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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Scars Unseen, Apr 22, 2015.

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    Although it still has a long way to go before it could be considered to be a complete experience, I really do like most of the basics in Starbound with one real exception: the combat. I know that is a work in progress as much as anything else, but I do think this is a point on which Starbound could distinguish itself from its competitors if things were changed just a bit.

    The main problem that I see is that exploration and mining require accurate positional control for accurate block targeting, while the most fun 2d combat games rely more on relative targeting combined with good maneuvering capabilities. Starbound currently does great at the former, but the latter is fairly basic.

    What I would suggest then is to add a "combat" mode which would disable mouse targeting in favor of a more controller friendly control scheme. In addition I would add a button to "hold directional facing" so that you can back up without having to rely on relative cursor positioning. From there you could add in movement enhancements common to established action/adventure games. You already have double jump capabilities. Dashing, quick grappling, and wall jumping could be other enhancement to add(with the right equipment).

    This would allow for more dynamic combat without sacrificing the precision targeting that already exists in the game. It wouldn't even need to be mandatory for people who prefer the existing controls, as they could simply not use the mode(and that could certainly be a valid or even superior method of play for people who prefer ranged weapons).
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    Yeah i think so too, i think it also have more potential to expanding combat in starbound, here is some in my mind:
    • Expanding and focusing starbound combat for example: In exploration mode your menu only contain block and item, but if you go to combat mode the menu bar will change allowing player to assign movement skill (tech) or attack skill
    • Expanding how each weapon different and create a new type of gameplay for example: insturmental item have attack skill, Axe and hoe can act as weapon in combat mode
    • Expanding base mechanic and roleplay, in combat mode for example player can destroy block, building, and door also can attack NPC but can't do so in exploration mode, even more we can harvest destroyable turning it into normal furniture like vase or capsule
    Actually i think this suggestion is very good and chucklefish should implemented it (just assign it to quick mode the Z button) and doesn't disturb anything in the current system
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    I completely agree with these points, I find using the mouse pointer for combat is a real PITA, has anything been done about it?

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