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Bug/Issue Crew members get stuck behind one another in the floor of Novakid ships

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by nerdenough, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. nerdenough

    nerdenough Space Hobo

    On a Novakid ship my crew members are constantly getting stuck in the ground. The ship is level 5 (according to the wiki), and the crew members only move if you tell them to follow you.

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  2. Yubs

    Yubs Big Damn Hero

    I noticed this too. I'm guessing it is just that anyone who sleeps on the ship floor gets stuck....

    The problem for me however is that my tailor can't actually "Follow Me"...

    So now my ship is half-ship, half-Glitch.

    My ship has a Glitch!

    What's hilarious though is that it is as if the NPC actually recognizes that it is stuck. He keeps flailing his arms up pretending to ask for help, and keeps saying, "Tired after a long hard day of doing nothing."
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  3. Grageon

    Grageon Void-Bound Voyager

    This is happening to me too. Thankfully I realized my tent on the floor was the problem before my entire team ended up in the floor.

    If they can follow you it's fine, but my tailor is the only one in the floor that I can select so I can't get either of my two out of the floor.
  4. nerdenough

    nerdenough Space Hobo

    That makes a lot more sense now. Didn't think about the tent being the issue, mainly because I am generally on the other side of the ship when they get stuck.
    Do you know if it happens for other beds and stuff as well?
  5. Yubs

    Yubs Big Damn Hero

    Yea. When I put a sleeping bag on the floor, it ended up getting my guys stuck too. I'm guessing the current work around would have to be to "elevate" the floor with blocks or something, and then put a bed. I haven't tested this yet though. So maybe like, lock one crew member in a room with an elevated bed.
  6. reccoon

    reccoon Void-Bound Voyager

    I put a sleeping bag on the floor and got my crew stuck in the floor of the ship. It happens when they wake up and not with every bed (Guillotine is fine ;D ...). If they can follow you it's no big deal but a tailor won't unstuck.

    SOLUTION "the pit of death and resurrection":

    :rainbowbarf: small amount of lava or poison - about 3 "blocks" may suffice for a small pit
    (to collect liquids, upgrade the first expansion slot of the Manipulator Module at the cost of 3 M.M. Upgrade components)

    how to

    1. :rock:_:cry:_:rock: build a shallow pit around them (1-2 blocks in height will be enough)
    2. :fishbowl: drown them in poison or lava :headbanging:
    hint: hold the shift key while dropping the harmful liquid into the pit
    :cool: don't worry about the liquid, it should vanish after destructing your pit

    • don't flood your ship! (you won't have fun getting rid of the harmful liquid - at least that's what I believe...) :fishbowl:
    • be patient, wait a moment (I can't tell how much HP your stuck fellow will have) :coffee:
    • be a little bit evil (don't worry, they'll respawn in "freedom" on your ship) :up:
    • don't place a tent or sleeping bag right on the floor of your ship (let's wait for a patch and have fun sleeping in the guillotine!) :zzz:

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  7. Grageon

    Grageon Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for the poison idea. Nice to have my engineer and tailor back. Also, I just put my tent up on a wooden platform and all crew have entered and exited it successfully so far.

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