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    I'll counter sue!!!!
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    im going to have to get some too, that i think would awesome in the game, mainly because i love crystals so much i made a race of silicon men as a sugestion
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    Every game I've ever played that's fiction based has had a type of crystal monster O_O
    Every time I met one in a game...It spat globs of acid fills with crystals that exploded on contact... O_O
    Yet...I still love them...
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    Once again your ideas and drawings/sprites amaze me.
    Why am I so jealous of your masterpieces :c
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    Because he is awesome.
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    *Crashes from ceiling*
    You called?
    Awesome. Just.... just awesome. I hope this gets added. I want a crystalback and observe them in their natural habitat :DD
    They just look so amazing and HQ... omg..
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    very cool idea, would LOVE to see it implemented.
    btw, chucklefish should hire you.
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    If theres going to be randomized mob generation, (Random head,Body,Leg and colo(u)rs) How the heck are regular mobs gonna fit in amongst all of them?
  11. I believe the devs have stated that there will be some non-randomly generated mobs along with the rest of them (e.g. Poptops).
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    Now, that reminds me of one of those weird new Pokemon i saw earlier, but very awesome idea nevertheless.
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    Creatures that can be kept as cattle that you only need to feed rocks and that produce crystals. I see potential for profit here.
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    Looks good, sounds good, is good!
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    Forget to feed and they see your teeth as high calcium rocks
  16. I would love to see these in game. If they did turn up though, I would probably hunt them relentlessly, trying to collect all the different colours of crystal.

    Anyway, a few suggestions:

    • Luminous Crystalbacks - These creatures give off a considerable amount of light from eating naturally luminescent rocks. Some variants of Luminous Crystalbacks only glow in the dark, however.
    • Sulfur Crystalbacks - The rocky composition of a Crystalback's body allows it to withstand far greater extremes of temperature than other creatures, so they can often be found on volcanic worlds, where crystals are more abundant. Named for their distinctive stench, Sulfur Crystalbacks have dark-coloured hides and faintly glowing crystals on their backs. Their choice of food tends to produce a lot of gas, but their bodies also absorb a lot of the heat from their surroundings. As a result, if they burp, the gas ignites, producing a gout of flame. As a result, Sulfur Crystalbacks are dangerous even when passive, since their is no telling when they might give off a flaming belch.
    • Spiker Crystalbacks - These Crystalbacks feed on quite low-density minerals, which has changed the properties of the crystals on their backs. They are distinguished by their pale-coloured hides and the dense clusters of thin crystal shards in place of their normal crystalline growths. Every time a Spiker Crystalback takes physical damage, some of the crystals on its back shatter, showering the area with razor-sharp crystal shards. For this reason, it is best to avoid melee with a Spiker Crystalback, or use energy-based weapons when it gets close.
    • Mirror Crystalbacks - These creatures have smoother, more reflective crystals on their backs. Mirror Crystalbacks take no damage from most energy-based weapons, as their crystal growths absorb energy and fire it back at the attacker in the form of an explosive, glowing orb. Ballistic weapons are recommended for hunting these creatures.
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    Nice ideas, I hope Drago takes them,
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    maybe you can crossbreed a crystalback by feeding him another kind of ore, and make him inherit both ore's attributes;)
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  19. For now, I'd like to keep things simple with the crystal's palette swaps. If I were to add Crystalbacks with these prefixes, I'd like to change some features of the default Crystalbacks to accommodate their new abilities. Though, I do like the idea of a glow-in-the-dark Crystalback. :)
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    I love em to death. Don't be afraid if you see me licking one in a cave. But it's MINE YOU HEAR ME!?
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