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    Ok I was playing starbound the other day and I a glitch started following me and I'm a male novakid and this glitch is a female eventually she joins my crew and for some reason I'm attached to her so I'm thinking what if there was marriage and the possibility of having a kid that could be a cross species crewmember but only with specific races like I'm a novakid and this is a glitch if there'd be a cross species mix it'd br one where there'd be a novakid with a glitch exterior instead of it being a bag of gas and the novakid inside would be like a power supply for the rest of the body like a heart and mind also it'd be like a steampunk glitch in a way I just thought it'd be interesting

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    Hate to break it to you, but it ain't possible

    Your idea's good,
    But those two species have way too different biologies to reproducting with each other.
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    I figured as much but that was an example I mean if they did this it could be of every other rave having all sorts of different cross species things then the novakids only have one with the glitch cause that's the only one that'd have a little sense while the glitch would have two one with florans the other with novakids, the florans i just thought about because it'd be less of a mating thing and more of a floran growing inside of a glitch body and they have sort of a symbiotic relationship it'd be less mating involved really, I mean it could be the same with novakids I've always been confused on how the glitch mate and novakids mate but I dunno I just accept it and move on and if robots and gas bag people can have babies and exist and mate then it doesn't sound so farfetched that it can happen with each other it's one of those things that is hard to explain but I do have a way to explain this if I could in my own littke way between these two races but yeah it's more for a private chat

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