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RELEASED Collectable Figurines 3.0

Collectable Figurines from various anime and comics

  1. projectmayhem

    projectmayhem Spaceman Spiff

    Insults and 1-star reviews isn't what it takes, just asking or pointing it out, private message. Not sure if you all think about this, but people who work on these mods also have jobs, children, hobbies and other stuff they do. This isn't even the only game I make mods for. I'm not trying to take any moral high ground, I'm just pointing out that having a bad attitude because you come across a broken link and being negative towards the person who updates it... might not get what you are after.

    All my mods are 100% updated on steam. This requires a little bit more effort, since I have to zip the file, upload it somewhere, and create a whole post about the update. I usually don't keep these up-to-date as well as the steam version. And yes, sometimes I take a complete break from modding to enjoy other things, so I may vanish for anywhere from a few weeks to a year, who knows.

    I think while cleaning out my dropbox to make room for some files I needed to repair a PC, I deleted a folder that had a couple of my mods.

    If you come across any other mods of mine that dont match steam, or have a broken link, just say something. I'll update the link as soon as I feel like it. I do this in my spare time, when the mood hits me, not for anyone else.
  2. xZugzw4ngx

    xZugzw4ngx Void-Bound Voyager

    Man, i loved this mod. I hope someday it will be available again for everyone.

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