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would you like a type of Crystal lice pet? or maybe a hat?

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  1. Shade215

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    Crystal Lice

    sweet and short: Nasty trap based mob that hides in crystal trees, and attacks any lifeforms with metal, crystal or hard organic surfaces. their insides can be re-purposed or reverse engineered into weapons, tools, traps or maybe even pets!!

    You walk along a land of crystal formed structures, the tempature blazing as you look at the crystal's brigh gleam and glow in the heavy white light, various of them being different materials, while you are in the midst of searching for something worthwhile you see a nice crystal tree, being hot and in need of a break you sit below it and look at the repair plating on your metallic arm, after your last encounter with a massive beast you worry what else might be on this planet and let out a metallic sigh, leaning backwards and looking up, you see small crystals falling towards you and you think that they look pretty, up until they seem to open up and land on you, atfirst they appear cute and harmless, but there are various crunch noises as you feel agonizing pain, and at that moment you begin to panic as you realise what it was that had been falling towards you, you attempt to jump up to escape but it is too late, they are already all around on your body. you run towards the crystal water in a panic, but it is too late as the weird crystal creatures that had latched onto all around you have eaten too many important parts, and you become immobilized as more and more land on you, eating you alive before you finally die...


    Concept sketches

    - sketch 1

    - sketch 2

    - sketch 3


    Physiology and behavior

    Usage of the insides

    - Acid

    - Metal cutting material

    - DNA



    The Crystal lice are a parasitic live form which lives in crystal enviroments and hunts various creatures as prey.
    it lays in wait upon crystal trees with its appendages, which is where their eyes are. They lay wait in looking for their prey. After spotting what they determine as a lifeform with a hard outer skin, such as crystal, scales, shells or metal. they drop towards their prey, extending their wings and looking like harmless crystal tree seeds.
    before landing on their prey they suck onto them with special suction cups, where after they extend a small mouth from within their appendages, this mouth as small feelers which look for an optimal spot to start gnawing for food.

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    Concept sketches



    Tiff, a glitch, optically observes the unknown organism...

    The player would encounter the Crystal lice by seeing a crystal tree and on rare occasions some small falling crystal sparkles. if the player has any visible metallic Crystal items on them such as weapons, vehicles or armor (or if they are glitch), the lice will then hover towards them and latch on.
    the lice would then slowly begin to eat the player either depleting power or health depending on the metallic item.

    Before encountering the crystal lice the player could perhaps see the corpses of other victim's of the crystal lice, however the only solution to having crystal lice would be to run towards a source of water(or similar liquid), which would dissolve the lice's exoskeleton and kill it. This would leave various bits of crystal lice guts, which might be useful.

    Physiology and behavior

    the crystal lice posses a large body, which serves as their main line of defenses, which are camouflaging as crystal and being a hard exoskeleton. along the upper part of this body are a set of wings, containing 4 on eat side. These wings are used by the crystal lice to fly upwards and to the sides. They're trajectory and movement are similar to that of a jellyfish, but much faster and insect like in movement. On the lower side of the body is a set of appendages, these are used by the crystal lice to both see and latch onto their prey. On the outside of these appendages are a set of 1-3 eyes on each, which the crystal lice uses to gain an optimal viewpoint on their prey and surroundings. on the inside of these appendages are a set of suction cups which are specialized in sticking to metallic, crystal or hard organic surfaces. while resting on crystal tree's the lice uses all of their eyes to look around themselves for prey or predators. having a large field of view, and multiples eyes to see with, gives them an excellent assessment of the surrounding area, they have a similar view when on their target of prey. while descending they fold up their appendages to even further take on the appearance as a crystal tree seed, attempting to come off as harmless.
    in the center of these appendages is a hole, which the crystal lice uses to stick its mouth/beak out of, to eat it's prey's hide. The overall mouth is specialized in cutting through hard materials with ease, this is because the mouth is made of a very hard material, and the muscles powering the mouth are very strong.
    on the end of the mouth are a set of feelers, which the creature uses to asses the shape and texture of of it's preys hide, to decide where an optimal location for biting would be.
    when the material it is eating goes to its stomach it has a very volatile acid which is capable of breaking down various materials for energy and warmth. if the lice is aware it is being attacked, this acid is one of it's last lines of defense, spraying it at a predator for similar reasons as octopuses do, in order to create a diversion and allow them to flee or gain the upper hand.
    Sometimes the crystal lice live in swarms in between dozens to thousands, but can also be found in much lower numbers.

    Usage of the insides

    After having contracted and killing crystal lice with water, by using special tools the player would be able to collect biological samples of the crystal lice, and would be able to reverse engineer their findings for their own use.
    These uses could be:

    Analyzing the compounds within the lice's stomach and produce a volatile acid.

    the player would be able to replicate the molecular structure of the acidic compound found within the crystal lice's stomach, and use it as a chemical tool or weapon. by putting it into a type of bomb it could easily create a massive acidic explosion which could be used to killing foes, or be used as a mining too.
    or it could be turned into a ranged weapon, shooting it at a target and causing them to melt into a pile of acid.
    Reproducing the material of the mouth to make material that is able to cut straight through most metals and crystals.

    This could be used to make special bullets or swords which would have no trouble cutting and punching straight through most metals or crystals that the lice was able to feed on creating a rather sharp weapon.
    it could easily be used as a type of mining tool as well, making a tool that could cut through metals with ease.
    Collecting DNA to use in various DNA based experiments.

    Like making a cloned army of Crystal lice! or reverse engineering it to become an even more dangerous Parasite!!!!!
    what implications could that have though?
    the player could use these swarms as means to make a weapon or trap (preferably made of a non-crystal lice food)
    these could be things like a mine which would detonate and send a swarm of crystal lice to eat the victim alive, and leave an area of affect full of actively hungry and hovering crystal lice.
    or perhaps an explosive gun that shoots grenades with a similar affect?
    They could also be re-purposed as a mining tool, being shot in a steam from a large box like cannon, and eating a players mining target, then returning to the box giving the material to the player.
    There could also be potential in this for creating a "massive crystal lice" pet, or a "crystal lice swarm" pet, which would aid them in battle.


    In order for the crystal lice to spawn on a planet to begin with, there would need to be a mob there that they could feed on, as well as environments which it could thrive in.


    The player is not the only victim to the crystal lice however, other mobs (and potentially npcs) can also be attacked by the crystal lice. Which could be used by help a player troubled in the midst of battle.

    To sum it up-
    -Trap based mob
    -Targets players and mobs with crystal
    -Can only be killed by entering water or liquid
    -Their insides can be re-purposed by reproducing them or through reverse engineering
    -These aspects researched could lead to traps, tools and weapons being developed
    -Could potentially lead to pets too
    -They only appear on crystal planets under certain climate and food-chain conditions
    -Hide yo glitches hide yo Ships
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  3. Wornstorm

    Wornstorm Void-Bound Voyager

    I like it, it be really cool to have a Crystalline Lice pet.
  4. Shade215

    Shade215 Big Damn Hero

    imagine if it was a swarm that followed you, and then one of it's idle animations could be it making symbols based on how it felt -like a heart for full health or a skull for almost none-
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  5. Wornstorm

    Wornstorm Void-Bound Voyager

    I really like the symbol idea.
  6. Shade215

    Shade215 Big Damn Hero

    it has a handful of potential to be interesting.
    like it could make humerous referances like penguins, (or if it dies by falling in lava it could do the terminator gesture)
  7. Creepy_Slime

    Creepy_Slime Void-Bound Voyager

    maybe there could be a leader one that is colored different and if it was killed the others would scatter?
    or if the swarm made little hives like bees!

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