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Crashing on startup

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by spartainman64, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. spartainman64

    spartainman64 Space Hobo

    Although there are several posted causes and fixes in the pinned post about Starbound crashing, none of them pertain to my specific issue.

    Every time I try to run Startbound from Steam, it boots the game window, then there is a white box in the middle of the screen for about 5 seconds then the game just closes out. I tried verifying the game files, completely deleting the game directory, uninstalling and reinstalling, but I have had no break throughs. I am not running any mods, and the mods folder in the directory is completely empty.

    Please help.
  2. Jeeb51

    Jeeb51 Space Hobo

    Yes, i own this on STEAM, ive played before on a different PC, i bought a new one few years back & have recently re-downloaded on my PC through STEAM, now it doesnt play, white square in middle of screen & if im lucky it'll show the CHUCKLEFISH logo, then crash, no error report... ive had this game to long & have played it to long to get a refund, i just want to play game... also id like to add, whether i use WORKSHOP mods or not, the game crashes at company logo... PLEASE HELP
  3. RageVanes

    RageVanes Space Hobo

    im having the same problem as well...ive spent more than 10+ hours trying to fix it so im beyond pissed off rn as i just want to play the game with mods (no the mods dont show up when i go to the 64-32 bit folder and launch it that way)

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