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Closed Crab Pot Reset Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Support' started by PopeDrFreud, Jan 29, 2020.

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    • What happened? Did the game crash, freeze / lock up, or just do something wrong (e.g. use the wrong character's dialogue)? What did you expect to happen here?
    While having the Mariner Level 10 Fishing Skill crab pots placed one would expect to never have trash.
    Sometimes, but not always, when the game crashes the night before this will reset and the crab pots can collect trash, thus they must be picked up and placed again. This happens with Farmhand players, and has not been check for the host.
    • What were you doing in the game at the time? (e.g. switching to full screen mode / talking to Linus on Spirit's Eve)
    Going to Sleep, the game pauses and kicks players on Ubuntu 18.04. Then having them rejoin.
    • Whether you were able to trigger the bug again by repeating what you did.
    It happens everytime the player is kicked. They do not get kicked every night.
    • Your operating system name and version.
    Hosting on Windows 10, occurs to player using Ubuntu 18.04
    • If you have Windows, whether you can also trigger the bug on the latest Windows build of Stardew Valley.
    • Whether you're in full screen or windowed mode.
    • If the game crashed, attach (or link) your error logs. These can be found in
    Oddly enough though this has caused game crashing, there was no error log produced.
    • Your current content BuildID. You can find this by right-clicking "Stardew Valley [mac_linux_test]" in your Steam library clicking properties. The BuildID is displayed under the buttons on the Local Files tab.
    Current BuildID: 4490827
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