Combat Tweak: Hammer/Axe Change

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by catocat9001, May 5, 2020.

  1. catocat9001

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    To be honest, I stopped using hammers and axes, it doesn't feel natural to charge up a standard attack. It makes sense for bows since you still launch the arrow at any time, as well as special attacks, because a special attack is something you'd want to commit to.

    I think the best way to adjust how these weapons works is to have them wind up automatically, with a light and heavy attack based on how long you wait between clicks.

    The hammer light attack would be a narrow swing similar to the second broadsword swing, while the heavy attack is a standard wide swing.

    The light axe attack would be the standard one handed melee swing seen from the short sword and dagger, while the heavy axe attack is a wide swing similar to the Soulseeker's attack.

    Of course holding down on the weapon click will have them swing automatically like most other melee weapons, but at a slower pace than the broadsword or shortsword.

    I await your opinions and feedback.

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