Mob Creeps

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  1. thirteenthirtyseven

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    Solid black monsters that have tentacles on their backs. They can blend in to shadows. Can be spotted using the flashlight. Harmless creatures, buy they will attempt to steal your tamed mobs. They prey on helpless creatures, mainly small organisms.

    Once tamed, they can be used to "sniff" out rare monsters, but will retreat after spotting the monster(s).

    Creeps spawn mainly at night, and in underground caves at night (off screen for both cases). Though you can make Creep farms.

    NPCs can tell if a Creep has taken a mob if they say "That thing Creeps me out".

    Creeps will only run away with it's prey ONLY when it sees you.

    Creeps have 60 health, and can preform a quick sprint for a distance of 5 units. They have 15 attack damage (against a player without armor-giving items) and their damage is reduced to 5 against end-game armors.

    They have normal movement speed, 5 defense, +9 sight (can see an extra 9 units of distance off screen).

    Have large, red, "spider eyes"; razor-sharp teeth in a large mouth. Give off a shadowy aura. Appears blurry until focused with a flashlight.

    Movement speed when carrying prey is reduced by half. Can jump 5 units of distance vertically (if they measure in blocks, then 2 "blocks" higher than your sprite).

    If you hit it with a weapon when it's carrying prey, it becomes stunned. Stunned Creeps are more likely to be tamed.
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    Sounds cool, when they steal your tamed mobs will you have to chase after it to get them back?
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    Yeah, sounds reasonable. I'm going to edit in more details every now and then, maybe they (the devs) might make it a worthwhile mob.

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