which is supposed to happen after the first 14 days after the birth. After that, they grow normally.

    I'm sorry that i do not have screen shots. UnU

    I hope this helps the developers with fixing the glitch.
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    • WolfyLuvsGaming

      WolfyLuvsGaming Lucky Number 13

      I know what you mean... mine was stuck in the spare room beside the nursery and after a day, she was stage 3...
      • Cercini

        Cercini Space Hobo

        Had the same issue, li’l girl was crawling around and sleeping as a newborn after being stuck in the wall, now she’s standing in the crib. Hope they fix it soon

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