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Discussion in 'Mods' started by celesteennui, May 14, 2016.

  1. celesteennui

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    I don't know if it would be possible, but could a Mod be created that allows you to select the sex of your children? I've found that if you quit the game when the baby is born, if you don't want to have a child of that particular sex, then you become un-pregnant and just have to start all over again straight from trying to conceive.

    So maybe a mod for that too? Like the Farmer could suggest pregnancy or the option to speed it up is even available? Just some thoughts. Mostly because I want my Farmer and Alex to first have a baby girl so she can be named Clara, for his mom

    Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did! :)
    • Hiroyugane_DE

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      I think it would be possible if you add a variable to the pregnancy code that says to how much % a boy/girl will be born. So you could add a button to a new menu (or the existing cheat menu mod) where you can change this variable to "only girl"/"only boy" or you can change it like you want

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