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Bug/Issue Co-op game crashes for host when friend joins.

Discussion in 'Support' started by EvilDuckOfD00M, May 12, 2019.

  1. EvilDuckOfD00M

    EvilDuckOfD00M Space Hobo

    I am brand new to Stardew.

    I have a save that has around 5 hours play time on a multiplayer farm with a friend. (it was in one session, my first farm). My friend and I wanted to continue it. I can join the farm (as the host) fine. But when my friend joins it crashes the game for me. Not for them though.

    I had a little look online and saw that being in their house when they spawn is a fix. That didn't work. Nor did moving furniture out. Which I also saw was a fix.
    I have yet to to try a new farm to see if the issue is over all of them though. So i'm not sure if it's this save specifically or a wider issue.

    We'd like to carry on this farm as we had a good amount of time invested in it too.

    So if anybody could give me any help or a fix i'd be much appreciated.

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