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Discussion in 'Player' started by LackeDragon, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. rainrtw

    rainrtw Orbital Explorer

    Just doing my part to add a little more fluff to the game.

    I did that this morning. I am tinkering with a gryphon atm. WIll upload a new version soon I think.

    Hmm now these are interesting, but I can't think of a foolproof way to use them off the top of my head. As an xnb or cp only mod it would work, I think, but the way KiseKae/GD draws the layers, shirt pants etc, it would likely be what its cutting off your trunk. Adding it to hairstyles means it is there as a static object, and wouldn't move to match the animation file. I do like that the trunk moves and swings with the various play anims, but that may be a sticking point here. I will tinker with it when I have time, might figure out something. Worst case scenario the whole ear/trunk part could be a hairstyle, although as a static object. Either way I appreciate you sharing these.
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    • SCsoulcatcher

      SCsoulcatcher Space Hobo

      Requests: Dragon (if possible at all), Lynx/Bobcat, Lizard, Snow Leopard, and/or Lion/Lioness
      • trickyhunter213

        trickyhunter213 Void-Bound Voyager

        I love the ram/sheep. They are very cute. I would love to be able to play as one.
        • rainrtw

          rainrtw Orbital Explorer

          Dragon is done and coming in next version, maybe a day or so from now. Lizard and gryphon will also be in that one, as well as an Elliot style, I don't have plans for many cat varieties. I did work on the kitty ears a bit, to differentiate them more from wolves, and give them a bit more of a big cat look. Would be nice to make more, but each new addition takes at least 5 to 10 hours straight to do and line up with everything else, match up to hats, accessories, etc, and generally make sure it doesn't look silly in game. I will be tinkering with a cheetah face cause holy cow Jodi and Vince are cute kitties lol.

          Ram and sheep are playable in next version, although there will not be many hair option for them, just the Pam and Penny style. Still I think they are very cute. It is just a lot of work adapting other hairstyles to them.
          • Bonabopn

            Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

            this sounds like a lots of work you are doing! thank you for contributing to this project c:
            • carlos21

              carlos21 Space Spelunker

              A gryphon? that's really cool!
              • BlueSkyes

                BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

                I finally made the cheetah I requested to make (I made it barefoot, too!)
                Anywho, here it is (comes with custom fur colors)
                farmer_base.png skinColors.png hairstyles.png farmer_girl_base.png
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                • rainrtw

                  rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                  okay so ver 1.2 is finally done... I just have to test it out a bit and get some screenies before uploading it.
                  I tossed out some ugly glassess from accsessories, and tossed in some silly furry stuff.
                  I gave the whole body a repaint to focus on fur color rather then shading, and fixed many odd blocky bits.
                  Now has sleeveless and shoeless options so you can go all natural, without being lewd as again no implied naughty bits in the repaint.
                  added raccoon, gryphon, dragon, elephant(curtisy of HopeWasHere), and goat(curtisy of K'Braid) face types.

                  Here is a teaser of the accessories... still need to kill that ugly mustache but maybe next update.

                  PS: you may be asking, well where did ver 1.1 go? A valid question, but only my sister got to play that one, so a victim of internal testing.

                  PPS: Given how browsers butcher tiny pixel art you may have to save that img and open it in a decent program to see, but it has silly crap to carry in your mouth like a bone, tennis ball, stick, etc. Also has stuff to restrain your farmer, should the local laws in your are require dragons to be muzzled in public for example.

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                  • HopeWasHere

                    HopeWasHere Existential Complex

                    For the sleeveless version, how did you make that an option? I've got a farmer_base.xnb and a farmer_girl_base.xnb with and without the sleeves but there isn't an option in Kiskeke to change between these files like the shoes/faces/etc. Did you figure out a way to switch between them in game, or is it something the player has to swap out before playing?
                    • rainrtw

                      rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                      There is no way to swap sleeveless out in game. I systematically tested everything I could think of, as this applies to eye animations as well.
                      In sdv1.3 you can do it with content patcher and a config file, but in 1.2 it requires Content files, so it is an alternate version of the mod for sleeveless.

                      This is because Kisekae only reads the first column of the farmer art file. It doesn't matter if you swap in fully repainted versions of the FarmerBase for each of the face files, it will only read and apply the left most slice with Body animations, and only from about the Neck up on those. Then a similar thing happens with shoe options, left most side, and only neck down.

