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Community Coordinates Megathread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Cosmic Narwhal

    Those sword in the stone things are very common on snow worlds with stone biomes. They have a rare chance to give a higher tier weapon but usually give you a generic stone sword.

    Here's a world with a bunch of them:

    700764625 825680068 Epsilon Dabih 984 I

    Moderate Snow Planet. There's a glitch village with both the codex stand and globe quest items and an apex lab with many syringes and other goodies. There's a tech chest with a blank tech card right in between the glitch village and the apex lab.

    P.S. Apparently I got a drum kit somewhere on this planet but didn't see where. I was using my MM to destroy chests and some crates in the village and didn't always pay much attention to what was inside. I did no spelunking, only surface chests and the occasional flashlight shine into a surface cave.
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  2. Solinias

    Solinias Void-Bound Voyager

    Soooooooooo... I've got me a nice beginner's planet with some decent finds.

    OS: Windows 7/64bit
    Version: Stable

    Planet Info:

    On the surface there's not a whole lot, save for a Wizard Tower and a few surface chests that should contain parts of the Hiker Vanity. However, beneath the surface is what's interesting.

    The flag is where you land upon beaming down to the planet, dig where I did and don't be afraid with the Fine Sand knocking your butt all over the place. When you dig down enough you should encounter an underground abandoned Mine thing. If you do you'll want to do two things: If you go to the left with the screen when you land on the Mine you should see a GNOME VILLAGE, my destruction looted me with 16 Ball of Gnomes, two Gnome Guns and a Gnome Hat as well as find another half in an adjacent TAR BIOME, so enjoy that. Now if you were to start digging downward from where you see the village you'll soon stumble upon a vast WILDERNESS BIOME. I didn't get to explore it all so I apologize. There I looted an entire Copper Armor Vanity, a few coffee seeds, and two biome related swords. (Don't ask for specifics, I went in so many different directions when mining the biome that I couldn't tell you where each chest was)

    The first sword:
    Overgrown Mower
    DPS: 98
    Swing Speed: 0.67
    Damage per Swing: 147

    The second:
    Undergrowth Trimmer
    DPS: 68
    Swing Speed: 0.67
    Damage per Swing: 103

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  3. sid3aff3ct

    sid3aff3ct Void-Bound Voyager

    Win 8
    -929009534 -189532197
    Alpha Acrturus 67 II b

    Avian Airship, Human Laboratory, And the Frost crown.
    There is also a Fancy snowman :)
  4. DrVoodoo

    DrVoodoo Cosmic Narwhal

    Win 7.
    x:22 y:-5
    Alpha Beta CrA 0897 V
    Threat: Extreme
    Heat protection required.

    Be careful, when I beamed in two bosses attacked me. One of them was flying.
    -------What I found:
    Reed Organ.
    Hiker Backpack.
    Matter block dungeon to the left.
    -------Other findings:
    Avesmingo seeds.
    A bunch of weapons.

    Alpha Beta CrA 0897 III
    Threat: Extreme
    Heat protection required

    -------What I found:
    Accordion (I doubt anyone needs it).
    Crystal biome.
    Glitch castle.

    Alpha Beta CrA 0897 II a
    Threat: Extreme
    Heat protection required

    -------What I found:
    Broken apex lab to the left (the right part of it is not generated, so you can't disable shield generator)
    USCM Prison to the right
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  5. mewfan151

    mewfan151 Big Damn Hero

    Found something called a "Fancy Hat" SOMEWHERE on this planet:

    X: 211975380
    Y: 425229505

    Alpha Gamma Del 248 VI

    Volcanic Planet, Extreme Difficulty.

    Head left and just GO! once you circle back to the spawn, you should have the Fancy Hat....

    And if anyone knows where to find the Fancy top and bottoms as well, I'd love to know.
  6. Nate McCloud

    Nate McCloud Existential Complex

    Ooh, okay. Well, the only way to obtain Crystal Plant SEEDS is through admin commands.
  7. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex


    Head right, there's a human military base.
    Head left, and you'll eventually find a floran temple, and if you keep going you'll find a crystal chest with a microphone (male) and a crystal backpack.
    There's also a tech chest on top of the entrance to the temple.
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  8. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Cosmic Narwhal

    700764622 825680064 Epsilon Chi Oph 8748 II d
    Small dangerous ice planet.

    There's an Avian ship and if you dig straight down from the beam down spot there's a glitch room with chests, including a gold chest, many crates and a decent amount of ores and loot. There's also a globe and an hourglass.

    The same type neighbor, a, has a slightly different style Glitch castle with lot's of royal goodies and a secret door with a switch hidden in a suit of armor.

    C has a chest with a saxaphone and a female Mic in the same chest, on top of a tall plateau I think 2 plateaus to the left of the beam down.

    And finally B has annoying terrain with crappy rust chests.... and a USCM prison and base!
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  9. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Cosmic Narwhal


    Dig right under spawn. Tons of little floranish rooms with furnature, along with a few other odds and ends. (i found a trap chest somewhere in the area. Flashlight = friend)

    Continue digging down and there will be an underground jungle. Just under this biome should be a special little something. I wont say what it is, since ive never seen it before, and thus i shall let you find it. Its a biome so i dont think you can miss it if you dont stray too far from the digging path. Just look for tons of lights.

