Childbirth Bug

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Slurp, Mar 21, 2016.

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    So it's the second year and winter. I had upgraded my house to the third stage. After a few days Abigail asks if I'd like to have a baby. I say yes. Several days later, I come home and go to bed. Then some strange things begin to happen. The screen goes completely black before it asks me if I'd like to go to sleep. I click yes. Then it shows the money thing and then cuts abruptly to "During the middle of the night Abigail gave birth to a baby boy!" Then a "What would you like to name him?" pops up but it cuts away instantly and I'm awake. But I notice that two days had passed when I only went to bed once. I didn't get to name my child. I checked the crib and there was no baby. I talked to Abigail and she didn't seem any different. Is there anyone way to fix this? If there's a way to roll back my save a few days that'd be useful. But am I screwed out of ever having a kid now? Or do I have to wait for her to ask if I'd like to have a child again then have to wait two weeks again? And if that's the case does this mean I can only have one child considering it might think that I already have one which I don't? Any help would be useful, thanks.
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      Maybe she had a miscarriage and is in denial..
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        That's deep. . .

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