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    ×Children can now grow up to "Young Child" after a while [roughly the age of Jas & Vincent]
    ×The child can be seen walking off of the farm roughly once a week to go to the library with Jas & Vincent
    ×Depending on the child's gender, they will get 1 of 3 different personalities [6 personalities in total, 3 for male, 3 for female]
    ×Each morning there is a small chance the child woke up before you did and did something outside. They can be found next to the pet bowl.

    Possible Gifts Child can give if found outside:
    -Child will rarely gift a random fish or a small amount of bait
    -Child will rarely gift a random crop or seed packet from the season you are in
    -Child will rarely gift a small amount of Wood, Stone, and/or Hardwood
    -Child will rarely gift a simple food item, such as Field Snack, Miner's Treat, Salads or Eggs
    -Child will rarely gift a foragable from the season you are in. [Daffodil, Wild Horse Radish, Leek, Dandelion, Spring Onion, etc.]
    -Child will rarely gift a small amount of simple monster loot [Slime or Bug Meat]

    I went with a different approach with this. Most think of the Children growing up to work completely on the farm like a mindless drone but instead i went with what a child actually does. Most children dont really care about hard working at a young age. Instead they are often playing and picking random items up and the such.
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