Race Children of the Monolith: The Liberi

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    Born from a race that died long ago, they are the self declared successors to their ancient and forgotten father race. They care not for other's beliefs or practices, and believe that they have the solemn right to enforce their peace and their rule. They are known by many names, but they have chosen one to call themselves by.



    Long ago, on a desolate snow covered world, inhabited only by giant frost worms that bore massive tunnels through white landscape, a single descending light fell from the sky and slammed into the snowy ground. When the snow and dust settled there stood a single solitary monolith, a silver metallic structure that glowed with an alien hue. Slowly parts of it shifted and moved, some attaching to the ground, others separating and floating around it, after a time, it stopped and slowly, very slowly, the world around it began to change.

    Within months of the fall, half the world was unrecognizable. For what had once been white deserts was now propagated with trees, plants, and various animals. Creatures never before seen to this world had now seemingly sprung up from nowhere and living peacefully. This continued for years until at last the world's white windswept landscape was almost no more.

    Upon the anniversary of the monolith's fall, it moved once more. Various opening dotted its outside and very slowly humanoid figures crept out. These creatures knew little of this world, in fact they knew little at all, as they had just finished being born with some still wet from the protein tanks they had just climbed out of. Lacking of knowledge and witnessing something new to them almost overtook them, until at once, like divine intervention, knowledge flooded them and they at once began to work together.

    As the three moons of the planet eclipsed for the third time since the arrival of the monolith, the lights of civilization dotted the landscape around the great artifact. Inside these flourishing villages languages and culture were developing with each village having their own unique way of doing things and for a time these simple tribes lived peacefully... for a time at least.

    Nearly a century passed since the first lights began when the first war broke out. Skirmishes between the tribes and cultures broke out over differing beliefs and practices and without a unified language communication between them was almost impossible. For years tribe fought tribe, villages were burned and reformed, many fled and few more changed from their ways to try and survive. The race was slowly killing itself.

    Upon the 4 eclipse of the moons, the leaders of the remaining tribes gathered before the monolith. Their numbers few and their entire groups hungry and weak, but even with all the troubles the tribes could still not agree and it seemed like the final skirmish was to take place. That was until the monolith spoke. With a voice worthy of a god, in a language all could understand it spoke to them of their creators, their true gods. It spoke to them of the universe and the galaxy they lived in. It spoke to them of their destiny and their task at hand and when it finished, every sword, spear, bow and arrow fell to the ground and every one of the remaining tribes agreed: There must be peace.

    Ages past, villages became towns and eventually cities. Their entire culture had shifted and grown rich in knowledge and values. It was almost a perfect place, but as everyone knows, there is no such thing as perfect for far off in the land, during the time they had grown around the monolith something else had grown in the wilds. Something smart, something deadly.

    Bells rang as many ran from the burning town. Humanoid creatures that looked like nothing other than bone had appeared. They began raiding towns and burning them down, killing many and for all they tried the race of the monolith could not persuade make them stop through their peaceful ways. In the capital surrounding the monolith, the leaders of the race agreed, that peace can only get so far and that sometimes blood must be shed.

    In the moonlight of two moons, the raiders came again, but this time they were surprised. Instead of a simple village filled with harmless farmers they met soldiers armed with swords and pikes, bows and arrows. One by one the raiders fell, until one remained. The soldiers seized the survivor and took him to the monolith, and before the citizens of the great city the made a decree. That the creatures that had raided them shall be stopped, that they shall not be allowed to continue as they are, and that shall serve the race of the monolith. Upon the final declaration they bound the creature in chains and the first slave was born.

    As time passed the raider race became chained and slowly turned into a race of slaves. Whatever culture they had vanished as they learned to serve the monolith race and continued to do so as the eons passed.

    Finally the day came when the first of the race scouted the stars. Curious to find what their gods had left for them, they traveled far and wide, finding nothing of their father's but finding other races that had developed. Any threat to them they extinguished or enslaved. Many races fell before the new chains of their empire as they expanded, searching endlessly for the promise of their gods, but this came to an end when they discovered that they were not as gifted as they had thought, for some races proved stronger and more resilient than them, while others laughed at their intellect.

