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Closed Crashing upon talking to S.A.I.L on startup.

Discussion in 'Nightly Builds Support' started by Farlavor, Dec 22, 2015.


What can I do?

  1. Go and buy a new and better computer/laptop, The one you have is just an old fossil.

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  2. Wait until Chucklefish staff fixes the bug. play something else like (Terraria or Minecraft).

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  3. Don't play as Novakid!, better choose another race, perhaps it might solve your problem for now.

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  1. Farlavor

    Farlavor Void-Bound Voyager

    It might seem quite wierd considering that it seems to only happening to me, But I found that it might be useful to point out the issue the more accurately possible.

    I started the Nightly Build as soon as possible after a few retries and succesfully managed to enter in-game, It seems on my computer only works on OpenGL, due to memory issues. (For Nightly only, for vanilla I hadn't tested yet, Yet unstable (Glad Giraffe) seems to work flawlessly. )

    I started playing as a Novakid (It's a kind of tradition since the new race was been added to S:cool:. Somehow everything went fine, until I talked to S.A.I.L... (You know, the typical funny scene of the horse being nuts for some kind of guru meditation crash on its OS, requiring a reboot to fix it LOL)
    but just a second doing that, the game crashes and an error message pops up. (I don't remember the code) so I decided to post the Log file with the last details of the issue. I hope it helps you find the cause of the error.

    [16:32:28.305] Info: UniverseServer: Spawning player at ship
    [16:32:28.305] Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Son Goku D Shen Emeshi' <1> (local) connected
    [16:32:28.309] Info: UniverseServer: Creating new client ship world ClientShipWorld:5ec3465ab398368303cf7ecbb51dd791
    [16:32:28.509] Info: UniverseClient: Joined server as client 1
    [16:32:53.338] Info: UniverseServer: Creating celestial world 123554085:392183394:60078874:3:5
    [16:32:54.062] Info: Renderer initialized
    [16:33:02.406] Info: Placing dungeon naturalcave
    [16:33:22.660] Info: Generating dungeon naturalcave (NOT FORCED)
    [16:33:22.736] Info: Placing dungeon at (1012, 875)
    [16:33:41.510] Info: Chat: <server> Admin privileges now given to player Son Goku D Shen Emeshi
    [16:33:51.160] Error: Could not load image asset '/dungeons/microdungeons/common/spikes/4.png', using placeholder default.
    (MemoryException) Could not set new ByteArray capacity 1661317

    [16:33:52.753] Error: Fatal Error: Access violation detected at 000000839BB9FD15 (Read of address 0000000000000000)
    [0] 7ff78c5a6a13
    [1] 7ff78c5a3906
    [2] 839bb9fd15
    [3] 1
    [4] 1
    [5] e7c
    [6] 839db40000
    [7] 66
    [8] 55cb628a
    [9] 839db40000
    [16:33:53.738] Error: UniverseServer: error during world create: std::exception: bad allocation
    [16:33:54.516] Info: Clearing broken world CelestialWorld:123554085:392183394:60078874:3:5

    That's the Issue I had, a kind of error related to memory, As I said before, I only was able to play it on openGL, so normal version of SB, even on 64Bit doesn't work. it causes an error message popup.
    and corrupts Starbound.config file making it impossible to play until I delete it. It happened previously, even my computer acts weirdly causing a black screen of death (My computer is quite old and although it has 3GB of RAM, it's just as slow than a snail looks like Sonic the Hedgehog compared with it :()
    (The SB loading screen takes 3-6 minutes just to load the title screen)

    Edit: The problem is fixed, I managed to configure the virtual memory allocation. Anyway, computer is slow, and I'd rather focus on a NON-openGL version of SB, it seems much more stable, although it's slow during loading screen and when beaming up to ship and beaming down to planet/outpost/moon. :3

    PS to moderators: Plz delete this post. I cannot do it by myself, I cannot find the option to delete it. :(
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