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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Ren Fox, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Ren Fox

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    As a icebreaker, my 1337 Hax0r Pr0 Šqûãd
    It's just a programming club.
    Made us all create some kind of code or idea for others to crack.
    Just for fun...
    I'm creating a slightly difficult one.
    Solve it and...

    A small loan of a million dollars

    A question to ask me, which I will answer.
    As long as it's nothing like "What's your password?"
    Questions like,"Did you catfish my teacher?" Are fine.

    It's possible without any number generators.
    Brute Force Entry works though.
    I doubt that you're gonna know what I'm taking about.
    You can do it.
  2. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Big Damn Hero

    For some reason this draft posted without me sending it...
    I wasn't ready ;-;
  3. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Big Damn Hero

    Here it is:
    First to get it, gets a drawing...

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