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could not access universe lock thing pls help

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by connor22, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. connor22

    connor22 Intergalactic Tourist

    note: "i am using a mac and i screwed something before this so that might be the problem"

    i wanted to play with my friend with mods but i could not figure it out so all i did was download the mod from a website that did not have permission and it had no viruses luckily but sadly the sever would not pick up so i realized it said .modpak rather than .pak so i thought that i just changed it to a .pak file. well i regret that decision not the external site that did not have permission, not the fact that now mods will not work on my starboard anymore, not that i almost corrupted my best save, but that F*CKED up my computer. it was UBER laggy and it would early start. luckily i took the plug out and that fixed most of it. but now when i am going to need to reinstall my entire computer to remove all the lag. but until then my starbound can't have any mods anymore when ever i do one of two happens. 1. the game loads like an old pc trying to play this game or 2. the game says something that the "universe lock could not be found.

    Now i know "Connor22 you should never download anything from and external site that does not have permission" but at the time i did not know where the workshop file was and i bet it would have done the same thing

    Devs, people, people who will yell at me. are you ready to help :D
  2. TheUnartist

    TheUnartist Pangalactic Porcupine

    Just to clarify...
    You say that you downloaded a mod from an external site, renamed it from .modpak to .pak, and now your computer is lagging? Or is it Starbound that is lagging?

    As far as I can tell, .modpak is no longer compatible with 1.0 Starbound and renaming it to .pak should not be enough to fix it.
    It also sounds like the mod might have effected your universe file. Could try deleting it if you are okay with losing outpost progress.

    Are you trying to connect to your friends game, or vice-versa?
    Also, what was the mod? Might help figure out what it changed.

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