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    This is a subtle recolor of the Rock Crab, Lava Crab, and Iridium Crab monsters that makes them slightly easier to tell apart from the other rocks in the area. Because I can never tell them apart... And I figure someone else might want them, too. Just 'cuz we can, yeah?

    Nexus mirror can be found here! This is also where older versions of the mod will be hosted, so this post doesn't get too cluttered.

    Here are the before-and-afters! (NOTE 2/28/2019: The changes listed are no longer accurate to the mod, as it has been completely remade. Post updates showcasing the new version will come soon.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall, I made them more purple. With the Rock Crabs, these images make it look less subtle than it is. I haven't tested the Lava Crabs yet, but even in the image editors the change is VERY subtle. Subtlety is what I was going for, so I'm not concerned, but I also provided .png image files in the download if you want to increase the saturation or to change the color even more.


    As you can see, the crabs themselves are unchanged. Just the rocks. This doesn't change the AI, strength, or spawn rate of the monsters. It's simply cosmetic, because I can never seem to tell the difference between them and the other rocks...

    In the future, I may make more edits of them, so that they look like Gem Nodes or Ore Nodes. For now, this is the only one I have made available.



    • Install SMAPI.
    • Install Content Patcher.
    • Download this file and unzip it in an easily accessed location.
    • Copy or move the RockCrabRecolors folder from inside the unzipped folder into your normal Mods folder.
    • Launch the game with SMAPI.
    • To uninstall, just delete or remove the RockCrabRecolors folder from your mods folder.
    • Download this file and unzip it in an easily accessed location.
    • Inside of the RockCrabRecolors folder, enter the assets folder and copy whichever of the 3 files you want to use. It's your choice if you want to use all of them, or just one or two.
    • Locate your Stardew Valley installation folder. From there, go into the Content folder, and then into the Characters folder.
    • Paste the copied files into the Monsters folder.
    • To uninstall, copy the files from the xnbBackUp folder included in the download. Paste them into [Stardew Valley] -> Content -> Characters -> Monsters.

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      Updated to version 2.0. Now it's fully compatible with Content Patcher. It's still possible to install as an xnb mod, but the Content Patcher method is safer and in future versions I'm most likely stopping support for the xnb format fully. If you want to download version 1.0 (not compatible with CP), it's still available on Nexus Mods.

      I completely remade the recolors. I hoped for a more subtle change, but I also changed the crabs themselves. I also added the Iridium Crab monsters into the pack, as they were previously unavailable.

      I intended to include configuration options, for people who only wanted one or two of the crabs recolored but not all three but I couldn't figure out how to have more than one config setting and didn't want to spend any more time on it tonight when it's fully functioning as is. I'd like to add that feature eventually, either in version 2.1 or in 3.0, depending on whether or not I add new content into the mod (and I do have some ideas, but in order to implement them I need to figure out the configuration thing). I also need to eventually get around to changing the image/descriptions for the actual graphics changes (both here and on Nexus).

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