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Discussion in 'Player' started by LackeDragon, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I think one problem mac users had with XNB mods was that all the files had to be capitalized or they wouldn't work? Otherwise I haven't heard of XNB replacements messing up the game...
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      Can you use all of the types or no?
      • Sugar-Fable

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        @rainrtw s version lets you use multiple I believe!

        Also Id love to see horses~
        • rainrtw

          rainrtw Orbital Explorer

          Got a new version you guys can play with a bit before I upload it proper... I think it has about all the stuff I am going to add. This has taken 3 weeks longer then I thought and kind of nearing burnout point.
          But on the plus side I think I got almost everything in there I wanted too. Not sure how to really do horses now, and don't have the energy left to do a face repaint for them. Donkies would be neat, but maybe at a later time.

          It now has only 1 version, that should run on all versions of SDV so long as you have Content Patcher and GetDressed/KiseKae installed
          You can still play it 'out of the box' for default wolf settings, or change the config manually for more basic species options. . . .

          But the proper way to use this to run the little easy config batch file thing. Through a few low tech retro DOS menus you can pick the particulars and it will make the proper config changes, as well as swapping out some of the Species specific and GetDressed\KiseKae override files needed to make some of the more complicated changes, like sleeveless shirt or the numerous hat behavior options.
          No it is not mouse driven, but get over it. It was the easiest way to do a very complicated task in the most transparent way possible. (Anyone can edit the bat and make sure it only does what it says it does, where-as custom install thingies are much harder to check for malicious code and such)
          Also it gave me an excuse to include ancient adorable ASCII art (pictures made of letters, back before the age PC of graphics) lol

          Out of Game: Config bat options
          Anyway so currently it has:
          (almost all of these have been altered somewhat to have more uniform animations, expressions, and body repaint)
          LackeDragon's Wolf, Cat, and Fox with some modifications to fox especially, white tail tip and black back of ears namely.
          My Bunny... honestly it had to have this to go with the fox, for the obligatory Zootoptia reference.
          BlueSkyes Cheetah I finished up a bit
          My Deer which is kind of my current favorite, despite having few hair options.
          A Raccoon based heavily on Pierre from ACC
          My Dragon... Dragon face is a bit goofy/cute, but hard to do scary with so few pixels. Wings inspired by ACC's abigail
          My Gryphon bird thingy... Griffin would imply lion tail, but I wanted a cute featherbutt for reasons
          HopeWasHere's Elephant race if a mostly unmodified state
          K'Braid's Undertail Monster Goat pretty much as is, minor fixes
          A Mostly Human option, semi furry repainted body, but otherwise human, with acces to all hair/ear/tail combos for those Neko's out there.
          and a number of one-off ACC cameo options at the very end of the massive hairstyles list. (ever wanted to cosplay Maru in-game? How about Pam, Penny, Elliot, Pierre, Harvey, Demetrius, or Shane?)

          Aside from race you can then pick if your animal ears have cute white, black, or no fluff in them (must wear a hat for this effect, basic craft 15 clip is replaced with this for easy access)
          This sort of makes up for having to have ears and hair be same color (game limitation)
          Deer can pick how their antlers work while wearing hats and Dragons pick horn color while wearing hats.
          This may seem trivial but that little bit of offset color can make it so much cuter or badass.

          Then you can pick your Sleeveless (removable) or original (non-removable) shirt, also available with dark paws for that classic fox look.

          Then you pick your color palette. If you're playing SDV1.2 yay you get All the colors, but stupid beta 1.3 maxes at 24 at a time, so the big palette gets broken into 4 smaller ones for sdv1.3 players. Blame stupid game limitations for this, hopefully it is fixed when 1.3 comes out of beta.

          This batch file also cleans up any leftover Kisekae or GetDressed Folders. To make this mod universal to all SDV versions the initial install has overrides for both of those mods. Running this .bat once will check for which version of KK or GD you have installed and remove the other, so you don't get that SMAPI message 1 mod skipped because it doesn't have a manifest. I may in the future add an uninstall feature here, where it can remove all trace of this mod, restore defaults and then delete itself, but I don't have time for it now.

          In Game GD/KK Options
          Oh and of course all of these have the Massive selection of accessory combos in GD/KK. You find you beaks, muzzles, collars, nerd birds, dog toys, joke items, and other silly cute stuff here.

          All GD bottoms are gender neutral, guys and gals can both wear the same set of pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses, adjusted and fitted to their figures.

          You can pick any of the animal faces from the nose category while Face is set to 1 or 2. All the original Human nose options are still preserved under Face 3.

          All species also have a creepy eye version. For furry races Face 1 is the animal faces, Face 2 is the same but with Black eyes that have a single colored point in case you want to make a SDV Death Night or evil gremlin.

