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Bug/Issue "Connection With Server Interrupted" When Joining Online - Switch Port

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bitanian, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. Bitanian

    Bitanian Space Hobo

    My brother lives in Alaska, and he continuously gets "Connection With Server Was Interrupted" errors that keep interrupting gameplay and kicking him back to the home screen. He has good internet (300MBPS) and a wired connection to his Switch, on which he is playing the game. This is preventing us from playing the game together. Is there a fix for this? Or is this a known issue with servers on the west-coast/Pacific/Alaska? I've never encountered this myself, but he can't go even 5 minutes in a match without experiencing this issue.
    • actionactaeon

      actionactaeon Space Hobo

      Bump! I just started having the same issue on Switch after successfully playing online for years. Checked the Discord, but found no satisfactory resolution. Please help!

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