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    So I'm in a bit of a quandary with my colonists. I've been going out of my way to collect all the unique and interesting-looking tenants and it has been a fun scavenger hunt across the stars for all the blueprints and items I need. I also enjoy doing quests for the colonists, partly because I just like the quests and partly because I really want to collect the quest-only furniture items that I like.

    Trouble is, after a few quests my colonists want to join my crew. They lose their unique clothing and no longer give quests, and I'm forced to destroy my colony deeds and respawn them. That's a bummer, because I actually get attached to the little guys. I really wish there were some option to permanently refuse crew members and return the NPCs to their original state, so that they will still give quests but never ask to join the crew again.

    If someone knows of a mod that does this, please let me know! But I think it should also be part of the vanilla game anyway.

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