    Dig even further down theres a few glitch rooms, and past that is an underground mushroom biome.

    Somewhere along the way down i did happen across a steel drum. Good lucks x:

    Theres also an avian tower, and a floran village. I think left is fastest.
  10. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex

    None of these co-ordinates are working for me all of a sudden, why is that?
  11. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Cosmic Narwhal

    All of a sudden? What OS are you using, what stage of the update did you generate your universe?
  12. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex

    I'm on Win8, but these have been working for me previously. Also, what do you mean? I think I updated my universe with upbeat giraffe because I moved from Nightly to Standard.
  13. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Cosmic Narwhal

    When you move version your universe won't change. If it did your world's would be erased. Being on win8 will make only the win8 coords work for you, all mine are Windows 7 for example. When I moved from unstable to stable my universe was different until I deleted it and made a new one with the stable version.
  14. Lord Scrappington

    Lord Scrappington Phantasmal Quasar

    I found coordinates of a fully furniture'd USCM UNDERGROUND BASE / USCM SECRET BASE / USCM BASE / USCM LAB / USCM SECRET LAB and even called USMC BASE
    X : -54010121 Y: -946875303 go right its extremely close
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  15. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex

    Does deleting the universe folder get rid of your character's ship?
  16. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Cosmic Narwhal

    no. the characters ship is only apart of the player. Anotherwords if the player gets reset for one reason or another, the ship will too. Otherwise its fine.
  17. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex

    Alright, thanks.
  18. Nerva

    Nerva Parsec Taste Tester

    Got another world for ya. As always, WinXP 32-bit OS.

    The System
    Delta 21 LMi 667
    Fiery Star

    X: -364429492
    Y: -819268363

    The Planet
    Delta 21 LMi 667 II

    Extreme Threat
    Volcanic Climate, Dangerously High Temperature
    Known Sub-Biomes: Volcanic Wasteland, Crystal Forest
    Known Crop Plants: Neon Melon (surface, crystal forest biomes only, rare)
    Weather: Sunshine, Embers

    WARNING! Surface liquid is LAVA!

    Known Landmarks
    Glitch Castle (right from Spawn past a large mountain. This castle has a dungeon in the basement.)

    Noteworthy Loot
    Crystal Chests w/Lamp, Table, and Chest blueprints in Crystal Forest biomes
    Crystal Backpack in a Crystal Chest to the right of spawn
    At least 3 Glitch Codexes and 2 Glitch Globes, needed for Outpost quests, inside the Glitch Castle
    Music Box inside a plain Glitch Chest inside the Glitch Castle
    Wizard Robe legs inside a Golden Glitch Chest inside the Glitch Castle

    EDIT: This system's got more goodies in it!

    The Planet
    Delta 21 LMi 667 III

    Extreme Threat
    Dead World, Dangerously High Temperature
    Known Sub-Biomes: Wasteland, Rust Forest
    Known Crop Plants: Wartweed (surface, Wasteland biome), Diodia (surface, Rust Forest biome)
    Weather: Sunshine, Rust Storm

    NOTE: Surface liquid is oil.
    EXPLORATION WARNING: Gravity is heavy and cliffs are everywhere. You'll need more than pulse jump to navigate this world's terrain, and falling damage is a major hazard.

    Known Landmarks

    Noteworthy Loot
    Pilot's Trousers in a small chest to the right of spawn
    LEGENDARY WEAPON - Star Cleaver in a small chest to the right of spawn, past Pilot's Trousers
    Tech Chest w/Blank Tech Card right of spawn, past Star Cleaver, in a small cavern below a Tent encampment - you'll need to bust open the entrance to the cave, but you shouldn't have to dig more than ~5 blocks
    LEGENDARY WEAPON - Heroic Sword in a Large Chest to the right of spawn, past the Tech Card on top of a very steep cliff.
    Cool Fez, in a small chest to the right of spawn, past the Heroic Sword and a Large Chest with a minor weapon
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  19. soopytwist

    soopytwist Pangalactic Porcupine

    Avian pirate ship

    X: 695427822 Y: 303673481
    Beta Sigma Cas 6794 1a
    A dead planet. Temp is hot, no breathable atmos.
    Head left at the beam in point until you see the anchor and build blocks upwards. Crew is friendly and there's a trader selling guns and swords including blueprints.
    There's also two codex pages detailing the captains rebellion against Kluex the false Avian god and mentions the temple on the surface (which you can find if you carry on heading left).


    So apparently your OS dictates whether you get the coords to work....? I've not really taken much notice of that and it seems unlikely what Windows version you have would give you different results. Or perhaps it's down to what version your universe was created in? I don't know but here you go:

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Universe created in: Unstable Upbeat Giraffe Update 2 (copied over to stable Upbeat Giraffe Update 2: 666.

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
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  20. JNFischer30

    JNFischer30 Big Damn Hero

    OK, will it wipe my character and spaceship if I update to the Stable universe?

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