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    The last major update was great in that it now keeps a history of gifts you've tried giving villagers, and if they've liked it or not. But I find it's pretty clunky to have to go into your menu (or jump to the wiki) to find this out on the fly, and I was thinking making the gift cursor icon context-sensitive would make this a much more streamlined and comfortable experience.

    A badge icon could be added to the corner of the gift cursor indicating whether they like the gift or not. If you've never tried the selected commodity on the specified villager before, it would be blank.

    Additionally, if you've already maxed out the number of gifts for the week, it could show an X badge (or similar). The text box that comes up to show I've already given them two gifts for the week is a bit of a pain to dismiss, so it'd be nice to have some indicator before getting to that point.

    For example, the badge icons could be:
    -Loved gift: ":D" (big smile) face
    -Liked gift: ":)" (happy) face
    -Neutral gift: ":wut:" (neutral) face
    -Disliked gift: ":(" (unhappy) face
    -Hated gift: ":mad:" (angry) face
    -Untested gift: No icon
    -Already given two gifts this week: "X" icon

    [Edit] I posted this on Reddit as well and someone replied with the suggestion that the icon should also change to represent a quest-specific gift. When I read this my immediate thought was to change the gift ribbon from red to blue for quest delivery items.
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