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RELEASED Craftable Seeds 1.8

Make it possible to create all your seeds directly from plantable crops.

  1. Randou

    Randou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The version of the mod for FU requires many changes and updates, there are many plants that have had modifications (one of them is the Crystal Plant Seed), there are also very special trees that should be in the mod, then I will put a list of the trees which seem more interesting to me in the hope that you add them in the mod.

    Sterm: aetherkelp, bloodkelp
    Foliage: bloodkelpy
    Drop sapling: yes
    Note: although both are kelps, and their appearance is thorny (because they both use the same prickly foliage), there is a very noticeable difference, the Aetherkelp is large and resistant, also drops plageus nodule while the Bloodkelp drops kelps

    Sterm: energyorbstem
    Foliage: energyorbfoliage
    Drop sapling: yes
    Note: this type of bubble-shaped tree drops energy wood a type of material that is used both to build dark cyan colored wood walls, as well as for raw materials used by various specialized equipment

    Sterm: solaristem
    Foliage: solarifoliage
    Drop sapling: no
    Note: this tree is similar to the energyorb, but yellow, also drops lunari sharp, a rare material used in the manufacture of special weapons, unfortunately the plant does not drop sapling, but that can be solved, crossing a sapling this plant with one of the energyorb in the Cloning lab machine that is in the FU laboratory

    FU Mushroom:
    Sterm: mushroomstalkbio, mushroomstalkfu
    Foliage: mushroomredtopbio, mushroomyellowtopbio, mushroomtopfu, mushroomtopfu2
    Drop sapling: no
    Note: if I know 2 of the mushrooms I mentioned you already have them in the mod, however I wrote them because everyone drops "bioluminiscent spore", the two that you have in the mod has a green stem with a blue layer o Phosphorescent yellow, they are very similar to the original Starbound mushrooms, however the other 2, are artistically more interesting, the first is a dark stem with points that end in a layer with thorns (yes, it is correct, it is a mushrooms thorny, is the weirdest plant that I have seen :nuruhappy:) the latter uses in same dark stem with points and its layer emits a light similar to LEDs but green (or at least that tries to appear).
    unfortunately, none of these mushrooms can drop saplings, and using the cloning lab to combine them with starbound versions would ruin the artistic detail of these mushrooms, if you can please add an option for these mushrooms to drop saplings.

    FU Fruit tree:
    Sterm: tearnutstem
    Foliage: tearnutfoliage
    Drop sapling: yes
    Note: there is not much to say about this plant, except that it is one of the fruit plants that you forgot to add:nurutease:

    Rainbow tree:
    Sterm: rainbowfleshy, rainbowgrumpy, rainbowpine, rainbowslobby, rainbowwood
    Foliage: greenleaves
    Drop sapling: yes
    Note: That this plant has in particular, is basically the same but with different stem, good tambie is the point that all the sterms of this plant drop Rainbow wood, this plant abounds in the chromatic planets, which stand out for having a land white that in addition to illuminate serves to cultivate, for misfortune to find such planets is very difficult, without counting on the fact that they are radioactive.
    Note 2: Nuru likes this plant:nurunaughty:

    Sterm: giantflower
    Foliage: pinkflower
    Drop sapling: yes
    Note: this giant flower is one of those that have been forgotten to add in the mod:nurusad:

    well there are more trees to add, such as copper, steel and rust trees, there is also an alien yellow-stemmed plant that I can not find, as soon as I find it I will mention it, there is even an orange tree that unfortunately is disabled due to that starbound eliminated the orange fruit, and no mod has considered reintroducing it (so you want vitamin C in space:nurumad:)

    well I hope this will be helpful for your mod
  2. Shadox2.0

    Shadox2.0 Spaceman Spiff

    Hello , sorry for necro but can you suggest add rusty tree in the crafting table ?
    (the tree who give us metal coated wood).

    Thx if possible.
  3. Tini_weni

    Tini_weni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    any chance this can be updated ?
  4. Ali55555

    Ali55555 Void-Bound Voyager

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