CP Pokemon Retextures for all Farm Animals + Pets

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    Hi. I am looking for a complete PC Pokemon retexture for all farm animals and pets. I have found foggywizard's separate contributions - here and here - but they are all jumbled amongst different sets of .jsons, and goats are effectively missing. NexusMods' retextures are .xnb and untouched for months or years. With CP, these just simply do not work anymore; as well, More Animals is unclear as to how to use it to install .xnb files for livestock, poultry, etc.

    In compiling the mix-and-match pack, I am looking to have the following Pokemon in place:

    Other Coop Animals
    Overworld Critters

    * Careful not to duplicate across categories

    :) ?
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      Here are some more for you.
      There are a great many single animal replacers on Nexus as well, but digging through them is...tedious.
      My spritework isn't the best, so I tend to just re-purpose already existing sprites from other games, specifically Pokémon mystery dungeon (though, for the baby rabbits I personally made, I altered HG/SS overworld/follower sprites. A big reason I haven't been able to convert some of the sprites over is that most are 32px32p, which makes it hard to do coop animals. Now, if we were just doing content patcher, there's a nifty new tool by Platonymous out called Scale Up, and it'll let us use 32px32p for a coop animal, because it'll scale it down to the size the game uses for 16px16p without losing the quality. The only problem with this is that it only works with content patcher, making it impossible to do this if you're using More Animals (at this point in time. I hear tell that he's working on making it compatible). Once that is done, then any PMD sprites already existing will be ridiculously easy to turn into any animal. So if you want Onix sprites for a Dinosaur? You'll be able to do that. Already can if you're just doing content patcher.
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