                      This is way it is inconvenient to make a custom body paint for each speicies, since then for say, cheetah spots on the head and matching on the body it would require matching certain faces to shoes in the selection window. I am already doing this for species like your elephant, where part of the trunk is cut off in the face, thus it has its own set of 3 shoe option for bare, short, and tall boots like fox, and gryphon.

                      On a random side note.... I really want to add a silly falconry hood for the gryphons, but it would take too long and I kind of promised to have this up today, so maybe later.

                      Oh dang, snake/naga leg shoe option would be cool too... but all stuff for a later date.

                      I also want to redo all the tails and ears at some point, simplifying their shading to be more cell shaded like the rest of the game. They blend a little too smoothly now, which kind of stands out in this game..well if you are looking for it it does at least.

                      Oh also will look into cheetah face option, but not for this version. For now I am just focusing on getting this live.
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                      • ArcherEclipse

                        ArcherEclipse Orbital Explorer

                        I'd like to be third to make a request for a deer, if this mod is still being worked on. Equines would be nice too - anything one might expect to find in a wooded/farmland area I think would make a good addition to the game.

                        PS: Took me over 10 minutes to read through the 15 pages of comments. Yeesh. x.x
                        • rainrtw

                          rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                          I have been considering a deer as one of the optional races in what I am doing, but that will have to wait till next version. Since I just...

                          Uploaded the super special awesome new major cool version now!

                          It has pretty banners for all the races, and neat visual things showing what it does... which is good cause I am too tired to describe it now.
                          Basically there are new races, and a ton of accessories. Plenty of dog items and such... even those birds from Duck Hunt have a cameo as something you can carry around in your maw.
                          Time for bed now, at 12pm after 36 hours up lol.

                          heh I really need to make a new banner image for it now. So many more options then what that one can show.
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                          • BlueSkyes

                            BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

                            Wow! This is awesome! (Am I allowed to change it a little, just to add the sprite I made? I am not going to upload my edit of your mod.)
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                            • rainrtw

                              rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                              I would say edit what ever you want on your own version of the game. That is half the fun of using mods, especially with content patcher making some files into png's for ease of editing.
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                              • BlueSkyes

                                BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

                                Thanks! I found a weird glitch with the dragon though:
                                The hair makes the horn/ear float.
                                • rainrtw

                                  rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                  Drat, figured I'd miss a few here and there. Had to keep adjusting level of ears to hair to match it up with the weird way it does hats... some hats sit HALF a pixel down... not very convenient for a pixel art game. Will fix this in a bit, well its fixed on my end already, just a lot of exporting to all the versions. Thanks for the heads up and lemme know if you spot any other weirdness. Some weirdness is fixable and some is just baked into the game.

                                  Also Draggie has horns not ears, when you craft 15 items you can snag the "daisy" hat from hat mouse and it will polish up your horns and make them nice and bright again.

                                  hmmm I am also considering making the foxes feet and paws darker, will try that to see if it looks horrible. Having 3 colors and very few pixels to work with makes fur color patterns hard to use.
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                                  • rainrtw

                                    rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                    I know I said that is being fixed, or kind of is, but I am gonna wait a bit to upload it. Since I am working on some updates to the way this mod works. Next version with fix that horn gap, foxes mismatched ear levels, and merge all versions into one that can be used in either SDV1.2 or SDV1.3beta... Also a neat Config batch file so you can run that and in 3 quick steps change race, sleeveless shirt, and color pallet super easy like.
                                    • rainrtw

                                      rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                      So here is what I got so far for Cheetah and Deer
                                      [​IMG] [​IMG]

                                      About to make my final exports now... that will take ages. Every change to the main body requires 82 iterations in the final output... more now that I added a whole new category, with the dark pawed fox style option.
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                                      • Sugar-Fable

                                        Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Stopped getting notifications for this thread apparently but! All this new stuff is great~ I love the raccoon especially...
                                        • rainrtw

                                          rainrtw Orbital Explorer

                                          Glad you guys enjoy it. Raccoons are getting a full set of hair options too, when you pick them in the Config at least.
                                          Suggestions are still welcome... although at this point I will be taking a break after next version is up, so they may take a while to get into game if at all.

                                          Lol Also I just remembered the back of cheetah's ears are black. Was watching GoPro footage of a cheetah going 0-60mph in 3 seconds when I noticed that... hard to find any pics of big cats from the back of their heads. Too good of hearing, always looking at the camera it seems. I was just about to finalize cheetah hair when I saw that lol

                                          Update, okay so I am really digging the deer. I have to admit while making all the parts I didn't know if it would look good in game but it may be my favorite now. Either way I don't think you guys will be disappointed with it, least I hope not.
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