Could anybody help me with my problems?(mod related)

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Fight_Times, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Fight_Times

    Fight_Times Void-Bound Voyager

    I could not modify my SAIL after the latest update, and things didn't change when I try to apply other mods/remove all ship related mods. the portrait, however, after lots of failed attempts,remains its vanilla version look.
    Could somebody tell me what is going wrong or teach me how to solve this problem by editing game files or...?
    And, thanks for anyone who spared their precious time on my questions. {ED3D1289-D58B-436E-83A2-C07DE4A4D0C4}_20200203082118.jpg

    Advanced Logistics Frigate
    spaghetti fuel
    Redone Ship Encounters - Names, Icons, Descriptions, and Horizions
    Club Deck Reol songs
    Portal Aperture logos, paintings, outfits and objects
    Freedom of Movement
    Skizot's Dozers
    Digger Turret
    Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition
    Food Stack
    I.S.U.N. SAIL replacement
    Blink Through
    3D Printer Replacer
    Earth City Terraformer and Biome 2.0
    New Farmables: Sea Hen for Raw Fish
    New Farmables: Fish
    Touhou Musical Collection
    Return to Earth Overhauled
    Portable Outpost
    Block Replicator
    Freeze That Gate!
    Quickbar Teleporter
    Classic Food Mechanics
    Hypercubedoko's Overpowered Techs
    Free Tech
    More MM Upgrades
    Perennial Crops
    Anti-Pesto Unique Pest Remover (Poptop, Gleap, Nutmidge) (Garden World)
    Compact Crops
    Touhou Costume - Flandre Scarlet Outfit
    Asuka Tanaka Costumes + Hairstyle
    Insta Kill Gun
    Karabiner 98k
    Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal Gun)
    Cloth Station
    Prop Pack
    Aging Alien Alcohols
    Retro Rehab
    Hoarder's Inventory
    Infinite Inventory! (MP Compatible)
    Come back Santa!
    Base In A Box
    Time Control Tech
    Modules in a box
    Ground Seeders
    Disabled drop for Survival Mode
    Shipping Containers (Vanilla Edition)
    WD Luthier + RealKeys - Instruments
    Hunger Enabler for Casual Mode
    Themed Colony Deeds
    Immortal critters
    [FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke
    RexmecK Advanced Manipulator
    Ambient Sound Makers
    More Teleportz
    Shattered Alchemy!
    Extended Furniture Crafting
    Millenium Furniture
    Pixel Goods Store
    Tiny Wall Switches With Input
    Sticky Notes
    IKN's VA-11 HALL-A
    IKN Furnishing
    More Outpost Stuff
    Wardrobe Interface
    Magnum 500
    Pokemon Hairstyles
    Touhou Costume - Mystia Lorelei Outfit
    Monika Costume
    Shinobu Costume
    Hairstyles Pack 2
    Dynamic long hair(3.1)
    Hairstyles Pack
    JJBA - Star Platinum's Fists
    No Rotting Food
    Yoraiz0r's Clothes
    Fuuka Kazamatsuri Costume
    School Furniture Set
    School girl Uniform Mod
    Concert Equipment
    Protectorate Themed Blocks
    Imm's Things
    Shizune's Maid Costume
    Ciel Alençon Costume
    Crusaders stuff
    Rubber Boat
    Modern Trams
    Sloped Glass Blocks
    Keiichi Okabe – Kaine Main Menu Theme Music
    Guild Wars 2 Style Buff Icon
    CN More Farming - Perennial and Compact Patch
    Player Dances and Emotes
    Quickbar Mini
    Why is this not printable?!
    Crafted "Stable" Challenge Portal
    Better Action Bar & Icons...?
    Energy Dash Restoration
    Purchasable Pets
    Portable Tech + Teleporter Console
    Text To Speech Glitch Voices
    Craftable Punchy
    Pimp My Ride!
    Better Ocean Parallax
    Parallax Compression (FPS Improvement)
    Yandere Set
    CN More Farming: Revitalization
    Refined Cursors
    Alchemical Reactions
    Dramatic Deaths
    Dramatic Terrain
    Nostalgic Greenery (Vanilla Version)
    Old Stuff
    Blink Dash - LoL Flash SFX
    Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler
    Instant Crafting
    Shadowed Atmospheres
    Make the universe a cuter place


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  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    That's a lot of mod compared to mine. I only have like two or four mods installed.

    Anyway, have you make sure that all of your mods are compatible with the latest version or not?
  3. Fight_Times

    Fight_Times Void-Bound Voyager

    I use steam workshop so the mods should be their latest available version.
    but the ship and sail related mods are compatible with the latest version
    after all, I subscribed every sail modify mods in workshop but the portraits didn't changed even once.

    Thanks for your kind reply!
  4. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Hmm... I don't know about Steam, cause I am a GOG player. But still, there are chance that one of them is not the latest, and might be incompatible. Also probably, there are some mods you have that are conflicting with each other.
    You subscribe it all at once?

    Well, to make things clearer, do you mind posting the log file here (or the content of the log)? So, the experts here can help.
  5. Fight_Times

    Fight_Times Void-Bound Voyager

    I didn't.In fact I subscribed one of them and found nothing I removed it and used another mod. But, still nothing happened.
    I'm posting it now.

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