          All Species and genders get 3 levels of shoe-ness: Barepaw, Shoes, Boots.

          A few special notes. A few species require extra bits that have to be added by the Shoes Layer. This means foxes use shoes 3-5 for white tail tip, Birdies use 6-8 for those brighter under layer feathers, and elephants use 9-11 since the trunk gets cut short otherwise.

          Preview Build Download
          so here it is on my google drive. It works for me in all testing so far, and if it works for you guys I'll finalize it and slap it at the nexus too.... then finally get to play the game again lol

          Hmmm bat thing prob won't work on mac... no clue really I never use them. Can always copy stuff manually from zConfigs to the right folders though if need be. Also for Mac can just ignore the content folder stuff. I doesn't really Have to have them... just that if you are on SDV 1.2 from a new game you will appear human until you use GetDressed once. Not game breaking I just don't like inconsistency so have the content files there for a smooth look from new game onward.

          PS: Also also, I want to apologize to LackeDragon here. I didn't mean to spam the heck out of or take over this thread. I just wanted to keep the discussion and evolution of your mod centralized to one spot.
          I hope you guys have fun trying out all the absurd number of possible combinations now and personalize your fluff ball like never before, even if not all options are accessible in game.
          I don't have the time, skill, motivation, or moral high ground to reverse engineer GetDressed or KiseKae to make all the options in-game friendly, and even if I did I would have no right to post the resaults for others to use. So for now, we pick race, hat/ear/horn behavior, and color palette out of game in the easiest menu I could make for you.

          PPS: And a huge thank you to all of your suggestions and inclusions to this project. I would have never even thought of adding elephants for example if not for HopeWasHere's amazing work on them. I have not had contact with K'braid but their goat mod lists it can be included in other mods freely as long as he is credited for it, which he is. Thanks a ton to blueskies for the cheetah art... I have a phobia about doing any asymmetrical pixel art and would have put if off forever if he hadn't done all the hard parts.

          PPPS: also, please if you do try this version out let me know what you think. Did it work the way it should? Any missing stuff? Pixel Gaps? Pink Elephants on Parade? Good? Bad? Polka-dot mouse?
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          • rainrtw

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            On further experimentation... I don't think Horses are an option, but something more like ponies are. I'd want the eyes to go up a pix or two to do horses proper and there is no moving those, so probably won't be any proper feral looking horse face, but messing about with the more 'pony' look now. Also a possibility of a cheetah spotty cat body paint
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              Does this affect multiplayer?
              • LackeDragon

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                It does but you will need the mod on each side to see the effects.
                Otherwise only the one who installed the mod sees it.
                • MuffinsHutchins

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                  Is there no way to have the option of choosing being human or furry? Me and a friend have been wanting to play together in multiplayer and roleplay as a human and an anthro couple but it seems you can only do the hairstyles with furry options. :\
                  • LackeDragon

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                    Unfortunally no, as the game based its graphics for all players on the same spritesheets.
                    The only way would be a mod that separate that, then add this mod to it. (I don't know if rainrtw version does it)

                    Exception being if both or you are using a different gender :
                    For that, you will need to install "farmer_base" OR "farmer_girl_base" files only.
                    Note that hairstyles are in common between both genders. So we will either need to choose if you want no animal ears, are both animal ears.
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                      @rainrtw Heya, tried out your CP mod version but there's something weird goin on with the Faces. Looks like 1 of them has like glasses and a beak and I don't think the accessories are working properly. I'm using Kisekae 2.1.2 that I found on and SDV 1.3.32.
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                        I don't know if this is still being updated, but I would like to see Monkeys as a playable race please.
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                          I'd still wuvs to commission someone to make a playable panda! But so far no one seems interested, oh wells.
                          • Sadet

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                            Im having trouble with adding the mods again...
                            • FoxxyLove581

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                              Can someone please make an albino nine-tailed fox player character for me please?
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                                Why are all the pictures gone in the 1st post and showcase for this mod?
                                • Tibby-san

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                                  Sorry to bug you, but are you still working on this? :)
                                  • LackeDragon

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                                    It seems like the picture host deleted them for some reason

                                    I'm personally not working on it anymore for now
                                    Do follow the continuation of it on Nexus by rainrtw
                                    • Swiftpaw22

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                                      Aww okay, thanks LackeDragon for all the work you did for this wonderful mod and all the joy you brought us and many other furries while making Stardew Valley actually playable and tolerable for furries! <3
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                                        Would there be any chance someone could update this mod to work with Customize Anywhere? Or could get in touch with rainrtw somehow? The mod broke with the newest update and it hasn't been updated overall in a long time.
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                                          I'd like this too!
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