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Bug/Issue Crash when playing Fector's Challenge

Discussion in 'Support' started by ravyn4077, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. ravyn4077

    ravyn4077 Master Chief

    For the last several in game days of Stardew I've been working on getting the achievement for beating Fector's Challenge without dying. I've been close several times. Had amazing runs where I was sure that I was gonna get it.

    Then the game soft locks.

    It doesn't seem to matter how long I play the game (dying, then trying over, and over) but eventually the game will soft lock on me. The game music still plays but every control, save dashboarding, is unresponsive. It is very, very, disheartening and makes me not want to play anymore.

    I am playing on Xbox One if it matters.

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