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    Hey, y'all! Thanks to stumbling upon a nifty tool here and a bit of advice from margotbean here , I figured out how to change object classes... So, I did! I also made a couple of inedible crops edible. It's actually extremely easy, but I'll go ahead and upload this in case anybody wants it already done.

    Made Ancient Fruit edible (edibility 100)
    Made Sweet Gem Berry a fruit, made it edible (edibility 80)
    Made Tomato a fruit
    Made Cave Carrot a vegetable
    Made Snow Yam a vegetable
    Made Winter Root a vegetable
    Made Spring Onion a vegetable
    Made Leek a vegetable
    Made Wild Horseradish a vegetable

    To install, simply extract, copy or cut the .xnb file inside, and paste it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data (If it's not installed through steam, the rest of the path is the same once you find your Stardew Valley folder). Overwrite the original ObjectInformation.xnb, but before you do be sure to save a backup of it! In case you forgot to, I'll include a clean version of it too.

    If anyone has any suggestions or requests on something else like this to be changed, just ask, and if something's actually horribly broken, do let me know! I tested it all out a little bit in my game, including with mods like CJB's item spawning tool, and things seemed fine at least. Cave carrots still can be dug up, and the game doesn't explode into a firey ball of death upon picking the affected objects, so I'm assuming everything still works fine! The only real warning I do have is that any existing instances of each of these items in the game might not be affected by the change for some reason, so you may need to get a new one and add them to it to make a stack, or use CJB's item spawner to replace your old stack.

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    • Baardvaark

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      I've always been annoyed that people didn't like cave carrots and winter roots and snow yams. Would love to be able to pickle them too, though not sure how difficult that is (Edit: Saw other thread, looks like they should be pickleable now as vegetables?). Always didn't get why the sweet gem berry was and ancient fruit were inedible. I also think Honey should be edible.

      However, I must argue that while technically tomatoes are fruits, they are basically vegetables to most people. You really think Vincent likes raw tomatoes ;)
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        Mhm! Everything should now be wine-able/juice-able and jelly-able/pickle-able! Scrolled through CJB's item spawner lists, everything showed up as it should! Tomato jelly and wine, Cave Carrot juice and pickles, etc.

        I love raw tomatoes myself, actually! If I ever get good enough to add new items, I might actually add one of my personal favorite comfort foods-- A tomato sandwich. Just slice tomatoes, add salt and pepper to taste, and spread a little mayonnaise on the bread. It's really good, or at least my dad and I think so. He's also told me before that his grandmother HAS made actual tomato jelly, and apparently tomato wine is a thing too!
        • nerdy nina

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          doesn't work for me, all it does is make all produce "invisible" to the game... like... I can still SEE it in my inventory/chests but I cant click on any of it. I get the error message "object is invalid too few fields" over and over and over again. I get the same error from the "clean" file too
          • Dragonfarmer

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            it doesn't work I can't open my crafting menu without it breaking

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