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Colonization Questions

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Axe Garian, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    1. Any known ETA on "Home Worlds" being Re-Implemented?
    2. Is building a World in a Home World-like way worth it right now if there's a risk of Home Worlding Implementation killing my work?
    3. Will Home World Implementation cause any Wipes? (Hope not, cause last I heard those were supposed to be over once Full Release hit, but then again I never thought Full Release would bring about a De-Evolved Game compared to Beta so I dunno what to expect now...)
    4. Will building a Colony on a chosen World now be a waste of time vs waiting for Home Worlding to get Updated into the Game? (Last I heard Home Worlds were gonna be able to use some kinda UFO-like dude to help with Mass Terraforming & such...? This still in the Plans?)
    5. Will Lightning Planets of Max Tier Rank ever get Implemented, or am I totally dreaming & might as well Dream On on this one?
    I think i've found a plausible Candidate for Home World of choice on a Volcanic World i'm currently exploring seems how Lightning Planets seem to be a no go, it's foolish to seriously Colonize a non-Rank Inconceivable Planet cause ya want Max Rent Power in a serious Colony, (Though I got a Dummy one on my Starter Planet for Experiments.) so I might as well Colonize someplace that'll make me feel badass... plus this one's got me Mobs I can farm for Sticks of RAM. :) (High Value Real Estate!)

    Before I do so, I thought it might not be a shabby idea to make a couple Inquiries first. Also fyi i'm big on Underground Bases so i'll start my Base at the Core Level & it'll have begun when I have placed the Base Teleporter there. No risk of Underground Teleporters losing being able to Teleport peeps to & from Deep Underground, right? (Teleporting out of Deep Underground by foot might be another story, but that I don't care about. My Base Teleporter will be the beginning of my Underground Base.)

    If I started my Colony now, would I still be able to Home World this Planet & have everything I built to date work right when the Home World Update hits? Hard to help being Paranoid.

    Many thanks for your time. :)
  2. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    Home worlds? I am confused at what you are talking about. I have not heard that term coined in a very long time... So... Was wondering what you meant? You mean like director mode stuff or something else?

    What you describe of the ufo thingy reminds me of terraria, hence the confusion. Not heard of ufo being used for terraforming short from a suggestion made. The terraforming I heard of long ago was from orbit, or at least from my understanding. What do you mean by Home World and where are you drawing this from? Difficult to say if not understanding what exactly you are talking about. Another reason I am confused.

    In other words, not enough info given in the context you presented to determine much of a deductive guess of a kind. What's home worlding? A mechanic or an added something or what? What's this lightning planet you speak of, or is that really just something you thought up? very confusing...:nuruconfused:
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  3. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    Basically, a while back it was supposed that you could "claim" a planet by listing it as your "homeworld" though that doing so should be a costly undertaking, and progressively more costly for every new "homeworld" planets. This said, the way it was worded once sounded like it was supposed to be "the" requirement for colonization.

    Considering we can colonizes planets without this mechanic, that particular idea about homeworld may have been abandonned for the sake of streamlined and easier colonization which makes me content since otherwise it MAY have been too much of an hurdle.

    However, unless I recall wrong, "claiming" worlds for a faction/etc may however come back as part of future new mechanics/content updates. Probably as part of the reason for later bringing back the concept of space stations as cooperative/"multiplayer clans" constructions later.

    If anything though, I'm not expecting that type of content any time soon however. I figure "post-story" content will likely come first as will new biomes/planets types and further fleshing-out of the less "standard" biomes that are less tied to story progression(midnight/flesh/alien/mutated/toxic) now that they have finished the story and fleshed out the biomes/planets upon which unlocking new tiers of the story as a process is more closely tied to.

    This said, the bonus being that now that they have finished the base story for the game AND it's engine... preparing new content proper IS a thing they now are free to do and spend their time focusing on.
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  4. balegrim

    balegrim Big Damn Hero

    I just stick a flag in it. Then it's mine. > : D

    Like, that's how colonization works.
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  5. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Before Full Release I had taken a few month hiatus from this game during its Beta. During Beta it used to be a thing that ya could go to your Ship Navigation Console, Click a Planet, then Click it as your Home World. Planets Selected as your Home World got Free Block Protection & only you could dig, modify, & build on it. During my Full Release play, I noticed this Functionality gone & was wondering if it was one of the many things removed from this game between Beta & Full Release & awaiting Re-Implementation. (Or if it was flat out discarded & extinct.) There's still plenty of aspects of this game that i'm Months behind on in terms of being in-the-know. I was hoping to get up-to-date info & get caught up in Starbound going ons, & in this case, info specific to Colonizing in advance prep for ponderings of Colonizing this current Volcanic World i'm on.

    Also, the Lightning Planet thing was dreaming & wishful thinking on my part. I figured it couldn't hurt to try instilling the 'idea' of it into the Devs's Minds should they ever happen to read this Topic. Lightning's my fav Element to beat stuff up with in Video Games. :)
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  6. balegrim

    balegrim Big Damn Hero

    There was block protection?! Doea 1.0 still feature any of any kind?
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  7. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Not that I know of, I think that got removed along with the Home Worlding between Beta & Full Release. :(
  8. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    Was this block protection thing part of a nightly? I don't remember ever seeing this in a stable build, although you could mark stuff using the bookmarks system.
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  9. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    During my Beta Play I used to play Unstable Branch instead of Stable Branch, but I never played Nightly. I also never got a chance to actually test the Free Block Protection workings cause at that time my buds & I only rarely MPed on Starbound cause Evolve was a big pain in the ass to make MP work on & Hamachi was outright unbearable. (I love the Full Release being able to just Steam Hop into each other's games! :love:)
  10. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    homeworld button... during giraffe & Koala; it did not do a protection thing. It might have done something like that maybe in one of nightly before release, but that must have been before the 0.8 version that I played on unstable.

    All the homeworld button did was let you mark a planet to go back to. The only time it was ever a protected planet is when it is server dev modified thing in multiplayer. that button didn't ever have protection, just a marker of individual world, specifically one.

    That button has been replaced by the bookmark system. Since it expands it to be a list you can modify at whim.

    This is to my memory of what I recall, since i have used that button more often than not, and know of commands that servers made themself back then to do protection for people.

    If it does come back, it probably will be in another form to extend end game or add on. Made to do with terraforming. Whom is to say. So it would be a mechanic. That means it wouldn't have much bearing on the universe, so no worries on universe wipe on that; if the concept ever comes about. That is something that could be just simply put in to work with existing planets. As to new biome planets... New stars will probably just appear or like planets you would just simply have to go out further similar to how minecraft does it to find the new content. At least from my understanding of it.

    I would love to see a device that makes so we could land on floating islands in the upper atmosphere of gas giants. But would need specific adveequipment
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  11. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Ahh, my Memory is a useless pile of crud. I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least semi-failing me on this, months is a long time. Many thanks for the info. :)

    Also I too think it'd be interesting to be able to explore Gas Giants, maybe Novakid Top Scientists could find a way to develop a new stronger tier EPP above the current Top Tier for "Extreme Gas Biomes"? & even on top of that it'd only be powerful enough for the top areas of the Gas Giant Storms & such & even half-way down to the Surface & below would have comparable Lethality Levels to Core Lava...? (In a way it'd be like a nod to Old School Games that had Platforming Levels with 'Bottomless Pit Death Traps'...)

    Still, overall, i'm gonna now dare to hope it's indeed safe to go on Colonizing this Home World Choice. Many thanks for the info everyone! :)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
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  12. Xanirus

    Xanirus Ketchup Robot

    Someone should do the same as this but with Starbound now.
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