    Upon a decree from built about the station of peace they released many of the races they had enslaved, returning them to their worlds. All but one race was returned, the first race of slaves, for they could not share the world created by the beings of the monolith, as they were not of their race. So in conclusion, they provided a fleet for them and ensured a mass exodus for most of the race, believing they too would find their destiny upon the stars.

    This turned bitter for those of the monolith as many of the worlds they had freed and the races they had released burned and were raided. The creatures they had released had not found a world of their own, instead they had returned to raiding others and destroying cultures. This enraged the race monolith to no end, and war between the two began anew, while bringing the released races under their rule again to protect them from the threat.

    The race, in their time of war with their old nemesis, found humanity when two scout ships met. They felt admiration for another race that felt they too had destiny among the stars in the words of their gods and began relations with them and finally declaring a name for themselves from this species language. Soon, they became known as the Liberi, the child race. As they had not grown like other races, but rather had been made.

    Liberi Noble: [​IMG]

    Liberi Worker:[​IMG]


    Liberi culture is reminiscent of Roman culture with many of their structures bearing columns and arches. Slavery is abound in their civilization, with most slaves being criminals paying their debt. Liberi law is absolute, and any infraction, even minor ones result in fines or enslavement, depending on the severity. Death as a punishment is only in extreme cases. Liberi are split between citizens and non-citizens. Citizens are natural born Liberi. They pay taxes and are required to take place in certain religious practices. Non-Citizens are Liberi out of wedlock or non-Liberi that live in Liberi occupied areas. They have the choice to pay taxes or participate in religious practices, but are only protected by Liberi law and given proper public services if they participate.

    Liberi families are not one male and one female. In fact most Liberi families have at least two males and three females. Polygamy is common and allowed under Liberi law, with any allowance but limited up to 6 partners, barring certain circumstances. All partners must agree to the unions and all must support the household. There is no limitations to who you can marry in Liberi law, so many even marry those from differing races.

    All Liberi, regardless of gender or citizenship, are taught in the same large schools. They are taught basic tasks, their culture, laws, religion, sciences, languages and even combat. Most Liberi know how to fight and at any point can be conscripted into the Liberi army, though very few are actually conscripted, as many voluntarily sign up.

    Liberi Priest: [​IMG]
    Liberi depiction of a Genitor:[​IMG]

    Extra art:


    (Being redone and are currently unavailable)

    Thanks to Ymedron for the Genitor and Liberi pics. Thanks to Seria-Myouna for the Header.

    [This was a reboot of a race previously submitted and has undergone a second revision.]
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    M'aiq agrees with this race.
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    OoooO I've been watching you make these in irc. Great job :)
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    I personally think cats > all other races. Even humans.
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    I like it.
  6. *strokes pet cat ominously* yes.
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    I'm sorry but I've never been fond of cat races, if this is successful then good for you, but I really hope it isn't.
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    Okay, if any new races get added in, this has to be the first one that gets added.
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    Never enough feline races! :catface2: This one is actually quite good. I'm particularly interested in the different fur markings and patterns, and the interesting backstory / history. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for updates.
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    I really like their design and would love to see these ingame. I would suspect their armour would give them an improved jump and a better resistance to fall damage.

    Ehehehe I can't see them getting on well with the Avians.
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    I'm surprised this dind't catch the attention of many people, it's really well made.
    I hope the devs notice this.
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    Thank you all for the support.

    If anyone would be willing to help, or knows someone who could, please don't be afraid to tell me.
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    i like spacecats c:
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    Hmm, the Lore you posted so far means that their planet holds 2 petentially playable races at once. The inuit-themed Liberi and the potentially pirate-themed Rorschach. In my opinion, we NEED a cat-based race, so I hope this becomes a future race, or even duo of races.
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    Were is tardar?

    Anyway,awesome idea.
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    no tails?
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    wait wait wait, didn't they say something about cat being a races already? I could swore I saw feylin, and other one that is cats forum for NPC and playable...oh yea they didn't make it T_T
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    Tails were cut from the idea because they create problems with the sprite, so if you want a lore answer, they don't have tails because it causes loss of body temperature because of the climate.
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    I'd see them having short, stubby bobcat tails. We'd only see it in the art, not on the in-game model, as it would be to short to see, and hidden behind the sprite.
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  20. Is their culture inspired by/derived from anything?
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