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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by TheLastLight, Jun 9, 2018.

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    So....this is my first time on this forum and....

    I'm having an issue related to joining a server ou even hosting beacause when clicking on "coop" it just sends me a screen with "Connecting to online services"....that takes forever.....
    I've already tried relogging on steam,putting it on offline and online again,shutting down my computer,and even reinstalled the game and microsoft C++...Does anyone knows how to fix it?

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    • Chameon

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      I've had the same issue since multiplayer came out. Unfortunately I only got it to work once and then never again. (I put steam in offline mode, then back on, and then opened steam chat on the Stardew main menu and sent a message to another player, then it let me into co-op. I believe we were on version .16 but the next time I went to play the game was updated and it wouldn't work anymore). I've posted here and other places and a few people are having the issue but no one seems to be mentioning it and it's not listed in the known bugs list, which is upsetting. I'm just replying in the hopes that it gets more attention. Good luck!
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        I've tried your solution in one forum before, didn't worked......then, after some hours it returned!I think that issue is from their service servers
        By the way....thank you for helping with it :3
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          I'm glad you got it to work! It seems like most people who have this issue it resolved on its own, but for us it just won't. Hopefully one of these days it will. Maybe our PC just doesn't like their servers, lol.

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