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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pallida, Sep 23, 2018.

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    I search in the forum and found a few that mentioned using the crop flowers for more than just expensive honey. I just harvested a whole batch of Fairy Roses and the variety looked so pretty in inventory. I felt sad that it was just taking up space.

    Others have suggested using flowers to make dyes/paints. I'm imagining a system similar to Terraria that can tint most anything. Maybe using flowers and slime?

    What if you could use flowers and other foragable items to make salves for buffs. This could be an alternate option to cooked foods.

    Another suggestion I saw was to be able to craft pots from clay and put flowers in for display. I would really like to be able to decorate with them. I could use it to liven up the bare patches on my farm, they could be placed around trees to prevent weeds from growing (but still allow the tree to grow).

    Finally, be able to tack inventory items to display boards to put on the walls of buildings. Use wood to build a frame, stick the frame on the wall, add X item here. Have a rare fish? Display it. Found a prismatic gem? Display it. Just like the one outside.

    Anyway, I didn't put "flowers" in the title because I was hoping this could be a catch all for other people's crafting ideas.

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