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  1. DasSaffe

    DasSaffe Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey farmers,

    anyone an idea how the coop should look like, once it is released? Kinda like FarmVille on FB? Or will I be able to visit other farms, plant, sell, buy stuff..

    How should this fit into the story? Is the Story supposed to be a "coop"-story, or is it a further game-mode? (Like, no story, only shops to purchase seeds n' stuff).

    Any ideas when this is going to happen? :)
    • kakuloo

      kakuloo Big Damn Hero

      Maybe double/triple/quadruple the prices of things since you have the extra players? I am hoping that everyone gets a house/room.
      • DasSaffe

        DasSaffe Intergalactic Tourist

        Ya was thinking about that as well, but that would only be a snapshot. Once you earned your first few dollars, money is no problem anymore. You even can do more stuff to obtain more money. One is fishing, one is milking cows, one is mining...

        Also then: You have a shared stash? Everyone has his own money? What about affection-levels of pets? Hope this will be soon. Can't wait to play this in coop
        • meatpardle

          meatpardle Star Wrangler

          I wouldn't hold your breath, I think this is quite a way off. Everything I've read makes it sound like a long-term project.
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