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    . . . you had me at the words "intergalactic batman."

    And actually, that's a good point. Perhaps then the cities can be generated to be:
    Fallen - Total dystopian wreck.
    Corrupt - The city is corrupt and miserable. Florans and Apex may not notice. You can fight back the crime wave as each zone has a miniboss that, when/if defeated frees an area.
    Normal - has good and bad areas. you can get quests to fight crime (or, possibly spread it)
    Exemplar - A functional civilization, possibly even more civilized than the "source" civilization. Free Apex, Florans who don't think you're dinner, a fully functional secular Avian civilization, a Glitch Renaissance, etc. Don't mess with them.

    This could in fact, lend another advancement scheme - basically, bounty hunter. Be it on a planet or going from place to place, you hunt down the bad guys - or work for them.
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    Possible questline, the devs did mention advancement woule eventually be through quests
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    This would be very cool to see.
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    Wouldn't be hard to implement. Each city or even town has random quests related to crime/whatever that when done may lea you to "we heard people at "X" need help" and then you can jet off to that planet.

    Then your homeworld becomes a kind of Interstellar Batcave . . . . which would be AWESOME.
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    We need to bring the "bounty hunter" track to the Dev's attention. Also I am imagining the Galactic Justice League . . .
  7. Zooie

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    I was playing once and build a huge city to the look of the rain village from Naruto it spanned 7 screen widths across and 4 screen widths high. made it out of various metals and colored it brown yellow and grey if we could get planets that are always raining or very windy that would be perfect for me to recreate that city. I would so do it again :)
  8. GameDragonZero

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    The Village of Hiding In Stars?

    Actually that's the kind of thing to remember is atmospherics could go well on City worlds. A londonesque rainy city, a dry desert city - some vairance among standard citizes would be sweet for city-worlds.
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  9. Hawk Novablast

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    I'd love this. Giant ones populated by all the species, and then race specific ones:

    Human: Pretty much Couruscant, but not such an enormous scale, and they would still use cars. Guarded and protected by the USCM.
    Apex: Like human but much more high tech. Populated by Apex that aren't ruled over by Big Ape.
    Floran: A mix of ruined overgrown Apex and giant plantmatter constructions, enormous plant stalks and trees. Populated by intelligent, not-eat-you Florans.
    Glitch: A bustling medieval metropolis, with an enormous fortress owned by the King. These Glitch are not part of the hivemind.
    Avian: Pretty much a giant Aztec city. Populated by The Grounded.
    Hylotl: Large underwater Japanese city.
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  10. Lokisan

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    Yeah, I also like the idea of having some major trading hubs or big cityscape planets in the universe generator.
    I also made a small mini mod for myself, editing the wasteland mod (basically changing the backgrounds and the water) to look like a huge metropolis (as you can see in the pics) I also made a small car sprite in different colors as well for placing around to at least get near to that goal.



  11. Hawk Novablast

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    Wow, that looks amazing! Is it meant to be Earth?
  12. Lokisan

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    Yes indeed! It is still far from finished but I try to get myself a blade runner style, wasted earth with 99% rain. :rofl:
    I also edited the Universe generator to give me a Star System very close to the sol system...well at least the third planet looks like an Earth like planet and it has a small moon ;)

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  13. Peaceful Floran

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    Very much like. I think it would be cool if there was also seedy parts of the city were there's a lot of vermin, muggers, and thieves.
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    Hmmm, seems like we've said all we can about city planets. Maybe a roundup of ideas is in order?
  15. Hawk Novablast

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  16. kyle131996

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    Please make this a mod.
  17. Boochus

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    I really like this idea. I would also like to see NPC treat you differently [at least through speech text or maybe even by what quests or items they can offer you] based on how 'advanced' you are. It doesn't make sense for someone wearign tier 2 clothes with a bronze pickaxe walk into a skyscraper looking like something from the backwaters of the universe and everyone treats him the same as someone with armor constructed from a high end material carrying a diamond drill and a freaking grenade launcher or something.

    It would give you even more reason to 'level up' and get better gear.
  18. GameDragonZero

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    You know, I'd like this in general. Let's have the NPCs react with some specialty reactions, or at least the merchants. It'll add more character to the game.

    A merchant could suggest you can't afford their wares (if better), or if you're really decked out they'd ask why you'd be interested.
  19. Lokisan

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    Well, I guess I won't be able to make my additions official without first gathering permission(s) from the respective mod owners I borrowed from in the first place. I used the hoverbikes mod, since I made a flying version of my "blade runner" car and added it to the human hover tech) as well as from the creator of the wasteland mod, since I reused his original backgrounds and changed them to fit my desire. But I can provide a dropbox link for anyone who likes to walk around this planet and see it for himself. Just PM me ;)

    For all who do not know how to handle the files provided:

    Just go to your starbound folder ( probably "YOUR DRIVELETTER":\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\starbound )

    Now select the 3 folders "MODS/PLAYER/UNIVERSE" there and either zip them to back them up, or just copy them in a new folder (for example "backup"). You will need them to switch back to your mods and your player data if you wish. Now delete the original folders (to prevent collisions and errors)

    Now on to the modded Gamedata:

    The .zip file has 3 folders, MODS/PLAYER/UNIVERSE and a screenshot of the Planets location.

    Easy Setup (Just to have a look):
    Just extract the folders into your starbound folder and fire the game up. You will be in orbit around the moon, cause I currently try to build a Base there, but you can just fly to the main planet and have a look at the city.

    Advanced Setup (To play with your own mods and your own player/ship):
    You can just replace the Universe folder, so that your player and ship data is not replaced by mine. You will need to fly to the coordinates provided in the Picture from the zip folder to find "Earth". The tricky part is to merge your mod folder with mine. If you used mods before you will need to manually place my mods into your mod folder. To work correct, you only need the wasteland, hovercar, hoverbike_mod_0.3, okea, holograms, stimlab, rv, frackinFlora and containers.

    Have Fun!
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  20. kyle131996

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    Can i get a link to this stuff?

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