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Discussion in 'Support' started by EverGreen Ted, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. EverGreen Ted

    EverGreen Ted Tentacle Wrangler

    During the spring, one of the Green Bean crops, though watered, like all other, failed to climb up a stage but was still watered in the morning.

    That particular crop happened to not die in the first day of summer.


    Out of curiosity, I watered it like normal and it died on day 2.

    In the morning of day 2 I noticed two other crops, thought watered, failed to grow and were still watered, a melon and a blueberry.


    EDIT: The next day, another two, different tiles, didn't grow and remained watered.
    This can really mess up schedules.
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    • BentFX

      BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

      It's a known issue with the way the daily growth is applied. We discussed it over here.
      It's random and doesn't normally happen as often as it has for you. There's no fix I know of, and yeah, it'l mess up a schedule.
      • EverGreen Ted

        EverGreen Ted Tentacle Wrangler

        I have four types of crops and by now there are five plants lagging behind for each type.

        That's twenty glitched plants.
        • BentFX

          BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

          A couple questions before I resurrect that old thread...
          First, I hadn't seen this myself in quite some time. Are you on the most recent update of the game? And I still don't understand what they were talking about in that thread about "out of bounds" objects. Is this happening on one of the standard maps rather than a custom map?

          If it's a standard map in the most recent version of the game I think we need to make some noise about it. Hopefully we can get it onto a list of things to fix.
          • EverGreen Ted

            EverGreen Ted Tentacle Wrangler

            It's the standard map, yes. And the latest version too. No mods though.

            The savefile is in summer by the way, spring had one such incident with one singular plant. In this summer it grew to twenty.

            EDIT: Twenty. One.
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