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    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Hey there! Thanks for joining the Chucklefish Forums.
    We know reading forum rules is super boring, so we’ve tried to make them short and sweet.

    As a general rule: don’t be a jerk! Don’t do anything here that you’d feel bad about doing in real life.

    Remember that there’s an actual human being behind every forum account! Treat them all with respect, whether or not you think that they deserve it or think their interest in underwater basket weaving is stupid or weird.

    Listing every little thing that could get your forum account banned would result in an extremely lengthy list of rules. At the end of the day, these are our forums and we reserve the right to remove accounts that we believe are causing a problem. If you’d like to post here, please use common sense. :)

    Don’t do these things (or else)!
    • You’re gonna get a stern talking to
      • Repeated effortless posts that don't contribute to discussion (spam)
      • Derailing threads
      • Inappropriate/NSFW posts - if you’re not sure, don’t post it
      • Unnecessary thread necromancy. Old threads should only be brought back into activity if 1) the topic is still relevant and 2) you remain on-topic.
      • Non-English posting. We understand English may not be your first language, but please include an English translation if you need to use another language.
    You should know better! We’ll let you off with a verbal warning the first time, but please don’t let these things become a major issue.
    • Take a break
      • Losing your cool
      • Flaming
    Don’t resort to petty insults to get your point across. Walk away! We’ll warn you once, but after that it’s up to you. Don’t be the person who gets banned because they got too mad about video games.
    • Goodbye forever!
      • Posting porn or overly explicit content. Keep it PG-13.
      • Piracy - encouraging it or linking to illegal downloads
      • Posting advertisements, or linking to non-related external sites to drive traffic or clicks
      • Using more than one account for malicious purposes/personal gain
      • Harassment
    Alt Accounts
    You're allowed one account on the Chucklefish Forums. Creating multiple accounts may result in all of your accounts being banned.

    Ban Appeals

    If you’d like to dispute your ban, feel free to email and have a chat with us.

    Legal Stuff

    You must be 13 or older to join our forums! For more info on this requirement take a look at

    By posting on these forums you attest that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Use found here.
  2. IRC Rules

    These rules apply to the official #Starbound IRC channel, regardless of access method.
    This includes via the "live chat" page on the official Starbound website.

    The #Starbound channel is on the Freenode IRC network and Freenode's Network Policies apply, as well as the following:
    1. Don't spam or flood, especially if the channel is busy.
    2. No trolling, flaming or intentionally trying to disrupt the channel.
    3. Do not begin inappropriate discussions about religion, sexual orientation or racial topics. Calm discussions are fine, but if it gets out of hand, a channel op will step in to stop it.
    4. Profanity should be kept to a minimum and in a manner which is non-threatening or abusive toward others.
    5. Keep the chat free of any "adult" content (see Freenode's chat guidelines). We have young children frequenting chat - be considerate.
    6. This is an English channel only. If you're unable to speak good English, you can go ahead and use a translator if you need to.
    7. Excessive role-playing, either with the /me command or other RP-ing syntax (e.g. *like this*) will result in a warning, but if you persist it may result in being muted for an hour, after which you will be unmuted. If you still continue to abuse this command, you will be banned.
    8. Respect the channel ops and the developers (voiced users) the same way you'd expect us to respect you. Respect others in the channel regardless of their attitude.
    9. Channel ops will have the last say if it comes to disputing a ban. If you think you were wrongly banned, you can query another channel op to dispute it. To do so use the following command: /query OPnamehere - do not join the channel or make a forum thread about your ban
    10. Please do not use any unauthorised IRC scripts or bots. If you want to have a trivia bot or something of the sort to keep yourself entertained, please take it to a different channel.
    if somebody is causing trouble, then notify a channel operator so they can deal with it. Please do not try to enforce these rules if you're unable to deliver punishment - just report it instead.

    Off-topic discussion is fine, however, if the chat is particularly busy with on-topic Starbound chat, please be considerate and withhold off-topic chatter until the room is quieter.
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