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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Axe Garian, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Axe Garian

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    Will Unit XP ever become a thing, potentially rewarding non-disposing needlessly of Units? I play a Phone Game called UniWar once in awhile when needing to stave off boredom while out & about & have to admit I like its Unit XP System because if your Unit Dies, it happens, but if ya manage to keep a Unit around for a bit & have it pull weight & keep it goin it could gain Level Ups that enabled it to have extra HPs thus Combat Performance... (Could be especially useful managing to keep alive & veteranize my frontline Plasma Tanks into demi-invincible bulwarks...) In Wargroove's case the Unit Level Ups could give them +10% Atk & Def per Level Up & maybe they could level up a maximum of two or three times.

    What would people think of Wargroove getting such a Unit XP System...?

    P.S. Commander Units would be assumed to be having already reached the rank of Commander cause they've already done the managing to train their way to Max Level, thus not also gain XP like the Units do then trying awkwardly to explain why their XP is gone like the wind for no reason at all whatsoever at the beginning of their next battle, every single next battle. :p
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    • Rexxor

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      I think that's a great idea. You could even used ranked units for the campaign and creator.
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      • Axe Garian

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        Can already think of a possible scenario...: One side with a predeployment of a handful of pre-seasoned mid-tier forces in a defensive position trying to hold out against a foe throwing spam of non-experienced little guys... trying to survive a certain number of turns till a event comes along with Reinforcements coming in that turns the tide & enable you to push back & eventually drive off the foe! :nurunega:
        • Fawxkitteh

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          That's something I actually disliked about Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin...
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