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Discussion in 'Mods' started by shinjimeow, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. shinjimeow

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    Hi there! This is my first post in the forum ~^u^~

    I'm very interested in modding, and very new to it. My aim at present is multi-pronged: for one project, I want to overhaul Pierre, Caroline, and maybe Abigail to some extent, and introduce a couple new NPCs related to Caroline. I'd also like to implement a new location on the map to support this story-building.

    My concern is that there are many popular mods, such as Stardew Valley Expanded, which alter the vanilla map and add new locations. I want to make my mod as compatible as possible with the work of other modders. Are there any resources which can show me how to ensure compatibility?

    Thanks for any & all help :3
    • Moragaine

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      @shinjimeow Those sound like very nice ideas! As far as resources go your best bet is to join the SdV discord server and jump into the modding channel. I'm looking forward to your new mod.

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